What is up everyone mitchell saltzman here alongside rose phil and brandon from turtle rock studios, and we are here to play some back for blood, so were dropped into this uh this level here and uh phil. Why dont you give us a little context as to where we are whats going on in the story right now, right on so were midway through this mission and uh general phillips, the leader at fort hope, has sent us out to investigate the old blue dog mine, Which they believe is where uh one of the sources uh. You know a major source of the ridden in this area. Uh he sent out a group before us. We havent heard back from that group in a while, so were going out to try to find them and uh to close up that mine all right. Well, it sounds urgent, so why dont we get going here all right, all right! Obviously, one of the the big things about uh back for blood is the fact that theres corruption cards that kind of make every every match or every you know, run through of that very different uh. Can we talk a little bit about what corruption cards we got here for people to understand, whats going on sure yeah? So we have the hunted corruption card. Thats gon na um send a horde at us every you know roughly four or four minutes. So we kind of kind of have to keep a little bit of a of a of a more brave pace because were going to be constantly hit by those hordes, so um another one that we have uh.

We have monstrous shambling ridden, which are kind of slower, common, ridden theyre going to be tougher, theyre all spiked they hit pretty hard. So if they actually get up to you, theyre going to do quite a lot of damage well, so far, so good avoid the were gon na make our birds through this little house right here, get off of me over there theres an exploder there rose okay, so Lets back out, we didnt get blasted into the uh into the birds, so man theres a lot of them yeah. Why did you guys program so many zombies im? Fine? What the hell are you doing in front of me anyway? Is it intel here? What does intel do until it will give you a cowboy, a basic, not too bad, not too bad. Okay, okay, rub some dirt on it. Just spit on it, itll be all right yeah, so the intel card um, oh god, oh god, oh god. Oh god, im! Sorry, no, its an exploder every time, youre about to explain. No, the timing is impeccable yeah, so the the intel folder will give the players a a basic stack card, so increase your your uh ammo by 10 percent or give you extra help. Oh god – and you keep those those buffs for the entirety of your run. Funny oh theres, birth right here, nothing to be scared of! Oh now. How? How close would you say the ranges of of the birds if youre like crouch walking? How close can we get um? Try it? We got a hoarding, oh yeah.

We got a horde coming. Also oh yeah five seconds. Should we get out of the range of these birds when the horde comes or all right here they come. I mean careful rose youre off by yourself, uh, no im, not youre, just im, just in front of your your barrel over there. Ah, we got some guys dropping down off the cliff here, oh crush here, oh all kinds of nastiness on the right. Oh my god. You cant break out. Oh no! Oh! No! Oh no! Oh my god! Im over here, i dont know yeah im at prime area ammo its not its, not its okay, guys, oh my god, what the heck im on fire careful for those birds there wow! That was a show: okay, buddy god thats a with a defib ill. Take that risky wrestler! Oh, my goodness, all right, so you cannotice how the time force might hit you at the the wrong moment. Yeah theres a lot of chaos that sucks theres, two minutes two and a half minutes to the next one yeah hes hes, shambling written. You know theyre pretty slow, but they come in a number and theyre a lot more tanky than the other ridden um and if they get up on you theyre, you know theyll swarm and bring you down really quickly too. So fathers friends live here sure its definitely a big contrast from the sprinting ridden one thing: im very much enjoying about playing hoffman right now is that uh enemies spawn ammo when you, when you kill them or they have a chance to spawn ammo, is very nice Because the last time i played, i was very low on ammo all the time when i uh used an assault rifle uh 19 seconds.

Nothing to worry about, i guess were fit now were staying here. Are we holding up here? Yeah may as well. Everyone watch their side of the room all right here. They come lets see where they come from. Oh wow, which side which side garage door side they need. This looks like theyre coming from where phil is. Oh, my goodness nice. That was a lot of room. Yeah is that it all right im going up high here, yeah, okay, cool yeah – we are all up here. This is where uh rose had a bad day. Last time we played yeah, it was uh all fun and games until a horde came god. We are a mess hr. It would be really nice to find a med station in one of these, you ready nope got ta hurry just a little bit because were going to get another board here soon. Okay, two minutes where we got ta go uh all right. So lets check this house for uh nest nodes and destroy those and itll. Let us uh through were blocked here by this ball of intestines over the door. Yeah all right, im, gon na im, gon na hit one of these right. Now, you guys are ready. Go for it: uh: okay, oh somebodys, sitting ripped thats, fine, everythings, fine, its fine! That is a really good, a812 whoevers using shotgun. This is a really good, a12 yeah right now i was gon na grab it, but im dead in capped.

