Every football fan looks forward to a lot on the line and the likelihood of attention packed occasion. We have all the action for you live on ea tv and hello to you from the west riding of yorkshire, always a delight to be here as by former england, international lee, dixon and we’re fully convinced this game will live up to its spilling it’s leeds, united And they take on huddersfield town thanks, derek i’m sure both coaches will want their players to start with a real zip in their play really show the opposition. What they’re in for that could lead to fireworks, let’s hope so liam cooper, number, 23, calvin, phillips number 20 rodrigo and a look at the league united starting 11. unfairly, conventional 4, 5 1 set up yeah. That fact 4 will be protected throughout the game. With the five midfield players in front of them really important that they do support that lone striker when they do have the ball clich nicely cut out, and i must say that was a very promising attack. The alarm bells were sounding not a very good challenge and he skips past his Applause. O’Brien fraser campbell really well played pass good use of the ball, but can they trouble the defense? Pulls it back and he did his job defensively not to be advised giving the ball a wave there. That needs an accurate cross and he might be through here, flag raised for offside, calvin, phillips and bedford and it crossed the touchline.

So a throw in here lewis. O’Brien Applause, jonathan hogg, Applause, an awful lot of green space to run into toffelo still pushing for the goal that would put them ahead, but not forcing it. What can we do from here, teammates in the middle, and they deal with the threat this time? O’Brien? Can he finish just couldn’t avail himself of the chance? Oh, he won’t want to see the replay of this. He should score, but he doesn’t it’s, a big, miss phillips, mateusz klich on the ball, luke ayling, dallas, rodrigo Applause, vital interception. The danger was very real. It’S opening up for them, lewis, o’brien aarons masterful piece of foiling over the touch line for a throw in rodrigo he’s enjoying space. Oh big chance – that is when your goalkeeper is worth his weight in gold. Well, he’s earned his wages doesn’t. He he was in position. He had his focus, what a save and he clears the danger, moving forward, effectively harrison and he’s in, and it goes the opening goal of this contest Applause. Well here it is again and all the credit goes to the goal scorer, but you have to ask questions about the keeper he’s got to have that covered for me, no wonder, he’s frustrated with himself one nil, then Applause number nine convince up might be able to Get in behind the defense and possession given away Applause and given away patrick bamford, here’s raffinia that’s how to rob them of possession.

There will be one minute added on. At the Applause end, the first half here comes to the two teams have switched around and are ready now for the second half louis o’brien aarons o’brien, and he read it well intercepting it you’ve certainly got to give this man high marks for his work. Up to this pointley well derek you’re right. He has played well and goals, win game. Well, just fractionally wide good strike campbell it’s with hog. It is to be a throw in calvin phillips. Well, it could be on for him here, it’s in they’re, looking really relaxed and confident i’m, not giving the opposition much of a look in it’s going their way. Two nil united goal, number 20. rodrigo jonino bakuna, and he read it well: Applause and the referee spotted the foul, but has played advantage Applause, firing it towards goal well, just a whisker wide of the post, not a bad effort at all: Music Applause, jonathan hogg, juninho Bakuna keo and benza on the offensive real danger: can they get in behind them, and the cross is very much on Applause he’s, protecting it effectively. Well, that’s a good reflection, that’ll be a corner and time for the change. Now, Applause over it comes well to deny him from point. Blank range like that: brilliant, well, really really strong goalkeeping spread himself used all of his body, really good, save insufficient accuracy with the head early yeah. He got there as well, it was all about.

Could he get it on target, but when you see how far he missed, wow phillips Applause, dangerous, looking attack cross could be useful, what a lovely strike lethal, peter, finishing, drilled home with true conviction. Tremendous goal – Applause well here’s, the replay, and it all starts with the delivery into the box, just begging for someone to get on the end of it and it’s all about the time. He allows himself by being patient waiting for the ball to drop and then volleying with such precision it’s a massive lead and it’s very hard to imagine them losing it now, preferring to go. Infield and they’ve won the ball back following that challenge: jonathan hogg, Applause on and on. He goes a very good tackle, being pressed and pressed high, losing possession Applause, genino, bakuna Applause, excellent use of the ball as they make their way forward and it’s played into the center he’s gon na find the net brilliant piece of finishing magnificent goal. So there the it is line here. Applause well, you’ve got to savor such moments, Applause! Well, he could really get at the opposition Applause and you have to feel for him now it will go down as an own let’s have a look at that. Again. All defenders look away. Nobody likes to see this it’s poor. You have to say, but it’s important now that he puts his head back on and starts to concentrate on the rest of the game, so a known goal, and now they are chasing this game and just the one minute left in normal time here, janino bakuna.