I will show you the top 5 features of microsoft, planner, which i use frequently so stay tuned and lets go to the demo after this short intro. I am inside office 365. So first thing: first, i will go to the planner app so from the left hand menu. I need to look for the planner application, icon and click on it. So i am inside microsoft, planner app. I will click on one of the project plan. So there is a care point website upgrade plan. I will click on that now. I have a plan with few tasks which are in to do list and in progress, and some of the tasks are already completed. So these are the three buckets. I have the first feature i want to show. You is how you can add emojis to the bucket titles or even to the task title. So if you want to add an emoji to the bucket title. So if i click on the title and then hit space and then if i select window and dot key from the keyboard, i will see this emoji pop up open here. So, for example, for to do this, i will select this hammer spanner and i will close it and hit enter from the keyboard. Now i can see the emoji is added to the bucket title, and if you are a mac user, then you have to press command control and space key to bring that same menu again and for the window.

User is the window key plus the period key, which is a dot key, so you can see it here window plus period key so for the completed one. I will select this check box close and hit enter in the same way you can assign the emoji to the task title as well. So if i click on analyze old website and if i go to the title it space and then, if i press window and period the same menu is presented here, so this is analyzing, so i can just put pair of eyes here this close and close. This task now you can see that the emoji icon is also available to the task. We often see that emojis are quite catchy for eyes, so its easy to spot the difference between, for example, to do and complete it. So it might be a good practice for you to use this or bucket titles and the task titles. The second feature is how you can make other details available in the tiles of a particular task. So, for example, if i click on this analyze old website class, there are much more detail available here. Theres a notes here – theres a checklist here – and there are attachments here. So you can see this check box. You can select nodes, so the nodes will start appearing on the card. You can select checkbox, as you can see that when i select a checkbox this is unchecked automatically.

So it will only allow you to show one thing in the card, so i can now see the checklist in the card or you can show attachment and you can see the attachment is appearing here. I will leave it as a checklist and click on close. Now you can see the checklist is appearing with the task as well on the card. So in this way you can easily spot the checklist for the task without actually opening the task. So the third feature which i use quite frequently is to see all the attachments for this planner task. So, for example, these stars have one attachment so theres a sample pdf file, and there is one task which is already completed. There is one attachment here as well. Imagine you have a bigger plan with a lot of buckets and then each toss and that plan have attachments – and you want to search for one particular document – is easy to do in the file system. So when you click on these three dots, for example – and then, if you click on files now it will take you to the shape one side which is hosting this planner files. So you can see that these are two files available here. So if i want to search for a file, i can just start typing here. If i type sample, for example, i can see the sample pdf file is available here and i can open it use it.

So this is an easy way to see all the files in the microsoft planner plan which are associated with different tasks, and you can easily search those parts. The fourth feature i want to show here is how you can easily copy the planner task into the same plan or to a different plan. So if i want to post migration, if i want to analyze new website and all the is going to be the same, i can click on this three dots and if i click on copy task, this is open up a menu for me. So, instead of analyze old website, i could say analyze new website. I can copy it to the same plan or i can select different project plan. I will keep it in the same plan and the bucket. I will keep it into two bucket as well. Here. Theres things which i can include with this plan, i can include the progress, the assignment dates, description, checklist, attachments and label, so i want checklist, but i dont want attachment to be copied, so i can uncheck that once im happy with it, i can click on copy. Now you can see there is a copy of this task is created here, but, as you can see here with the original task, there is one attachment here. I dont see any attachment because we have chosen not to copy the attachment. So if i click on it, i dont see any attachment here.

The rest of the information has been copied, including the notes and checklist. So this is an easy way if you are creating a lot of tasks with the similar checklist, similar uh notes, you can easily copy the task into the same plan or into even a different clan. You can also copy the whole plan, all together if that is required. The fifth feature, which i use quite often, is how you can integrate this planner with outlook. So if i click on these three dots – and i can click on add plan to outlook calendar, if i click on that its open up this dialog box, where i can get the i calendar link – or i can click add to outlook directly. So if you are not an owner of this planner, you wont be able to publish this calendar, so you can ask the owner to publish this feature. So when someone else and use it, they can add it to the outlook so because i am owner of this planner, i can publish this anyway. So if i click on add to outlook link now it will open up my outlook in the web and also it will copy the url for that planner calendar here and give this a name as well. So if i want to change the name, so i can just change it to kia point website upgrade and i can change it to maybe green color, the note icon and click on import under other calendars list.

So if i click on import so now it will copy all the tasks from my planner into outlook. So thats done. If i click on close this one now, if i move to maybe in july i can see, there are few tasks which were created originally in the microsoft planner, so they are in the july month and i can see those in my output calendar. So this is only one way: sync, you can only sync from planner to outlook. If you want to make any changes, you have to go back to the planner and make changes, but here you can click on it and see the detail, and if i click on this double arrow, it will open up and show you a bit more detail. Like progress and checklist – and you can always go and open the stars in maxwell planner, if you want to make any change into that class, so you can make any changes and save and it will sync back to the outlook now this way i can easily see My ongoing daily meeting, which happen outside the projects and all the tasks which are assigned to me through various different project plan, so to just wrap up this video. Today, you have learned how you can add emojis to the buckets and task titles. You have learned how you can show other details related to the task in the card. We have also seen how you can search for all the attachments across various different tasks inside a project plan.

You have also seen how we can easily copy the task into a similar or even into a different plan, with all the checklist, documentation and notes, etc. And, finally, you have seen how you can integrate the planner task with outlook. Thank you for watching this video consider subscribing if youre new to the channel by pressing the red subscribe button below this video and click the notification bell icon. So you dont miss any of my future videos, as i upload new videos every week, give this video a thumbs up if you found it useful. If you have any question regarding this topic or any other query related to office 365, put in the comment section below ill review the comments on daily basis, i will be happy to answer your questions.