Oh thank you. Theres! A uh decent desert eagle over here. Do we want to do the next one before the horde yep im going to pop it now you guys are ready, yep, Music im, throwing one. I know why me get out of the room. I thought we were friends. Oh, my goodness, how could this happen? Who could have seen who went down? That was me. I was on fire. Probably my fault, hey its absolutely my fault, its uh. Given me some health. So thanks thats welcome. So we have a card that uh gives the whole team uh health over time when, when anybody goes down so yeah, i took that yeah. Well, then gross going uh one minute left for the horde. Oh theres, a back window. Oh this exploder is coming out. Oh, my god, theres two of them. I have four help. I have five sorry im. Sorry, i flash figure. Those, oh man, all right, lets open this popped. Im gon na check downstairs really quick. Oh i just shot the door. Do you you want us to wait, see if theres anything down here uh, we should probably hole up here for the next horde before we try to do this all right. So if we see a tall boy, we might just need to grenade it. I have a grenade phil. You got to save your pipe on for the next area. Yep! Oh thats, you thats your head, uh! Oh, do i only have temporary health? Hey guys.

I only have temporary health. Oh man, um, okay, just letting you know. Oh, hey theres, a three theres, a treasure room. Oh oh, i have a pic. I have a pic, take it. Oh my god. Oh my god were in oh, i am using the free charge. Im. Sorry uh! Oh, we got firecrackers too. Oh! Thank goodness. Everybody should probably dig into the our copper supply really yeah the healing station. I grabbed the other firecracker youre, much better, oh okay! Now it feels like we have a chance all right. Okay, all right lets go the suspicious uh tow truck. Are we gon na? Do it what whats the worst second house yeah, i dont, know the button. Okay, im gon na press this button im gon na see what happens all right. I got my fingers pressure. We got him, we got him got come on, keep going, keep going! No! No! No just go phils dead, leaving, oh god, im trying to open the door. Oh rosetta! No! Oh! No! Just leave me baby im going in im. Good leave him! Okay. Can i get him up? Can i get him up? No, we cant. We can Applause. I think we might be able to get you here. Dont worry guys ill distract this uh. This crusher do whatever you can to save me. Dont leave me behind. You can leave bros, but just dont think i see how it all right is good. Oh no! Oh, no, all right.

We have two minutes. The next horde. I think, oh axe, yes, just go just go forward. I just found a purple axe. Im. Sorry youll probably find me attached to a wall somewhere. Handgun here burst fire beretta, everythings, fine, everythings fine! This is fine. Oh you guys got a pressure, crusher question question: oh god, over there shoot him. Yeah, yeah, thats, right m one two phase at um, nice, big pile of money. Hey sorry about you, know everything! Let me get you out of there all right. So this mine looks suspicious suspicious what happens if uh im doing it good job? Are those fireworks or oh, no thats, just going in nothing in there? Oh something something yeah thats me: oh no thats, not me pressure, yeah thats right hurts getting shot in the face. Doesnt it you got, i think, thats, two minutes five seconds till the next forward. Oh, it went away plenty of time. We got uh three minutes and ten now we got a things just so. People have uh a uh frame of reference to what difficulty were playing on uh. What are we uh were playing in the second difficulty veteran, so um by this time we kind of expect you to have some uh game mastery having lots uh a couple of cards, kind of know how to build a deck. You know how to work with your team obviously were playing this perfectly so theres perfectly a real good example: no flaws yeah, i havent seen one throw another grenade over there.

Did i miss it? Are they yeah? Oh, come on? Oh no! Well, the explorer took care of it. You think that stingers dead, no oh wow, theres a lot of them up there horde coming in minute, 10. flashlight time phil. Can you hit me with some pain? Meds? Hey all right! You want some pain pills. Yes, please, where you at im right behind you into the safe room, all right were almost there. Thank you keeping that for me, i hear something almost there. Oh no, its right here, oh oh, sneaky, sneaky get off. Oh sleeper right, oh god i can break out. I can break out its fine, you cant youre, not oh, i went down. I have the card im down im down. Oh no was that me. I got to worry im here, theres, a horde coming in 10 seconds Applause, oh yeah, all right, good job, guys. That was a journey all right. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is back for blood. Thank you all so much for, for you know carrying me through that weve got more back for blood content coming throughout the whole month of august.