This is the early access. It goes into um open access, open beta next week, but yeah. We spent a lot of play a lot of players, a lot of hours, um playing this last night, yeah its very fun, its very fun and very polished as well for uh for a beta ill say like it felt um. It felt like a finished thing until we reached the end of it like yeah for sure um i mean it was meant to be out uh june. Was it june, like 21st yeah? Something like that, but i guess here we are now with a nice polished, beta and im quite happy if you want to delay a game and make it better great thats what we want. Yeah polished games yeah give us that none of these you know buggy things and stuff like that and yeah from what ive played so far uh. It feels great, i mean, were just looking at a little bit here: arent we and like uh. The gun play is really nice and tight. I was surprised at how good it felt, yeah, absolutely and and like obviously its its made by turtle rock same guys that made um left for dead. I was saying team that made uh left for dead, um thats me friendly firing because i thought theyre a zombie because they were covered in blood um but yeah its its loads of guns, theres attachments, theres, like a card system um and yeah its um, its a Good spiritual successor and without it actually being a left dead game, obviously theres different zombie types and stuff like that to left for dead, so um yeah the moment to moment is very left for dead isnt it its sort of the the bigger changes that are aware.

The difference is coming in the the card system, which well talk about and, and things like that, but when youre, when you are playing it does it does feel very left for there. Those hordes coming in that sort of ai director keeping things fresh and stuff yeah like rich, was saying last night that its not called the ai director. Now its is the game director or something like that. They didnt really change the name all too much, but it it felt like left for dead in terms of like gun handling like its very slick. It im not sure what engine its on, but it feels like the the source engine like it feels like a like. A comfy pair of pants that you always slip on its like you, havent played it for so many years, and you just pick it back up and pick up where you left off yeah. This is the card system as well, but also i spawned into that and that that just terrifying, the scariest part of the game right yeah, i mean but thats a good example of how good it looks, and this is a good example. It is a really atmospheric. It is yeah its a very pretty game, like especially with the because the fog was one of the director cards wasnt it. So that was a yeah random thing. Not everyone playing this level would get fog, but we did and it really changed the atmosphere of this entire level like you can there were uh but theyre, not zombies, what they called in this ridden, because no one wants to call zombies, zombies anymore.

No exactly i dont know why no its like a faux pas yeah. This is the ridden um yeah and its got all the same kind of archetypes, though, as well like youve, got the hunter, but its not called a hunter. This guy, that kind of pounces around youve got the big heavy, the brute like that, which is like the um. I guess not so much the tank no theyre slightly theyre slightly different, but they sort of sit in that theyre. Similar sort of archetypes, i mean obviously, were not seeing all of the uh, the mutated isnt it. What theyre called were not seeing all of them in this beta therell be some that will be in the game that weve not had a chance to to fight. I hope so is that official, because, like i dont know on that, because there isnt the witch – and i want the witch alternative – you know what i mean the music plays and its really oh dont dont disturb the witch like i didnt get that moment. Well, although there are birds and stuff that well see in a bit, but the witch moment for me is the most terrifying, because g1 hit kills you and stuff like that. You always try and sneak past, and you dont want to disturb her unless youre feeling like you want to set fire to the world, then you disturb her yeah, which is basically what happened with the birds wasnt it because i i asked you what the birds did And before you could answer, i just shot at them and yeah yeah drew horden, but yeah – and i mean this – this you see yeah, you see its saying about like the atmosphere and stuff and like the 4k is really impressive from a gameplay point of view, because You genuinely cant see things coming until theyre theyre right up close, it does change how this entire area feels and but then you get like the sun peeking through.

Oh, yes, really yeah. I was really impressed with the visuals i got to say, like we were playing on next gen consoles, werent we and uh yeah. It looked. It looked very nice. I dont know how well lovely 4k, 60. yeah, really smooth and uh yeah really tied into how just how sort of like strong that gunplay felt um. You guys played this. I was dead at this point, but this was a little exception. This wasnt it that you guys had to go through yeah and really different to like left for dead set pieces left for dead set pieces. Was you get into the safe room and youre done thats the end of the yeah? Whereas this is you get into the safe room and its like its not safe, yet you have to make it safe. So i, like the the odd little different takes and the best thing about left dead games was the variety and the objectives yeah, and this has just picked that up and kind of ran with it and gone even further. So, im a big fan of this kind of thing yeah because and the cool thing about this, is it isnt every safe room so its not something that gets boring? It was just one time out of what eight safe rooms we got to and yeah. It is that weird thing youre, like oh, like you say its, not safe, oh no, i just saw the birds go up there.

