You is a rivals game to look forward to what a match this promises to be lee thanks, derek good atmosphere. Here everybody looking forward to what should be a really entertaining game: well, no accuracy at all in terms of the shot unleashed well, it’s the care and attention all that work to get in the position and then way way wide. Well, jimenez must take the lead here and able to get a body in the way. Applause. The lineup then for the hosts alison gets the node in goal. Costas mano last place alongside joe gomez in central defense. Lucas plays with lyra. Can he put them ahead and a goal? They start as they mean to continue. They make the opening statement. Applause, Music, so the match has restarted one nil here: Applause, alejandro gomez, has it but it’s already a phenomenal number 199 goals for the club, but he wants to make it 200 in this game. Well, derek if he does get it. This could square the game. Oh, but no heroism flashed in front of his eyes. Couldn’T take the chance. Oh it’s, a big chance. It really is he’s in the right position, but then he just fluffs his lines: massial juan bisaka. Oh a lovely ball! No martial keeper did his job to begin with, and i think the threat has been averted. Applause well, derek we’ve, just seen a remarkable save. I thought it was in. You thought it was in everybody thought he was in we’ll.

Take it away, he won the ball. Good defending to prevent the chance Applause, gabriel jesus looks threatening. Well, he strayed offside, just as it looked promising. The referee knew that was foul play, but advantage. It is well jimenez opportunity, as is, and a goal to level. This contest all even well. The earlier goal cancelled out one a piece still passing it around with authority now potential danger fleeing through. He was then but he’s fluffed as linesley. Well, he just put his head down there. He can hit it. He’S got to do better than that Applause, matteo coverage. Well not hard to read that pass. Is it going to end up being productive for them? Oh it for the chance. Paul is loose oh and he puts away the second chance anthony martial on to juan bisaka, vardy Applause, matteo kovich, here’s coverage, Applause, oh good vision and a goal, an end to end game and they weren’t behind. For long again, the sides are leveled. This is a kaleidoscope of shifting emotions, Applause, morassa it’s, with david silva in position and a goal just like that. They’Re back in france, 3 2 in this match. Well, the attacking options appear plentiful. This could be the equalizer and it is the equalizer well now that could be a huge turning point in this game. They carry the momentum and level again here. This has been quite the rollercoaster ride. Applause manolas david silva, happy to pass the ball, but remaining patient, but jimenez can they get themselves in front here and it goes he’s made it a brace for himself? No stopping him apparently well.

How about this? Four three: oh lovely, incisive, pass bonnie and it goes to square the game. What a contest this is turning out to be well another equalizer, what a topsy turvy game! This has been gomez now, with raul jimenez lukas mora options in the middle silva, raul, jimenez, a master class in finishing just can’t. Stop him today! Well, i must say: i’d have to go back quite a few years to remember the last time. I’Ve covered a game with a score line of 5 4 and that will do it for the first half here at the feet. The two teams have switched around and are ready now for the second half Applause: foreign Applause, matic Applause, oh big chance. Well, he saw the whites of the keepers eyes and the whites of his outstretched gloves. Great goalkeeping, well, he’s denied a certain goal. There, great reflexes, from the keeper beautifully timed Applause, gomez, Applause. They just can’t subscribe Applause, gabrielle, jesus, martial and he’s, given us away, and he could be in proper trouble here. A goal and it’s very much game on here. Nico schwartz Applause hanging on to the ball in this fashion suits them Applause, joe gomez, Applause here’s cover coverchange, gabriele jesus, martial and always missed it, good heavens. Well, what a chance for an equaliser derek at this level you don’t get many chances, and that was one of them manolas, alejandro gomez. Has it gomez, read it superbly to take back possession Applause, martial, vardy, it’s, opening up for them? Applause.

Nothing comes up the attack when all is said and done. Applause gomez, Applause, well, derek they’re, not happy ref is taking the brunt of this 15 minutes remaining a foul, but advantage blade a chance to whip it in a goal. How about that he’s? Put it away to make it a hat trick and it’s level again here both sets of fans being put through something of an emotional mangle gomez, david silva, trying to get onto the front foot with the minutes, sticking away moving the ball effectively. What a shocking pass really breaking at pace all at all a broken counter attack Applause, useful looking ball there to take it away, martial gabriel jesus he’s in here they had to react and then joe gomez, Applause it’s with david silva zane. Has it an incisive pass? This is why we adore this game, late drama and now they’re in front. Well, it looks like the game is over, but no there’s another chance and there it is back of the net. It looks like the winner. One minutes of stoppage time has been added.