And Im actually sitting on my iPhone right now using the application.. So, first and foremost, everything that were going to be able to do with the browser client youre going to be able to do on your phone with your thumbs.. First and foremost, if I just click on the executive, dashboard example – and you can see all the different dashboards that I have access to. And I can scroll down to see some additional dashboards. If I need to., What were going to do here is were going to focus really in on that executive dashboard., And you can see a lot of similarities to all the other dashboards that we looked at earlier.. So I can see all the opportunities by top customer. My sales pipeline, the open, leads that weve got currently working on what my activities are looking like and then a breakdown of the service cases that exist that are out there that may impact the customers that Im working with.. So if I go back to that top …, Actually, if I go back to my open leads – and I wanted to start to look at some of those leads – maybe I wanted to look at the ones that are specifically in the trade show area. I can expand on that and view those records., So by viewing those records, you can say lets go ahead and just focus in on this one section of the lead pipeline and now I can see all of the leads that are associated in this particular area and Drill into any one of those to start to interact with them.

, So full visibility, full drill down capability. Everything that we talked about in the browser application is certainly available in the mobile application as well. Now from a navigation perspective. If I just swiftly swipe to the right, I can get a list of all the menu options that are available.. Like I mentioned before a list of all of my accounts. All of my leads all of my opportunities, the things that were able to see inside of the browser application.. So what Im going to do now is Im just going to go ahead and look at the ones that weve got, pinned and Im going to go ahead and use. The accounts that I visit regularly. So were going to go into this manufacturing account that weve created.. Now again, very simply, heres all the information that we were able to see in the browser.. If you remember, we were able to see their account information their address where they resided on a map who the primary contacts are and then the related opportunities and service requests that sit there.. So all the same information that we had available to us in the browser are available at my fingertips on my phone.. So as Im getting ready to walk in to see this customer. Are there any cases that are there Whats going on the status of this particular opportunity So on and so forth.? You want to take it a step further and look at the sales history.

. Where are we in the sales …? What quotes have been done? What orders are out there? What invoices are out there, So this is information that potentially again could be pulled from ERP brought into the environment and then now shared with me on my phone.. Take that even one step further. Lets go ahead and look at the documents that are associated with this particular customer.. So if click on documents, I can see all of the documents that are stored in SharePoint for this customer and interact with them and open them. On my phone. So again full visibility into all of that information that we were able to see in the browser on my phone. Now. If I want to be able to go ahead and create and look at activity, I can go ahead and just simply click on timeline and see all of the activity thats here.. If I want to go ahead and create a new phone call record, I can do that real, quick on my phone.. I can type in the necessary information type in the subject matter type in the to and from fill that out real quickly. If I need to., You can also start to use your voice., So you can use some of the native features that exist inside your phone.. So, for example, where I have the description highlighted, I can just quickly use the voice feature. Here. Spoke with Carl confirmed, meeting. And thats going to go ahead and update the notes for me.

, So I dont even have to use my fingers. If I dont want to., I can go ahead and use my voice to do that. Information.. Let me just go ahead and fill this out and click on save. And in the matter of a few seconds, Ive created a phone call record. Im now saving this record and its going to show now inside of the timeline feature at the account level., And you Can see right in the middle there that this is the phone call that was placed and then my voice notes, which was spoke with Carl to confirm meeting, sits there. Now, one of the other great things that you can do on your phone is. I have the ability to use the video feature or the phone feature or the voice feature to add in some additional features.. So I can create a note record and attach an image., So perhaps maybe youre taking a picture of a shop floor of where a piece of machinery is going to go, or I want to take some video of whats going on at the customer site. In order to share that with the rest of the organization., You have all of those capabilities using the phone. The video or the microphone feature right next to the enter a note feature on the actual physical timeline.. So again from a navigation perspective. All of the same things are here where I can interact with that information and see those details.

. So what I also wanted to show quickly is that if I go back to the Kinder Morgan account – and we can also dive into the opportunity that were currently working on.. So if I scroll down a little bit and we go into that thermal project opportunity that we were working on, not only can I see all the same information that we saw in the browser, we can also see where we are in the actual physical opportunity on The guided process by clicking on that and looking at the notes that sit there. So again, full visibility into the sales guided process.. So I can see whats going on with this opportunity at any given point.. I can look at the product line items that weve added to this particular opportunity. The dollar amount the discount thats been associated to it and, if I need to, I can even start to look at some of the quotes that weve created as well and drill into that quote record to see whats going on.. So there isnt anything that you cant. Do with your phone that you can do on the browser application., So full capability., A really dynamic, similar, look and feel with the idea that Microsoft is really trying to take that mobile first approach..