All, but one will drop off come August 16th. So we figured lets take a look at whats, leaving and answer the question: do you have enough time to beat them before you need to drop that cash With that hit subscribe, join our growing xbox family and lets get started. In the top left corner? Your gon na see the platform a main story run time and then a completionist run time. These are from that completionist time it should give you an idea of how long your looking at to get all achievements. Ill also include any current discounts. You can find for the games as well., So first up Grand Theft, Auto 5 and Im not sure how much needs to really be said around this title.. This is the 2nd time its been removed from the service, and this time we had a 3 month window to dive into this world of Los Santos., Incredible, open world game. The king of the genre lets face it and a hell of a story too. As you follow three protagonists, Michael Franklin and Trevor., Its a game that refuses to die quite honestly when you think it was released originally back on the PS3 and 360 in 2013, but they continue to update it. Theyve added a ton of online content as well from Casinos to new cars to the recent LS car meet. Quality game, and you can easily get hundreds of hours out of this one and while achievements wise, it might be a stretch.

The story should be doable.. This game, though, desperately needs a sequel, and I cant wait to see where they go. Next. Darksiders Genesis then took the series in a new direction. What was a 3rd person, hack, n, slash action, rpg changed things up and went with a top down viewpoint for itss action rpg world, while still retaining what its known for in a ton of combat.. The easy comparison here. Just because of the look is Diablo, but its not really that level. This is puzzles, combat exploration, even some minor platforming.. While opinions on this one were mixed, though I really enjoyed it. Its a prequel to the original title and it introduces a new horseman of the apocalypse in Strife who is just a bad ass wielding a double gun set up and yeah. I wouldnt call it smart, but it is a lot of fun and its even better when played in co, op, either offline or on.. Its story, then, has a relatively reasonable run time that should be achievable before it drops off. The classic, then Final Fantasy VII, not the remake the OG, and I mean for many. This will be the pinnacle of the series, as the world is taken over by an organization known as the Shinra Electric Power Company, and you play as cloud once. A member of the Shinra soldier unit, who is now a mercenary lending, a hand to the anti shinra rebel group avalanche. Its one of the best turn based RPGs ever made with incredible depth.

The world is stunning and then that story has so many highs and lows that its hard to forget., The only thing I will say if youve come this far 2021 and youve never played it. I cant imagine you will be bothered all that much by it leaving the service, but if you do wan na jump in it, wouldnt be unreasonable to get atleast that story wrapped up.. It got a remake as well, which looks stunning and switched things out for an action. Rpg vibe thats well worth taking a look at though its not available on game pass.. Next up Dont Starve Giant Edition, and this is what I would call an indie gem, a survival experience youll play as Wilson. A scientist trapped in a world following a demon attack and you need to explore, face off against the locals, build up a home manage inventory. All the typical survival traits with a visual style that will give you that Tim Burton esque vibe, which I wasnt sure on originally from screenshots, but it really works in motion.. If you do wan na pick this one up with the 20 discount, it actually includes as well an additional DLC known as Shipwrecked, which adds a new world with new biomes creatures seasons and if the name didnt give it away now you can craft a boat and Set sail. Incredibly challenging games, though, and its well worth checking out before it drops off, not a short one to overcome, though this, especially for you completionists.

. The final xbox game. Dropping off, then, is Train Sim World 2020 and I cant say Ive ever played this one, but looking at it in this round up of games dropping off. I am downloading it currently more out of curiosity than anything else.. After loving Microsoft, flight simulators brand of almost relaxation, maybe Trains have been a love. Ive, never known, I needed in my life and its a first person simulator with what appears to be a ton of paid DLC expansions. Lets roll with the description from xbox. Here, though, its an immersive first person simulator, that uses real world data to bring to life the performance sounds and power of real trains. Featuring complete in cab. Interactivity feel the detail as you sit in the drivers seat or explore on foot and bring classic trains roaring to life. If youve played it. Let us know in the comments, if its worth a look. The base games not on sale but theres, a fair few editions with extra DLC included that you will find discounted. Aside from that, PC users Ape Out will be leaving and its a genius title that everyone Should play and its also super short this one, you can wrap that story in a couple of hours and your basically an ape escaping some sort of facility by crushing everything and everyone in your path.. The art style is incredible. The soundtrack is this masterpiece experimental like jazz that I liked so much.

I actually picked it up on vinyl and yeah jump in while you can., Then you are also losing Crossing Souls. Another short one, its 1986 California and you control a group of five kids that travel between dimensions on an adventure wrapped in government conspiracy. Great pixel style, though – and it embraces that 80s style cartoon for its narrative and its gon na – be for those of us that Enjoy the classic adventures like the goonies., Its an action adventure, though so expect some combat, puzzles, boss moments and a whole lot of neon. And thats how we are currently looking for August. Will you be jumping into any of these to try and wrap them up before they drop off, or is this selection not really for you.? For me, its train world, its the only one I havent played, I cant imagine paying for it so screw it Im. Getting my train on. With that Hit subscribe, join our growing xbox family and Ill see you all on the next video. Thanks.