Pass games yeah, thats, right, more xbox game pass games were revealed today for the first half of august and now do keep in mind that this is only the first wave of august and theres going to be more xbox game pass games later in the month, which Looks excellent so far, but yes for the first 15 days of august theres, actually some pretty interesting titles here, including day one releases. So we will go over all that today, plus the playstation 5 seems to be dominating over in the uk yeah its looking pretty crazy over there in the uk for the playstation 5 right now. So we will go over all that as well, but per usual. We have a lot of things to go over today, so lets just go ahead and get right into it, starting off with the new xbox controller. Now xbox are no strangers when it comes to new controllers, and it seems like about every couple months. They do announce a brand new controller. In fact, ive seen several people actually collect these things because well they do make some very attractive options, and while this new one here, the aqua shift is one of the most attractive options, ive seen in quite a while yeah. It features a color shifting blue shimmer that just looks really attractive, but i think what stands out about this controller in specific is actually its rubberized grips. This is something that i really like with some of the xbox one controllers, because i do think that that rubberized grip it just gives the overall controller a much more premium feel and with the aqua shift.

This is actually the first special edition xbox series controller to feature rubberized side grips with a unique dual color swirl on every single unit, so im actually thrilled about that particular inclusion. I do hope that we get more options with these rubberized grips in the coming months, but for the time being starting august 31st, you will be able to pick up the aqua shift for 70 us dollars. So if youre looking for a new controller – or maybe you just collect these things – we can pick up the aqua shift again on august 31st. Now we also need to talk about grand theft, auto 5 – the game that just doesnt stop. Now there are some games out there that just seems to last a really long time, such as minecraft, and then you also have grand theft, auto 5. grand theft. Auto 5 did launch back in 2013 for the playstation 3 and the xbox 360, and it sold really well and then later on. It came over to xbox one and the playstation 4, and then also the pc and grants. Auto has always been a very popular franchise, but i think with grand theft, auto 5 because of its multiplayer has just been so exceptionally popular. It has just pushed grand theft auto to new heights and its pretty incredible. What grand theft auto 5 continues to do to this day and in fact, if we take a look over here at gameindustry.

biz, you can see here that grand theft, auto 5, has topped 150 million units shipped with grand theft, auto onlines audience size of 72 percent over. Where it was two years ago, this is coming directly from take twos first quarter financial report and, like i said you can clearly see that grand theft autos online, has really just catapulted grand theft auto 5 into new heights, but to see it sold, 150 million units Is absolutely crazy? I mean this game within. Just the last year has probably sold more than most games that are brand new have been selling. It really is just very impressive, but this kind of brings us back over to the topic of grand theft. Auto 6.. A couple months ago, jason schreier did say that grand theft, auto 6, was still years away before it was actually going to release now. Jason schreier is pretty reliable when it comes to these type of things, but for some people it was a little surprising to hear that grand theft, auto 6, might still be years away. Before releasing, i mean, for the first time since the original playstation grand theft auto skipped an entire generation without getting a completely new installment, and that just kind of shows you how different rockstar is now compared to what they used to be. They used to release a lot more games and not just within the grand theft, auto and red dead redemption franchises, but they also released games such as bully or even la noire.

So they used to be just a lot more frequent with their releases than now. But when you start to look at things, especially with all the success that theyve been having with their massive just huge aaa games, you can kind of see why i mean here. You have grand theft auto with its online services and it sold 150 million units worldwide, and then you also have red dead redemption 2, which is another massive game, and that one has already sold 38 million units worldwide. So with two games, theyve sold 180 million games and that thats, just so incredibly impressive and with that amount of success they have the luxury of just kind of taking their time on their next game and then making that the best they possibly can as well. I mean theyre, probably looking at grand theft, auto 5 and with it still selling as well as it does yeah theyre, probably just sitting back like okay. Well, no rush lets just continue to make grand theft auto 5 a good experience and well take her time on grand theft, auto 6 and itll come when it comes. Unfortunately, for those who are really excited for grand theft, auto 6, it does look like its still years away, but uh yeah big congrats to rockstar on all their success with grand theft. Auto 5, as well as red, dead redemption 2. lets go ahead and take a look at xbox game pass, though, as they revealed some games for the first half of august and yeah theres.

