Yet even google scientists arent sure if their time crystal discovery is for real. However, if the report is correct, google might be one of the first companies to provide the globe with a critical technical development for the future. Quantum computers, which can tackle complicated problems with great speed and power using technologies that have yet to be devised, will require time. Crystals as a building block according to the next web, we intend to use quantum computers to solve difficult problems. Warp drives, for example, could allow for rapid interstellar travel and medical technology capable of curing almost any disease. Quantum computers, on the other hand, are extremely difficult to develop, maintain and even use thats, where googles time crystals could be useful, qubits or quantum computer bits are now used in quantum computers. When these qubits are observed, they behave differently than when they are left alone. Because of this measuring qubit states is challenging. This instability makes using a quantum computer, difficult thats, where time crystals enter the picture. The time crystal concept first proposed in 2012, is a new phase of matter. According to the next web time, crystals defy one of sir isaac. Newtons renowned laws, according to newtons, first law of motion, an object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion. There is high entropy or disorder in our universe. Energy is constantly exchanging causing something to happen when there are no processes. Entropy is constant, but it increases when processes are present.

However, this is not the case with time crystals, even when used in a process, they can maintain entropy. The next web presents an analogy with snowflakes to comprehend googles time crystals, because the atoms are grouped in certain ways: they have distinct and unique designs, snow falls melts and water evaporates only to eventually come back as snow. All of these processes entail energy exchanges. A time crystal is like a snowflake that can switch between two states without using or losing energy time. Crystals have the ability to have their cake and eat it too, and they can do it indefinitely. The time crystals do not belong to google. Even google is unsure. If they have created them, the study is only available in pre print form, while it is being peer validated. However, if google can figure out how to create them next generation, quantum computers may include time crystals. These computers could be built by anyone. Theyd also bring quantum coherence to a place where theres a lot of decoherence those restless cubists mentioned earlier, but the development of quantum computers based on time crystals, is still in its infancy. Google may have demonstrated that time, crystals arent simply a theory, but google hasnt created any to build warp drives or uncovered universally effective cancer cures. We may require decades of quantum computing research to produce quantum computers with time crystals, and it will surely take decades to fully comprehend quantum computers and time crystals.