Now there is a reason that i call it that i have been keeping an eye on this. Basically, since the stuff was leaking all over the place a month or two ago, and then finally, they announced it and released it in europe, not the united states, which i dont know why they keep doing that. They did the same thing with the tab. S7. However, dont buy this tablet unless you can get it like six months from now, when theyre trying to get rid of it because they cant sell it, nobody wants to buy it and you can get a good deal on it because, of course, samsung always has good Deals right now: it is a terrible terrible deal, and it has. I dont know what they were thinking when they made this other than lets. Just put this tablet out were going to try and build off the success of the s20 fe last year were going to build off the success of the tab. S6 light like where is the tab? S7 light? Everybody was excited about that one. I mean the prospect of that happening. We thought that this was going to be the light edition. The tab s6 light was such a home run last year. It was like completely out of the norm for them, so i thought maybe they had turned the page. Unfortunately, they turned the page and the chapter and they picked up their old book of tricks and decided to sell you something that is completely subpar for the price and were going to talk about that in this video.

But before i get into that, i do want to say if this is your first time stopping by the channel. Thank you for being here. If you enjoy the video, please hit the like, and the subscribe button and little notification bell. If you want updates, when new videos come out now lets talk about this shenanigans tablet, the tab s7 fu edition Music. So we all know that samsung basically makes the best tablets in the android world – the tab, s7, s7 plus last years – tab s6 actually another year before that, because the s8 will be coming out sometime later this year. Presumably this one right here, i was really looking forward to it, because the s6 light was such a good tablet. Yeah, it wasnt the big most powerhouse in the world, but it was finally a departure from samsung charging you a million dollars for their flagship lineup, and you know the a series is okay. Those cheaper tablets are fine, but having a light edition, having a still very capable tablet that looks nice and is in high quality, build and all that good stuff is very valuable because if you look around the android tablet, landscape theres, just nothing there really worthwhile other Than a few odds and ends here and there so enter stage, left tab s7 fe edition they want. First of all, i dont like how they did this either so theyre making the 5g edition available. Now you can buy the 5g one now itll show up in a couple of weeks based off of what i saw on samsungs website, but 669 dollars thats for the 64 gig model.

It comes with six gigs of ram. It has a snapdragon, 750 g, a 750 g. It looks like it has quad hd, plus graphics, which is okay, but then, when you have the 750g, its something thats going to get bogged down more like its not going to be able to run as well as it could. If it had a 1080p screen and youd think i wouldnt be advocating for this, but if youre going to put a 750g in there, which is about on par with the 765g of last year, its weird how they did that 765g last year than 750 this year. But the 750 is actually a little bit higher clocked in the gpu department for gaming either way i thought it would be 1080p. The s6 light was 1080p, so i thought thats kind of how things would roll. I dont really want a 1080p tablet, especially with a 12.4 inch screen, but you know when it comes down to performance with that 750. I didnt expect it to be that. Well, here comes the screen. Its a tft lcd screen its basically the same screen quality as the panel thats in the s6 light, except its larger, its a 12.4, its basically the i mean it is its the same size as the tab. F7 plus screen, except the tab. F7 plus is 120 hertz and its an ammo led and its hdr10 all that great stuff, and then you have this tft screen.

So in the hierarchy of tablets, its not even an ips panel, you look at amoled, we got the led screen and then you go down to lcd ips panel and then you go down to like bottom of the barrel. Tft screen and its 60 hertz its. Not even 120 hertz, its not even 90 hertz. This calling this a fan, edition version of the s7 plus is like the biggest insult samsung has done in a very long time, and i dont know what other videos youre watching out there. I dont i dont watch other peoples content before i make my videos. I think the sentiment around this tablet is not good one, its not exciting, nobodys really talking about it. From what ive seen, i mean it just out of nowhere hey by the way its going to go on pre order tomorrow, so yeah 64 gigs of ram a 12.4 inch tft panel 60 hertz snapdragon, 750 g. Of course you can get 5g if you get that one instead of the wi fi model 669. 669.. You can go online right now and get a tab s7 with an 11 inch screen. That is an ips panel that is 120 hertz. That has the snapdragon 865 plus all the bells and whistles granted a 1.4 inch smaller screen for like 6.49, so its actually still cheaper than the fan edition, youre just getting the 5g mode a minute. And then, if you look at the full price tab, s7 plus yeah its 849 180 more but nobodys going to pay that price you get all the trade in stuff you can buy them used.

You can find good deals. Samsung is trying to shove these things out. The door all the time, if you pay full price for one of these tablets, youre doing it wrong. So looking at it and, of course, theyll allow you trade in this grou you can trade in on samsung. The best theyll give you for any samsung phone is only 350 by the way and thats the z flip 5g, who, in their right mind, is going to trade in a samsung galaxy z, flip 5g for 350 bucks to get a tab s7 fe edition. If you do that, please unsubscribe to my channel dont ever watch my videos again. That is the worst thing you could ever do with your life. So you can see here im very irritated about this, because samsung has a history of selling you things that are overpriced and trying to rip you off, and this is another classic iteration of it happening again, and i really it really frustrates me because there are people Who want this tablet? There are people who are looking forward to it and then its a debacle. So if you look at last year with the with the s20 fe, it was such a good phone. I mean even mkbhd said it was his phone of the year. It was like my runner up for phone of the year in the flagship department. Usually you get a lot of good things at a cheaper price and thats great thats.