Actually, a few really good looking titles here, yeah so lets just go ahead and check it out. You have skate 3 skate art of rally dodge ball, academia, katamari, damashi, reroll, luminez, remastered hades, curse of the dead god dead cells update. Then you have starmancer and then the big one you have microsoft, solitaire collection, yeah. Obviously the solitaire collection is the big one here that absolutely everybody needs to check out. I kid, of course, but really there are some really good looking games here. Obviously, i think the big standout inclusion here would probably be hades. This game did release last year for the nintendo switch and steam and its easily one of the best games that released last year and in fact it won several game of the year awards. You dont usually see little independent games like this win a lot of game of the year awards, but because this game was so good yeah, it won a lot of game of the year awards and thats just kind of a testament. Just how good this game actually is now i personally have already played this game myself, as i do own it on the nintendo switch, and i can honestly say that the hype is well worth it. I dont, even particularly like roguelikes, most of the time where you die and you have to start back at the beginning, but the way they handle it in hades. It almost feels like youre, being rewarded when you die and the reason i say that is because theres an actual story here, thats really well told thanks to just the well crafted characters in this universe.

So if you havent played hades already, do yourself a favor and check it out when it does release directly into xbox game pass later this month. It does release on august 13th and one game here that kind of caught my attention thats going a little bit under the radar right now would be dodgeball academia, and this is releasing directly into xbox game pass day, one on august 5th. That seems like it has a lot of personality, but you can see here that dodgeball academia is a mix of dodgeball with an rpg thats, an interesting and unique combo, but – and this is something that i always kind of say about xbox game pass. But this is what i love about the service so much. It allows me to discover these games that i might have missed otherwise, and now i dont know if this game is going to turn out to be good or not, but at the very least, im curious and im going to have to check it out and the Second, half of august is looking really good as well so far yeah we dont exactly have the full lineup for the second wave of august, but we do know of three games that well be releasing directly into xbox game pass throughout the second half of the month And that includes 12 minutes you have recompile and then the big one, which is the one that im most excited for, would be psychonauts 2.

yeah. You all that follows this channel knows that im excited about psychonauts 2, but 12 minutes and recompile looks like interesting day. 1 releases as well 12 minutes, looks like a story driven game with uh, just a fascinating plot about a man stuck in a 12 minute loop thats, a game that ive been keeping an eye on pretty much ever since they first announced it, because i really think The plot alone is just fascinating, but then you also have recompile, which is this 3d metroid vania game. So, even though we dont have the full lineup for the second half of august, there are three day one games, all of which i think are interesting at the very least and thats. How i would kind of describe this month for xbox game pass. It doesnt have that one big blockbuster triple a title, but there are quite a few interesting, smaller games here, including you have hades. Like i said before, you have dead cells, which is another really good, roguelike experience, you have recompiled psychonauts to dodgeball academia and just so many more and i think, theres a lot of smaller independent games here that are going to be a lot of fun. If you take the time to check them out, thats the thing about xbox game pass, you never quite know what youre going to discover next in a service like this, and i think august is the perfect example of just that. Now, speaking of xbox, a new rumor has really been making its rounds over on social media in the last couple days, and i thought id just go and touch up on this real quick, as i just keep seeing this pop up, and that is an xbox stream Box now i thought about talking about this yesterday, but i decided against it, but again it just keeps popping up uh, but this did appear over on 4chan, which is already a red flag right there.

But if you check this out, this leak claims that this is a design render from an early 2021 prototype and the device looks a little bit different now. But it will plug directly into your tv, which allows xbox players to stream from their home console or play via xcloud. It will also have an ir receiver, allowing any xbox controller to pair with it, and it even has plans to eventually support mouse and keyboard. So i mean it sounds really good on the surface and the thing about this particular leak is nothing really sounds too far fetched, which is why i think that we keep seeing this pop up on so many different websites and people are kind of taking it serious Again, nothing about it really seems too far fetched and based off of what we do know about xbox. They are planning to, at the very least, to do an xbox game, pass app for tvs and theyre, also planning to do an xbox streaming stick, so it really wouldnt be too surprising to see them. Do something like this. In fact, i think it makes a lot of sense, especially with xboxs plans, to expand the xbox ecosystem through xbox game pass and xcloud. They can make a device like this and sell it for 100, and that would be a great way to introduce a lot of new people to the xbox ecosystem. They then wouldnt have to buy a 500 or 300 console, but they could go out and buy a 100 stream box and then just be able to play all the latest and greatest xbox games.

