First of all, the biggest thing i think in this whole kind of integration or bringing the sp workplace solutions into ms teams, is that now your users dont, have to go into sharepoint to access your intranet home page or your self service home page after we do. Our ms team setup – it actually can be the home site in ms teams and, in fact, can be the home site accessed from all of office 365.. So, whether youre in teams, you can access it through an icon in teams. You can access it. Of course, in sharepoint you can access it in planner, just by clicking on your logo from outlook and so on. So, no more of this having to understand what url you have to put in to get to the organization home page. Also, by setting up a home site, you can make the global navigation that is part of your intranet available again through these same capabilities here, where you can actually get to uh the different structure, the different departments projects, those type of things that were only available before In sharepoint now are available across office 365 and, most importantly in teams, but its not just the home page that were doing this with our department modules. It hr facilities, safety and so on. That used to be only available in sharepoint are now available through teams and, in fact, the department staff can access them through sharepoint or ms teams and within teams.

The site that we have, that is the sharepoint site for that module or for the functional department, is actually a group site that is behind the team, and you can either create new teams um if you havent started with teams yet to set up your team structure With the departments or if you already have teams out there, you can actually create a channel for our products within the department teams where they can access the same types of functionality that our customers are used to um and also be able to get at any list. Libraries, those type of things so, for instance, here is the it portal, and here is the ability to manage cases right through teams rather than in sharepoint, and then perhaps one of the most uh exciting things here is the ability to give access to employees to the Service portals or the employee portals of our department products and for them to be able to directly submit service requests access news, get to different documents and so on right from teams, because what we actually also do is we can take that service portal and actually create A teams app out of it that shows up as an icon within teams and now employees if they have to submit some a request to facilities or it or whatever it might be. They just bring up that app because we actually make it a team app and they click on the icon, and it takes them right to that service portal.

So lets take a look at what this looks like so lets see what bringing this into teams means for, for instance, end users lets say: im uh working for a solar company, commercial, solar im, a sales rep and im in the sales team, uh sales department, ive Asked about is anybody, uh know, you know what the new infrastructure bill is going to do for our solar business here, and i can wait for conversations or those type of things in teams, but one of the things im going to check is im going to see If anybodys posted anything on our home site, i can get right to the radiant solar home in teams, and i can look and see if anythings been posted and sure enough in company news, somebodys posted, you know, heres what bidens infrastructure bill offers to solar and clean Tech, i can click here and actually read an article about it. I can also see what other events are going on right from here, as well: even different department, news or services, team, employee recognition and so on right from teams now. The other thing, too, is: if i need to look up something i can always go to the self service portal here of doc. Central this is also set up in teams and is part of the home site, so i could go in and search for policies uh different uh, perhaps our company logo to put um in on the top of a letterhead or uh different things here.

Its all set up for me theres a process, central service, central for service requests as well too, so the nice thing is, i can go from chat to teams to our home page very easily. The other thing too, that i really like is things like. If i need to submit an it request, like all, i do is its an app inside teams now, and i can just go right to my apps and say take me to the myit portal, where i could actually go in and, for instance, uh click on cases And submit a new case right from here and heres the case form – and i can do that – i can also the nice thing. Is i like, if im out on the road, i can also go at any time and use it from my mobile use it from my tablets, use it from home as well. So what sp marketplace has done is brought their whole self service capability right into teams. So i dont have to worry about. Where do i go, find it uh out there as well, so thats thats, a an end users view of uh? What the setting up the sp workplace solutions means in team now lets take a look at in a different role. Not the end user, but somebody from a department staff say it and for those running our it product, youre probably used to uh using it in sharepoint, like this, of course, maybe hooked to the intranet, but with the version 15 and uh the setup of doing the Ms team setup, with the it support portal and department this site actually can be converted into a group site and be the site behind the ms team.

So if i go and look at for instance, posts, i can do that here. Files are here, and the nice thing is: if you take a look at these files, they are the same exact files that we see in documents in the staff portal, so theyre not in two different places: okay, its the one and the same, and you can see That this is actually a teams site, so our products, the department products, are now totally integrated with teams and can be accessed through teams. If i wanted to go see what the latest news or any meetings or that type of thing, i can access the stat the staff portal through this. If i want to work on cases, i can do that through here as well, or even look at any projects that im working on through planner. So what were doing is bringing together the sharepoint, the powerful sharepoint department, functionality that we have with the different business processes. Like asset tracking case management, all that type of thing and bringing it into the teams interface so both for the end users and for the staff users of our products, its fully integrated with teams. Now – and we can do that for you with part of our ms team setup option youre looking at our products or youre, a current customer see how we can set this up so that you can have that integrated teams. Environment, go to spmarketplace.