Yeah see i wasnt even firing. I didnt even realize there were birds there. I was just shooting the big guy and then yeah. Okay, that was my fault. There was a lot of like there was every single one of us said at least five times last night: oh my bad yeah, yeah yeah, oh sorry, yeah yeah, because then i was testing like can i walk past the beds and im? Like oh, i can, but if you shoot anywhere next to them, you just kind of thats it screwed, if you shoot at them, obviously youre screwed um, but yeah little things like this. It feels like yeah a fresh take on a an old familiar formula which is which is fantastic like this is a new objective as well like we got into this house, and we have to pass through this house to get through and like in order that we Have to take out certain nests, which then opens up a door. So i like that its got different yeah different, takes and a lot of variety and originality, which is pretty cool, yeah and also this currency that im picking up um the copper yeah. So you pick up the copper and then basically, you can buy weapons and attachments, but yeah its got attachments to what i mean like yeah. I feel like its a new age version yeah its definitely. It definitely feels like that sort of, like post fortnite, post pub g sort of like youre picking up guns, youre picking up attachments as you go along and sort of building your loadout throughout yeah, the entire thing, and that it did exactly it did feel really good.

When you saw like a again theyre split up into uh varieties on this theres like epic ones that are better stats and coming across, that does genuinely feel great, like um and youve got these cool ones as well, where these these are the areas where youre like. If you stay and fight youre dead, yeah youre done for yeah um and we had a really cool one didnt we on a boat, uh, yeah yeah from the last beat. That was where we had to blow up the ferry right. We had to get go to the end, yeah pick up the um c4 and blow up the ferry to stop them all coming across but yeah. Obviously, if you stay and fight you screwed but like youll, see as i get to the top, because i was the guinea pig first out and but that is when i turn around and im like. Oh so i did that oops its like look at them all. There now yeah, oh yeah, guys um sorry about that yeah because i was like i actually god sorry i was gon na say i was the guy directly behind you and i was having to shoot the people chasing you and then rich was having the shooting people Chasing me yeah, i was like whoever is left at the back, but you can tell you can tell the developers worked on a lot of co op games before, because its got a real, perfect mix of like cooperation and also like each other over a little bit.

No not on purpose like it really uh thats. You can see how greedy i was being there id run into the house first and i was like copper, copper. We stopped them from coming out the mine by blowing up the thing yeah like sometimes theres a red barrel there. Sometimes you need a grenade which, like that, makes the next bit a little bit easier. That was a really cool thing like it. Shouldnt have felt that cool, but that every single mine had like a barrel in front of it to shoot and that exploded and brought down the mine. And then we got to one and it didnt have a barrel, and i just went oh yeah. We cant knock that down and just was like what, if i could throw a grenade in it and it closed the mine, and i was like amazing excuse me: how dare you give josh sorry for my grenade dan throw a grenade? I think josh had the idea, though i just dont, think yeah hes, like ive, got no grenades and im, like fiona ive got two yeah this. This was right. Thats last sequence brewing at the hill was great and i absolutely adored this. This was like this felt. Like proper left for dead yeah – and this is what you want right, because you had it coming from both directions and you had two of us shooting up – you had like another, two of us shooting backwards: um yeah we did after this bit yeah and then i Started getting attacked from behind im like guys, theres loads behind us yeah.

Just at this point now you turn around its like. Oh, oh, oh, damn, yeah. It felt really good and like it does. Have that really really good variety? Where, like at no point, did they theres so many little like mechanics things like the mines that needed to be shut down or things like the ferry theres, so many little mechanics that could have easily been repeated and like being used again and still be cool. But the fact that everythings just used like once and they move on to like a different, a different sort of small mechanic. It just keeps things feeling so fresh and that plus the card system yeah, which is like a so its like, almost like a deck building thing, which i when i they announced that i hated the sound of it. But in practice really simple and just nice and cool wasnt it like yeah for sure, and then you can get better cards by doing things like um its almost like a season pass kind of thing right, get all this: the supply goods from doing missions and stuff. Like that and you can use that to unlock better cards and stuff like that, and then those cards can go into your deck and you can refresh your deck and so yeah theres its like left 4 dead. You boot it up and you play it yeah, but this i feel like youve got youve, got reasons to keep playing it and youve got, and then you can probably just left for dead on the the harder difficulties was hard as nails.