Like i said before, xbox has already publicly talked about an xbox stream. Stick so things like this are definitely on their mind and thats. Why a leak like this isnt really too far fetched or anything like that, but at the same time you have to keep in mind that a leak like this isnt necessarily credible either so thats kind of why ive held off on talking about this, but its interesting To say the least, i think if xbox does do something like this, its definitely a smart decision, but let me know in the comments below do you think xbox will put out a device like this here sometime soon. Let me know now before we go, lets go and talk about the playstation 5 again, because one thing that weve known about this console is that its been selling incredibly fast. In fact, it is the fastest selling console in the history of gaming. I mean this thing. Is flying off shelves so far and it looks like over in the uk, they had a very impressive month for the month of july, so this is coming from christopher drain, which is the head of game and lets go and take a look at what he Had to say, ps5 had another great month in the uk during july, it sold almost as many consoles as all the other platforms combined almost, and that really is impressive, because the fact that sony has continued to be able to keep up with manufacturing to just kind Of flood the market with all these consoles yeah theyre doing a great job with that.

Every one of these consoles right now are dealing with these semiconductor issues, which ill kind of get back into in just a moment. But based off of this news, it sounds like sony was able to once again flood the market with playstation 5s or at least over in the uk. I think it just kind of shows you just how good of a job that theyve been doing so far. This generation with manufacturing these consoles – we did see here recently that they made a revision to the playstation 5 digital over in japan and one of the reasons that they did, that was to increase manufacturing. So they really are trying their very hardest to meet. This initial demand, so i think, thats why in particular that this is impressive, though that is important to keep in mind its not about who sells the most. The playstation 5 might outside the xbox series in one month where the xbox series might outsell the playstation 5. In one month, but the truth is whoever produces, the most consoles are going to sell the most, because both of these consoles are selling out extremely fast. So right now its all about manufacturing and last month it looks like playstation, 5 was well stocked and from my understanding, the xbox series might not have had as much stock last month. But you know this really again is very impressive. That playstation has been able to produce as many units as they have so far, so big congrats and kudos to playstation on their early success with the playstation 5.

. Hopefully they can continue to do that throughout the rest of the year and maybe even ramp it up a little bit more heading into the holidays, as i really hope that we meet that initial demand soon and onto the pull of the day. Theres been a lot of excitement with halo. Infinite here recently seems like a lot of people, came away very impressed with halo, infinites multiplayer and just how good it actually feels. So the hype is just going through the roof right now for halo infinite, and it got me to thinking. Do you all think that halo is still xboxs most important franchise? So i thought id ask you all and as of this recording 67 of you said that, yes, you think halo is still xboxs most important franchise and the results here was really interesting to me, because i dont actually agree here but ill kind of get back into That here in just a moment, but i mean based off some of the comments – some of you all did mention just how iconic the halo franchise is to xbox and obviously it is synonymous with the xbox brand. Obviously, halo is incredibly important to the xbox brand, but i dont necessarily think its the absolute most important release for the xbox series. I now think its one of many important releases for the xbox series, because they do now have 23 total studios. The xbox series is going to have a lot of big games at releases in its lifetime.

I mean you just kind of look at bethesda youre going to have games like the elder scrolls, eventually release onto the xbox series and thats going to be a huge blockbuster title that a lot of people will get excited for when it does eventually come to the Xbox series i mean you can even kind of make a debate for xbox game pass being incredibly important because thats going to push a lot of consoles. So this is just the way i kind of look at it. Halo, infinite without a doubt is the most important release for xbox this year, but in order to have continued success, youre gon na have to bring other big games year in and year out, to continue to push consoles, so in 2021 starfield might be the most important Release for xbox, then in 2022, you might have something like lets, say fable or you might have perfect dark. Those are gon na be important releases for xbox. So i just look at halo infinite as yes, its very important to xbox, very obviously its iconic its this franchise. That is synonymous with the xbox brand, but i just think its one piece of the whole that makes xbox what it is. I mean take a look at nintendo as an example. Their two most iconic franchises would be mario and then zelda, everybody kind of knows, mario and zelda. But then you have this game called animal crossing new horizons which went on to sell 30 plus million units yeah.

It outsold your big 3d mario game and it outsold zelda breath of the wild. So even though it wasnt necessarily the most iconic, it played a very important part in selling the nintendo switch and thats kind of the way. I look at halo. Infinite, yes, its the most iconic, but i just think its one of the many important games that will release for the xbox series. This generation anyways, though thats it for this episode. But if you liked the video dont forget to bell notification and subscribe button for more content, just like this, also, if youd like to support the channel through patreon.