Ive got a very serious topic to talk about for those of you who do not know whats going on. Let me just summarize and tell you guys, whats going on well three days ago, on the first of august, nighting have decided to pull the plug on the pandemic bonuses that we all have been enjoying for the last one and a half years, more specifically in new Zealand and united states, which are the countries that are currently affected. Initially, i thought okay, nineteens gon na say something about it, because ive made a video to talk about it and a lot of people have written. You know on twitter and also comments on twitter stating their view, and they dont wish for the change to happen so soon, not that we do not want the change to happen or whatsoever, but for it to happen this soon when a pandemic is still going on. Its pretty uncalled for. Furthermore, there has been petitions going on on change.org that you know more than a hundred and fifty thousand people have signed the petition to not to want to have the interaction distance reduced by half. I know some of you guys might be saying to yourself: hey, you know its still okay to reduce by half. Yes, you can play yes agreed. I agree to that. However, if you guys go ahead and check out twitter and other social medias that people are greatly affected, especially people in new zealand and also united states, majority of them are saying that they are unhappy with the change.

Ive, not seen a single comment after spending. The last three and a half days looking through twitter, saying that they actually like the change, the reduction of the interaction radius. All right there are people who are okay with it. You know they say they will just play to how the game has changed, but majority of the players out there are really really unhappy. Some of them are even saying that theyre gon na quit pokemon go theyre gon na stop. Spending on pokemon go. I for one am taking that stand also which ill update you guys in tomorrows or the following video. So, but i would just like to address the fact that hey night intake, a lot of people have been trying to tell you they are displeased. They are disliked towards this change, yet you go radio silence not uttering a single word about this topic at all, yet continue to throw out updates. You know regarding gen 8 or whatever thats coming out all right. I know numbers wise you guys in terms of the number of active players, are doing pretty alright, because currently right now, you guys are averaging 70 million active users per month. However, im not too sure how is that compared to other games like the game that i played before clash of clans, which averages around 135 million users per month? Not considering the fact that you know there are probably a lot of accounts out there that are used for mapping or spoofing to map, for you know 100 ib pokemon out there here in pokemon go.

I do not know if all those are considered as active users under the numbers and also a lot of people who are playing multiple accounts so individually. There are maybe just half of that number that ive just shown to you guys around 35 million active real people playing the game, or maybe even less im, not too sure about that. But i understand that you know you guys: are a billion dollar company just hitting five billion dollars revenue last month july awesome, but i hope the success that you guys are having right now: doesnt fog up your vision, especially for your community, the players, the trainers, the People out there who are playing your game as your customers who are spending their time, their money, their effort, their energy and whatever means it is to play your game to allow you to earn the revenue that you have been earning for the last five years. All right it has been accumulated. You know for the last five years that you guys have gotten 1.2 or 1.1 billion downloads thats a lot a lot of revenue also and the revenue has been picking up, especially in the year 2020 and 2021.. All this wouldnt be possible, if its not for people who have been playing your game, who have been passionate about spending money in the game just because they enjoy playing your game. However, with a change like this, that affects millions of people, i estimate to be roughly 20 million people right now.

Well, its a big hit all right, i cant imagine how this would happen if this is released worldwide, yet myself included ive not been hit with this reduced distance or whatever post pandemic kind of bonuses that you guys are trying to throw at us. But when the community are out there saying that they are really unhappy with the change, i think you might want to take a look at it and, furthermore, you know other people like the other content creators. They have been trying to communicate with you guys on the back end behind the scenes. I know about it, but you guys aint, saying anything why you know people actually tried going directly to the pokemon go company, thinking that they would be able to help. However, its been stated that the power lies mainly in you guys night intake all right to do all these changes. Furthermore, there have been, you know: employees from nine tech companies itself who have you know, came out to say that its a very toxic environment over there, which i dont want to give names and people who have quit. You know their job, but it might not be for this reason, as in whats going on right now, but for other reasons, maybe progress in their career really awesome thats good, but you know you guys can see that the community is just so so so hurt and Disappointed and even angry with the kind of decisions that is being made.

