So if youre new here do consider, subscribing and hit the bell icon so that you get notified first thing when i upload new content, quantum computing is one of humanitys biggest leap in not only tech, but also in the field of science, as well, specifically quantum physics. So you could say that quantum computing is a quantum leap for the human kind ill see myself out. Reason is quantum computers work in a whole different level than ordinary computers. Do leading countries like the united states and china are already ahead in this global quantum race? To build next gen quantum computers, most notably through their tech giants, like you know, ibm or google. Two years ago google claimed to have built a quantum computer that could solve complex mathematical problems that the worlds most powerful supercomputer would take 10 000 years to solve. In just 200 seconds, pretty huge claim by google and theres a lot of debate and argument that goes along with that that i dont really want to get into. But more recently, a chinese research team has successfully built a quantum computer that can complete a calculation that would take traditional computers more than eight years to perform in just over an hour really really impressive. So how does it work in laymans term, our current computer, or what quantum evangelists call traditional computers at this point operate in binary, digit or bit? If you do, programming youll, probably understand better binary. Digit means information can only exist in one of two states, so it can either be one or zero or true or false, on and off, etc.

This means more powerful computation require more transistors, hence bigger computers for average people like us, it means you know more powerful processors or beefier graphics cards associated with more intense use case. At this point, you can probably already imagine the limitations associated with these computers. In fact, this is the case today, where more complex problems such as simulations of the climate math problems, thats really complicated to solve, require a warehouse worth of supercomputers to solve. This is because computing power of traditional computer increases linearly with numbers of transistors in it. In a pretty much one to one ratio for everyday use, traditional computers works just fine, so you dont really have to worry about that its not going to go. You know irrelevant anytime soon for more complex problems. However, quantum computing can help in a significant way. This is because, instead of being limited to just single state of a bit, you know one or zero quantum computers can utilize a whole new third state, which is it can be both one and zero. At the same time, quantum computing has its own version of the binary digit called quantum bit or qubit. This is where the information can have multiple states. At the same time, instead of being tied to the number of transistors, the qubit computing power grows exponentially with additional qubits the science behind it is too complicated for me to explain in simple terms so im just going to let you guys, google it for yourself.

Why is it important? The answer is many things, but the most important one is the advancements of pretty much any field that requires sheer amount of computation or calculation. I like to think that a quantum computer is to a traditional computer like ai, is to the human brain. Therefore, it has an unimaginable potential if we manage to develop it to be used in a meaningful way. Thing is quantum computers today is huge. If you look it up, it looks like you know: todays computer back in the 50s or the 60s, so its not something that you can get off the shelf and you know install it in your house. As far as i can see it, quantum computing will be mostly used for things like space exploration, scientific research, machine learning and probably cloud computing. Anyways, im really looking forward to seeing how quantum computers evolve in the next coming years, and it should probably be in your watch list too and well see how it slowly becomes. You know an integral part of our lives in the future. The same way, traditional computers are today in the form of smartphones gadgets and things like that. That is all i have for now. Hopefully you get something from this video and as always, thank you so much for watching this video till the end. I guess ill see you guys in the next one as usual.