You can explain what time crystals are okay, so the second law of thermodynamics says that any spontaneous change is going to trend towards entropy. In other words, things get more disordered, thats, just the natural flow thats. Why you cant have a perpetual motion machine precisely unless you pour more energy into the system, it will just slowly become more disordered, so the time crystals. These things are amazing. They cycle through patterns, which means they will go order, disordered order disordered all without additional input of energy into the system. In other words, it completely breaks the second law of thermodynamics, which is its just a mind, blowing thing. I have no idea what the practical applications are, but the science behind it is amazing. So google says that this was a pre print. They they posted thursday night that, in collaboration with physicists from stanford, princeton and other universities, theyve used googles, quantum computer to create and demonstrate a genuine time crystal. This is actually the second time crystal has been created earlier this month, a separate group claimed to have created a time crystal in a diamond evading the second law of thermodynamics, okay, i guess uh. First of all, i think quantum computing is cuckoo, but now this is even cuckoo uh. What a brave new world were uh were about to enter. How close are we to getting quantum computers actually uh doing any real work? Besides making time crystals the china is making those the biggest advancements in quantum computing right now, really i mean there youd want to be looking at their think.

Tanks, yep yep wesley ibm, both ibm and google have done some. Some amazing things im just amazed that we are the same human race that is coming out with this kind of um breakthrough and yet struggles to put the mask on properly Music, maybe uh, i dont, maybe theres, never been a time in human history where theres a Greater gulf between the the smartest people and the dumbest people – i dont theres, probably never been a uh a time that the difference is so great, but maybe that is actually a sign of a cultural problem, uh its kind of like the haves and the have nots. Um its not just money, you might be half education and have not education. I dont know, is that a should there be such a gulf. It seems like thats, a bad sign. Technically, our corpus of knowledge continues to grow and communications technology puts most of that body of knowledge at the fingertips, its right there, access to it right, unfortunately, knowledge, the corpus of knowledge, doesnt mean understanding of that knowledge and thats. I think thats, really where the gulf is, everyone can access everything that doesnt mean that youre gon na know what youre accessing yeah yeah. Well, i have no idea when they say its uh, that we have a newly realized phase of matter which particles move in a regular repeating cycle without burning any energy, but uh theres a picture, its basically a perpetual motion, machine, yeah, wow um.

And how do we get them? Why did the so the quantum computer is just doing the math? Did it actually make a time crystal? No, it is so it its there. Any anytime someone says quantum. All they really mean. Is that theyre pushing past our known boundaries of physics, yeah uh, quantum computing is just a way of doing non binary computing. Rather than ones and zeros. You can have an infinite number of values which would speed up operation if we actually had software that could properly use that kind of processing power right. This is the same thing were going. Quantum in that were were not following the rules of physics, as established in in newtonian physics. So i you know quantum. You know its a its the rick and morty episode, where you say you cant just say quantum in front of something and make it a sci. Fi term thats its not like blockchain, where you can just say in front of everything and everythings better: well, no, no theres quantum block chain. Now that is a game changer, so uh im trying im reading this article, trying to figure out what google did did they were all trying to figure it out. Did they make one of these? They they did the math behind one of these its unclear. I dont think the computer can make anything um. I just want to chime in saying any claim about quantum and google wait. Yeah thats, my theyve theyve already made mistakes in terms of their what theyve said in the past around quantum computing.

This could be something where it says: oops we checked the numbers. We carried a one wrong, yeah um, i yeah im, not sure this doesnt make sense to me, but i, if its true thats like i said there is a bigger gulf than ever before in human history, between the the big brains and the little brains and im Afraid im tending in the wrong direction at this point, so for anyone whos struggling understanding. Quantum like like, i am um there was a video that michael pena, the the actor did for google, where i dont, i encourage everybody to go and find it. I can put in the notes the link yeah. We saw it during uh, the last google i o yeah. I i think that i dont want to understand quantum in in a different way than that, because it was uh. It was definitely a um every for every man yeah, i feel like uh. I mean i think i dont know i dont know hows it going there. He is here the way by the way, michael pena in the google quantum lab um, hey im, eric lead engineer here, id like to welcome you to one of the most powerful quantum computing facilities, yeah yeah, yeah yeah. I i think some of this is because that the chinese government is doing it, so the federal governments pumping billions of dollars into quantum computer research and a lot of these companies are going hey.

Yeah lets get some of that federal money. I i i dont im a skeptic but uh father robert youre, a little bit more, a believer in the cutting edge. Do you think this is actually gon na in in 10 or 20 or 50 years theres going to be a quantum computer? That could do something? Absolutely i mean look its its, not a question of, if its a question of when we need to understand it enough, so that we can design equipment and software and a different way of thinking that can utilize it. This is. This is no different than what we did with the space program or what we did with the industrial revolution yeah, but this is a little more out there, though dont you think. Well, i mean show a a phone to someone from the 1700s and they think its witchcraft whats, the quote any sufficiently advanced technology will seem like magic, yeah im, not remembering that properly. But i yes thats uh, uh, arthur c clarks and its pretty close.