So in this video ill show you 10 cool websites with awesome tools that can replace your pc software coming up next on techgumbo. First up, if youre looking for an alternative to photoshop theres, no better web app than photop, not only does it have most of the same features as photoshop. Its user interface looks very similar with the ability to work with various adobe file types, including file types from sketch and as well best of all its completely free youll find most of the tools you would ever need located here on the left in the menu bar. Here at the top youll find additional tools, features and settings. You can even change the theme and over here on the right, it even supports working with layers with photop. Their free account is ad supported. If you go with a paid account, ads are removed and instead of undoing up to 30 steps, you can undo up to 60 instead other than that, there is no difference between the paid and free account. If youre, looking for a more user friendly photo editor than photop or photoshop pixlr is what i recommend it supports most of the popular image formats, including psd, png, jpeg and many others. If youre looking for inspiration, dozens of design templates are included for free to help get you started to assemble multiple photos. Easily a free collage maker is built in with a single click. A background removal tool is included and also includes a ton of filters and effects.

Pixlr is available in two flavors pixlr x is their no thus image editor. It works best when you want to quickly edit a photo and pixlr e is, for those of you needing a larger set of tools for more detailed work with pixlr x to quickly edit. An image youll find a basic set of the most used tools along the left to add text, crop retouch and add filters and effects, and with pixlr e here on the left, you get additional tools, including brush presets, a fill and gradient tool, sponge and color tool Along with tools to transform your image, both pixlr x and e are ad supported for an ad free experience with additional features they have plans, starting at around five dollars per month. Up next, google workspace, formerly known as g suite, is a collection of office tools to increase productivity, with additional tools for collaboration and communication in a team environment. Many of the apps included in workspace are ones youll all recognize like google, docs sheets, slides, calendar and others also included, are web apps for security and management. Some of the apps have additional features within workspace. For example, with gmail, you can get a custom email with your company domain, with additional integrations with other google products within gmail. They do offer a 14 day free trial to try it out, and the pricing is very reasonable when compared with microsoft, 365 with plans. That start at six dollars per user per month.

Many people complain that video editors, like premiere pro, are too difficult to use and video makes it easy for first time users with a low learning curve to make it simple. You can choose from one of the more than 4 000 pre made templates available text, video with more than 50 themes to choose from, or you can start from scratch after you make your selection choose your dimension. White is best for computer monitors and tvs square is good for no one, except for those posting on social media and vertical is best for mobile phones and after you make your selection click on make a video in the editor itself. You have the basic tools at the top to trim and crop your video along. The left is another place to choose a template and you have other options to add stuck video images and music with the free plan. Many of youll be happy to know that they dont slap a nasty watermark on your video and includes the standard media from their library, but the resolution is limited to 720p hd for additional features. Higher resolution up to 1080p and access to premium media plans start at 15 per month. If you dont own, a powerful gaming, pc or gaming console cloud gaming services. Let you stream games to the devices you already own without taking up valuable drive space heres some examples. Xbox cloud gaming in beta as part of the xbox game pass ultimate includes more than 100 games for you to play its only a dollar for the first month and 14.

99 per month. Thereafter, nvidia geforce now does not include any games. Instead, it lets you stream games. You already own to any device from your steam uplay and epic game store libraries for free youre limited to one hour sessions, and you get less access to the servers. If you want priority access to the servers and longer session lengths that will cost you around 100 per year, google stadia, like xbox cloud gaming, gives you access to more than 100 games after a free month. Its cost is around 10 per month and in amazons quest to take over the world, theyve entered the cloud gaming market with luna. At this time. Its still in early access and youll have to request an invite to join. There are two channel based options available: lunaplus with games from various developers is 5.99 and ubisoft plus is 14.99 per month. There are several file converters available to download handbrake and format factory. Both quite popular online convert is what we recommend if you dont, want to download any software or slow down your computer. The categories on the site we use most often are audio image and document converters as an example to convert a pdf to a microsoft. Word format. Go to document converter and in the drop down menu select, convert to docx the file size limit is up to 100 megabytes and as a warning, dont ever convert anything with personally identifiable information, like your social security number on the screen, go to your folder and drag And drop the pdf file into the box make any changes if needed, and this will vary depending on the file type.

Then click start conversion and then wait for it to finish when its done, converting just save it to your computer. Virustotal is one of the most useful security sites ever to be created. It uses more than 70 scanners to detect viruses, malware and other malicious content. It works great as an added layer to your normal security software. Eliminating the need to download additional software to scan any file on your computer make sure that file is selected then drag and drop any file on your computer into the window. According to this ill save the file as clean back on their home page, you can also check to see if the website is malicious, select, url and in the search box lets go with all looks good, but one of the scanners has labeled the site suspicious. This is most likely a false, positive, but im sure some of you will disagree, especially those who use linux or windows ill, be going through the next few of these at a quicker pace. Figma is, for those of you involved in user interface and user experience, design its great for designing websites, logos, prototyping and a whole lot more, its actually very similar to a program for mac os called sketch. What sets it apart from its competitors is the collaboration features, making it an excellent choice for team projects. Figmas free plan is quite generous, but its only best for small teams, with the limitation of one team project for unlimited projects and additional features.

Their professional plan is twelve dollars per editor per month, also, if youre an educator check this out with their education plan, educators and students get the same features in the professional plan free for up to two years, if youre, a web developer and youre still using image Compression software tiny png is for you, it simply reduces the size of your image files, making web pages load faster. Its simple to use just drag and drop your image or images up to 20, no larger than 5 megabytes each into the window. When its done youll see how much your image has reduced in size – and it says here panda just saved you 52, you also have the option to download it to your computer or save it to dropbox. If you want to drop more than 20 images at a time and increase the file size limit to 75 megabytes for each image, their pro plan is just 25 dollars per year. Powtoon is a platform for creating short video presentations with tools to help you create fully customized animated slideshows that are presented like videos, its very user friendly and highly intuitive. To help give your videos a professional quality, look powtoon does offer a free plan, but limits the presentation length to three minutes for longer presentation. Lengths and additional features plans start at nineteen dollars per month. Thanks for watching links are in the description.