So if you are running low on v bucks or if you do not have any v bucks, no problem, im gon na go ahead and gift you. What you want from the fortnite item shop, it could even be a battle pass for this season as well, so make sure you go ahead and smack the subscribe button with all post notifications turn on and make sure to go ahead and comment down your epic games. Username, so you can go ahead and add you now lets go ahead and give to lucky subscriber right now the arena concert was amazing. Can i get the ariana grande uh? So if you know here on this channel im gifting five new subscribers every single day, so would you like to be the lucky subscriber? I want to be the lucky subscriber pick anything you want from the fortnite item shop. Can i have the idea on it all right so lets go to the fortnite item shop and let me go ahead and give you what you want im so excited all right, im in the fortnite item shop and let me give you the ariana grande skin. Let me go ahead and grab this as a gift for you uh. Could you tell me what your gamer tag is? My gamertag is vitalowl99 right. Ive found your gamer tag and im going to go ahead and hook you up with it, but before i go ahead and send you the bundle, if you know here on this channel, you got to follow two simple steps: to go ahead and receive gifts from me.

Do you know what the first step is ive liked all your recent videos, and do you know what the second step is? I have subscribed to your channel with all post notifications. That is right and the main question is: have you followed both the steps, since you have followed both the steps? Let me go ahead and grab this for you as a gift. Before i send you the gift, is there any favorite color that you have that you want the gift box to be okay, im going to send you this gift in the blue box boom? There we go. So are you ready to receive the new ariana grande skin? Im ready all right, let me go ahead and send that to you right now. Alright, the gifts are being sent right now, as we speak, and you will be having that in your fortnite locker right now there we go, it has been sent to your fortnite account. Oh, my god, it looks so pretty. Thank you, hey youre, most welcome. Do you have any advice for anyone who is watching this video right now? If they want to receive gifts from me, what do they got? Ta do its very easy. You just got ta like the videos and you wan na subscribe with all post notifications on. If you all know, fortnite is an awesome game and fortnite always gives out a free skin, the free skin, being the secret skin. That is being gifted to us for completely free.

All you got ta do is just hold the battle pass, because in season 2 we have had the deadpool in season 3. We had the introduction of the aquaman in the game and we got him for completely free, either be the skin, its backbling pickaxe and even free emotes. We got it for completely free in the final weeks of that particular season. In season four, we had the wolverine, which was one of the awesome characters from the marvel universe, and we have had in the game now. The wolverine had different skin styles that went with it along with pickaxe and free emotes that we were able to get from him jumping all the way to season 5. We have had agent jonesy as one of the skins which brought hunters to the map of fortnite. This time being the predator, he came into the map with this mythic weapon and free emote. And if you all know from the previous season, we have had one of the amazing secret skins being the neymar jr. The soccer player himself came as one of the skins and with him came different skin styles and different skins to choose from even a free, inbuilt emote, which was included with the skin that we were able to use for completely free and now from that season. Jumping all the way to season 7. This is a different story altogether we have got aliens and we even saw thanos coming to the map of fortnite and getting us skins of thanos himself.

We even had the introduction of different superhero skins, also getting introduced in the fortnite item shop. This season also including the star lord, that will be coming in the upcoming weeks, but the secret skin for season 7 is none other than the superhero himself, and this time it being superman himself. We are going to be seeing ourselves different, teasers and trailers of superman, because superman is unlocking today and you can go ahead and grab him for completely free im still gifting on battle passes. If you do not have one, you need to have yourself a battle pass and complete epic quests and challenges to go ahead and earn superman, as one of the skins now remember, completing all of these tasks is not easy. You need to complete all your challenges from week, one till this very moment in season seven, because over here with the superman, we have got several different rewards that you can go ahead and unlock for free were not just talking about. One were talking about 10 different free rewards that you can go ahead and get for completely free and being its season 7. This is the biggest season ever that we have ever experienced with so many free items that we have ever received in fortnight. In the previous seasons, we only received the skin, the backbling and a pickaxe, but this time we are getting ourselves three different skin styles, two different styles for superman, batblings and different cosmetics.

That goes with it also in the upcoming weeks, were also going to be seeing the introduction of the foundation as well, since the foundation left the alien ship, as seen in the trailer of season 7. We now know that hes going to be coming in the map and also were going to be seeing the superman as well in the game. Now, if you all know, when superman is going to be here from the community, we also know that the superman npc is going to be coming and lets hope it is a boss that will be having a secret vault with mythic weapon being rick sanchez over here. Conducting his secret experiments in the map of fortnite superman is going to be looking after the entire map of fortnite and getting rid of all the aliens and the tests that are being done by rick sanchez himself. So get ready for an epic season. Finale because we are going to be receiving ourselves lots of superheroes in the game and with the introduction of superheroes. Also, there is a possibility in the true past, we might also receive ourselves the foundation and the bundle which will include his pickaxe battling. That will go with it, so we are super excited to announce you that from today itself i have unlocked myself to superman and you can go ahead and get that superman skin for completely free, so make sure you keep on watching this video till the very end.

Also in the trailer recently of one of the skins, we were even able to see superman making an entrance over here confirming the superman is here to save the island from all the aliens and dr sloan being in the same team. Theyre going to be teaming up together as seen in the trailer of fortnite, and they are going to be going ahead and taking out all the aliens on the map. So there is going to be many live events and many live quests that you can go ahead and complete to earn these free rewards that will be dropping in a couple of minutes, as you are watching this video right now. So if you all know when this season actually released, we even saw the trailer of superman, but it was actually kyle, which is the real name of superman, changing himself into superman himself. Also, we are going to be seeing ourselves the shadow superman as one of the variants as well. So if you go to your locker right now and if you click at the very middle which says superman if you have completed all your superman clark, kent, quests and challenges, if you see that we have got different rewards over here and as i have said, this Will include the first one being the skin, the bad bling, and if you see here, we have got an emoticon as well a spray which is the superman shield spray, the daily planet back bling.

Now. This is also been confirmed inside the game, a free emote that will totally convert the superman into one of the superheroes himself. After that, we will also get the clark kent as well, which is the superman style that we have in the video. Also, we are going to be receiving the battling as well for the superman and if you thought that was it because there is more, we are also going to be getting ourselves. The last son of kryptonite, the solitude kryptonite pickaxe, which is the harvesting tool, and then we are also receiving ourselves. The shadow superman as well, which is the clark kent shadow style along with supermans cape and this one being the shadow cape as well, and a different style for the solitude striker pickaxe. Also seen from the trailer that clark, kent was actually sitting inside his office, which is actually the daily planet, and this skin will have different skin styles that will go with it at the daily planet. If you slow down this footage, you can see at the very center the main backlink, which is the daily planet at the very center of it. And if you look closely over here that it is clark kent who is the superman and once he removes his glasses, he turns himself into superman and is looking at batman on the screen. So maybe there might be a big fight between the superman and the batman, as seen in the movie as well, so get ready to receive yourself, the free skin, which is going to be the superman.