Basically, if you open up discord, youll likely see a banner like this at the very top. If you click take me, there youll see that discord currently have a youtube premium promotion going on with giving away a three month trial. The only limitations for this are pretty simple number one you have to be in a country where you have discord, nitro the full discord, nitro, not just discord, nitro classic the cheaper one. You have to have youtube premium available and in order to actually claim it, your youtube account needs to not have taken a youtube premium trial before, while thats not really such a big issue for some people, it still can be confusing if you were to head across To discords twitter post about this promotion, youll find a lot of people struggling saying its us only so it seems rather finicky and if youre not able to claim three months, dont be stressed. Youre, not the only one discords say to check out to see if you actually applicable to get these and a link out to youtube premium. Restrictions which will be down below as well as youtube premium membership available locations which gives you an extensive list of all countries supported by youtube premium. Assuming you fall under one of these countries, you havent taken a youtube premium trial before and of course, you dont break any of the restrictions here, then you should be able to claim 3 months of youtube premium from discord.

Nitro in the description down below youll also find this page over here. This is the discord support page where they may have extra info if youre struggling to actually redeem this before october 30th, 2021, because im already a youtube premium subscriber, as you can tell by the premium in the top left, what do we need to do? Well, of course, ill need to head across to an account that doesnt have youtube premium and, of course, hasnt taken the premium trial before and now that ive switched across to an account that doesnt have youtube premium. Lets go ahead and actually claim it. So, in order to do it, youll need to head across to your discord, click the banner at the very top or head across to user settings in the bottom left, then navigate across to gift inventory and youll see it here. All you have to do. Is click claim to the right hand, side of it and youll get a redemption code here? All you have to do is click copy and then redeem down here. After doing so, a new page will open in your browser. Youtube.Com redeem – and all you have to do is paste your code in here after clicking next youll, see this youtube premium, followed by a three month trial, or at least what should be for a lot of people, especially on that twitter post theyve said that they only Get a one month, free trial, which is what theyre offering me here a little bit odd, but i would assume at least for us residents.

You do get a three month trial, as that seems to be the general consensus on twitter. But at least you do get some sort of a trial out of it this one month, free trial, im pretty sure is default. Anyone can get it and the three month, free trial, is what people are really after, such as activating a us vpn. After doing so, you can now see i have a three month, free trial and then 11.99 a month afterwards and of course, 11.99 us dollars is quite a bit more than 71 south african rand a month as you can see here. So it may be a regional restriction or something along those lines. Of course, im not going to claim it across countries using a vpn, but that is something you could probably do as you saw it worked there. So what exactly? The restrictions are im not actually too short, because i do have youtube premium in my country. I do have discord, nitro and i dont think theres any other issue that could possibly be happening. It does really seem to be a us only giveaway, even though on the twitter post, which ill link to down below they definitely do go very hard saying it is not us only when it really seems to be anyway ill leave it up to you. Hopefully, youre able to actually claim this giveaway and if you do leave a comment down below letting me know after clicking through the rest of the trial, youll be asked to input credit card details or debit card details and when it eventually finishes, you have three months Of free youtube premium, but do remember to cancel your youtube premium in order not to be charged after the free trial ends as thats all.

It really is an extended free trial and another tiny quirk that they seem to be having issues with is you could be charged a single dollar in order to actually start this free trial? What exactly that could be? A lot of people seem to be confused. Thinking. Theyre, paying for youtube premium but im pretty sure its just to make sure that your credit card or debit card is actually legitimate and it goes ahead and tests it to make sure that it is before giving you a free trial, often times ive seen. Companies do this sort of thing for free trials and theyll go ahead and refund you, the dollar, also after a couple of days to a week, so hopefully thats what it is here and theyre not sneaking out a dollar in order to actually give you youtube a Premium for three months, but of course, youtube premium for three months, is a hell of a lot cheaper than what 33 odd dollars, or so hopefully, this works for you. Mine is being taken over here for troubleshoot and ill.