What we all want, when you look at this one youre getting the same size like screen as you are with the tab, seven plus, but everything else is, like dollar store stuff inside of it. If you look at it at face value, it looks sharp. It looks nice theyve got some different colors. I like the way it looks, and then they give you a potato quality camera. They give you a. I mean, not potato quality processor, but for the price. No, absolutely not. They give you a beyond potato quality screen with the tft lcd panel. They give you potato storage. Of course it is expandable to one terabyte, but 64 gigs youre telling me its in the year 2021. Halfway through it youre going to make a fan edition tablet. Youre going to give me six gigs of ram. Of course, if you get the cheaper wi fi model, you can get the four giga ram model, which makes really no sense, like i dont understand how they did that at all and thought hey. This is a great idea: well sell this to people, they are trying to rip you off, they are, and you know that thats the only way that i can put it. You can get an s7 its a better deal. You get a tab: s7 plus hey, go buy an ipad like if you want a really good tablet. Thats going to blow this one out of the water go, get a a 10.

2 inch ipad and you can still get apple pencil generation. 1 support. I those are really good deals. This is not a good deal by any stretch of the imagination, its not going to sell well and its going to add to that metric of theirs, where it shows all of their sales going down by like 27 26 over this last year, and xiaomi is going Up apple is going up, samsung is destroying themselves from the inside out. So yes, you get a nice tablet, its going to be fine. If you, if you dont, listen anything i say and youre just like this is the tablet for me: im going to go, buy it its not a bad tablet, a snapdragon, 750 g, very capable its a good mid tier processor, but for the price, its just a Complete rip off the screen, it is too low quality. The cameras are not good quality, low storage, low ram theres, just nothing there, thats appealing, i mean yeah its got the stereo akg tuned speakers. What did you do, but thats not a great selling point its just to me its its perplexing. I i dont know why theyre doing this and im not doing this as a sensational video im doing this as a stay away run as far from this tablet as possible. Dont waste your money on it, it does even the s pen yeah it comes with it. It doesnt, to my knowledge, have the same level of latency with the nine millisecond response time as the note or the other tab s7 device.

So it is pressure sensitive. It doesnt have the air gestures, its not a pro level stylus its, not like the one with the other tabs, where you can do all those cool things, but i i dont know what they were thinking and you know ive shared a lot of deals over the Last six, seven months where you could get like really good deals on a tab, seven tab, seven plus get them for like way way cheaper, four or five hundred dollars, especially with trading. You can get better specials. I i just really dont know what they were thinking when they brought this to market and then of course, like i said they brought it over internationally first and then here theyre bringing the 5g model first, so they can try and charge you more money. 669. Not a good deal if youre gon na get it get the wi fi model, which is like 529, but again, 64 gigs of storage, four gigs of ram. You have to pay more money just to get to the 128, which is the baseline storage for the tab. S7 and s7, plus youre already in the 600 category. Why wouldnt you just get it the regular s7. I mean why not, and they say that if you go ahead and get it to pre order, you get 80 of in store credit. But if you buy the tab s7, the s7 plus you get a pair of samsung galaxy buds pro, which are worth more than 80 dollars and are actually really good earbuds.

So all this to say samsung is smoking, some absolute rocks and thats. Why? I call this the samsung galaxy tab, s7 fu edition, because basically theyre just shooting two middle fingers at you and saying give us your money were trying to screw you over and sell you a product that you really shouldnt buy again its not a bad product. Its just not a product that they should be selling for anywhere near that amount of money they just should not. Now, if they had, i mean its really even hard to say if they had like an 865 plus in there, because this the s7s already have that if they wanted to sell with like an ips panel with 60 hertz with maybe an 860 that we i mean Still, a very powerful processor, you get longer shelf life because of the updated warranty and the support for additional years like there are ways that maybe they could make it better and sell it for maybe about 4.99. I think 499 would be much more competitive like for a much better model for this model. No, this model this should not be sold for more than 3.99. This is not even a 400 tablet in my mind and theyre selling it for five and six hundred dollars for the base: entry storage price model with all the dumbed down stuff. So this is like a 350 ‘9 dollar tablet, theyre trying to shoot the moon for it. Theres just no reason to buy this when the s7 and the s7 plus exist, and even if they didnt it would be way overpriced compared to the competition thats.

Also, giving you mediocre mid tier tablets so thats all. I really have to say in this video i know ive gone on and on. This is probably the most rantiest video ive ever made in the history of all time. But as soon as i saw this stuff and the shenanigans they were trying to pull, i just had to get this off of my mind. Tell you guys avoid it like the plague. Dont touch it do not trade anything in, for it do not buy it. The s8 will be here soon. This tablet, i, with almost certainty by this fall, or at least when black friday rolls around, will be way cheaper and well have much better deals. It like, i said its, not a bad tablet, its just a terrible tablet for that price. If you can get it on sale around the holiday season in a few months for like 350 ‘9, you can get a better trade in special with it. You can find some way to make a better deal out of it. Maybe you could consider it then, but right now, no dont touch it. Dont make me get the little spray bottle and spray it at you and say: dont touch it dont. Do it? Okay, just save your money, wait for the s8, wait for the inevitable big price drop on the s7 and the s7 plus as soon as the s8 and s8 plus get here or ultra whatever theyre going to call it theyre going to be good deals like theyre Going to be good deals of plenty, especially this fall dont dont.

Do this just stay stay away anyway, thats all i got for this video. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free leave them down in the comment section ill get back with you.