Yeah, like friendly fire, was high, and this is it youre over a god and you could do it or you werent, whereas in this i feel like you can actually build a deck and then you can. You can probably attempt the hard difficulties yeah and actually, like really theres a lot of customization here, theres a lot of sort of changing its the way you play so like i for the first couple games we did. I always seem to be taking more damage than you guys and i just upped my health with my cards for like three rounds in a row and it just it helped me develop, because i wasnt need i wasnt running out of ammo. So i didnt need that, and so i put it into health and uh exactly right. Yeah i mean they hit you. If you look in here as well, another another set piece. Another different thing were having to reload this uh cannon pull the old shell out, and this was a real like teamwork moment, uh yeah, we had me and rich on the left, shooting from this little herb yeah you two on the truck and shooting, as they dropped Out the tunnel yeah, i mean i cant, i really cant fault it like. I had so much fun last night when were playing this and like us, four have been playing a lot of world war ii. This is just about time, basically right and yeah, but this is next level yeah its like consider again concerning this.

Is you know this is not launched yeah this game? This is still being tested. I was expecting there to be like online problems and stuff like that, but no playing this last night. I was like this. This is the experience that we wanted from world war z, and it feels so much like it feels so much more balanced as well like it never felt unfair. I dont think it always whenever we like. I think we only really lost once didnt we, but even like when youre downs and stuff, like that, it never felt like you. It was always youve done something wrong. Youre, like oh id, stray too far away from the team yeah too quickly and its a real. Like theres a theres, a chaos thats just like managed throughout and its oh yeah, i had a really good time with it. I dont know obviously pre release. We dont know what the full game will be like exactly or is the caveat yeah, but from from what we played like it was fantastic fun that the guns felt polished. All of the uh like the molotovs and the grenades and stuff like that and the the melee weapons felt great to use as well um you cant pvp youre here, although arent you yeah, i was just about to. I didnt want to interrupt you youre on a roll but yeah speaking of fun. This was there at the pvp. The verses um, which is different to left for dead, which was left for dead, was youd play the map and yeah.

The other team had to try and stop you from getting a to b, whereas this is like the the basically wave based and they just keep coming and spawning, and they just have to kill you and you get a time and at that time i think we Set like two and a half minutes they have to, we have to kill them within two and a half minutes. So i i kind of like the the setup um. I do prefer the left for dead style yeah. I mean this is still early days um and we didnt play it for too long. Um only played it for like an hour or so yeah, its still really still fun yeah and it is it offers. I guess, the the only thing with the left for dead. One is that it doesnt offer something very different, its still. No, whereas this does, whereas this yeah. This is more of a almost like arena based isnt it like um and youve, got yeah youre, just trying to survive and theyre trying to take you down as quickly as possible, and we ended up in a weird situation: didnt. We, where the other team just locked themselves in one room yeah, were literally about to see that in a second, when we move on to theirs its great to see the different strategies, because we didnt do that because we thought, if youd move everyone together, youre easier To hear yeah whereas, but if you spread too far apart, theyll just pick you off one at a time, so its this weird kind of dichotomy of like what do you do and now this is them hidden in the room where were like? Okay, we can go in and well just well swing around, which is what i did.

But i mean it took us about a minute and a half two minutes to realize that guys. We should just spawn as the big exploders yeah and just wandering literally just like piledriving, that room and just exploding one after another, and once we realized that it took us like 45 seconds yeah. If that right, because like look at us at the moment me and rich, are the big guys – and i i think youre just becoming the exploder now and josh is the the hundred spa. I dont know the new names yet um, but yeah and we were like. Oh okay, and without this is too easy for them, and then all we had to do was just run in and explode and it seemed to kill them really quickly, but uh yeah yeah different strategies yeah and its just its a its a cool take on multiplayer That i just havent, seen in a while like asymmetrical asymmetrical multiplayer, is obviously something that turtle rock went really in on didnt. They with that yeah evolve and then the good thing is its not the main part of the game here. So the main sort of back for blood gameplay, which is that classic left 4 dead style, its just like thats, just uh, yeah thats, more simple than involves one youre not having to worry about matchmaking and things like that in the way that you are waiting for. You know one player to get in and stuff, but it does have that asymmetrical multiplier available.

If you want it in the pvp and yeah its just a really cool little feature um, i dont know if this world are spending all my time, but its a nice thing to jump into yeah, oh and theres. More and obviously the full game is out on october 12th, and this is the the beta and its open. Well, it goes open next week, um on the 12th. He said, i think matt right, yes, so yeah, but i mean that matt is about for blood um and its its brilliant.