I myself am really really like disappointed and hurt. I play this game passionately every day i love playing pokemon go and to see the community suffer like this. It really hurts me despite me. Not you know, suffering this reduction in the interactive radius right now, i feel for everyone. I play this game not as a solo player, but as a community as a global community as long as theres a trainer out there who is displeased or unhappy with a change that you have made in the game. I feel something of course, when its hundreds of thousands of people out there who are feeling this way it feels worse. For me, you know i, like i said i dont play this game solely for myself. I play you know because of the community also, and i love the community, i love the pokemon go community and i really really dont wish to see this or go down the drain or slowly go into a death spiral like a lot of people. You know have been saying that they really want to watch pokemon go off their hands, saying that they are going to stop spending money on pokemon, go im slowly, going towards that path. For so im not saying im going to stop pokemon go totally. I still could play it without poke coins, but, of course, in order for me to support you guys wholeheartedly and a lot of other people who would like to do that.

Also, you guys really need to give a bit of respect to the community all right to listen to us at times like this. This is not the first time that it has happened that you guys dont listen to us, but its happened. Many many many times and i would dare say, the community and a lot of people. They have been really really we we gave in a lot of times. You know we understood. We understood that it needed time for things to change, for your servers to upgrade for legs to be removed or fixed or bugged, to be fixed or etc. We gave you guys time because we are, we were patient all right, but patience would run out eventually theres a limit to everything and other peoples. Patience level might not be as great as mine and they have decided to leave the game go and play other game. Like pokemon, unite or other games, which i dont want to mention, because its not part of the pokemon franchise but im here to tell you niantic that i really really wish that you guys could just listen to the community for once and say something about it. Like dont, go all silence its very disheartening to see a billion dollar company going all silence for something that they can say. You know and not for even the ceo of the company, john hanke, yes, im, calling you out john hanke for not saying anything at all.

On the social media, yet you tweeted out saying that dan maurice from oculus is being hired, and i stated that im not impressed, because something really major is going on right now, and i really wish you know things can change like its really hurtful to see things Like this happen in the community, especially for me being part of a gaming community for years, even before pokemon go yes pokemon go to me, i dare say: is the best community out there so far they have experience in any gaming community and as an individual who Has played online games for the last 20 years of my life. I cant find another community thats better than this, and i dont wish to see all this go down the trash just because of one major mistake that you guys made. I i just want things to you know, become better and for the last three days, ive been really looking at stuff online and, like i said estimated, just 20 million of the people who are affected out of the 70 million. Assuming they are all you know. Um users, like real users, i cant imagine if the rest of the 50 million active users per month are affected globally or so when all these changes are being implemented worldwide. So yeah ive spoken to my friends, including antigladis and anne about this issue, and they they really really do not accept this change right now, because the pandemic is still going on for a lot kind of countries, even in america, its still not like totally safe.

For you guys to be out and im really concerned for my friends who are there and even my viewers, who are there playing pokemon, go with you know this thing being implemented to reduce your distance and, of course, people who are in new zealand the cases even In singapore is still rising and even in my neighboring country, like malaysia is still going up, people are still undergoing lockdown, but yes, i appreciate that you did not. You know remove it globally yet, but of course, many of us do appreciate that this interactive radius that has been doubled has been ongoing for the last one and a half years, and we do wish that this carry ons again. Otherwise, i guess drastic. You know, actions might happen within the community, which i dont wish to see happening is not a threat, but just a reminder that things could happen all right. There are people out there who are saying that you know uh niantic can um, i guess live or we we can live. We be our people see. I im basically like stumbling on my words really because im like there are so many things theres. So many things on my mind, which i am trying to say, but i cant get all out because the video will be too long, but there are people out there who who actually said like you know we could just live with the change that nighttick has made. Well, maybe nineteen can also try and live with the change that we as a community are going to make, or so when a lot of us are gon na stop spending money on the game and a lot of us are gon na start quitting pokemon go.

I do not know if thats what you know nighttime wan na see i definitely dont wan na see that happening, because i really love this community and i really wish for this to not happen at all niantic. I would think that my best suggestion to you guys right now is for you guys to address the issue that a lot of people are talking about the interactive distance theres, no other things that you guys should be talking about right now, not even a new update, Not even any other bugs, not even gold battle, lag or whatsoever thats. The least of my concern list of your consent right now, but maybe meet the community at the middle. What i mean by that is well. According to pokeminers, the interactive distance has only been reduced for the pokestops and not for gyms or not for raiding remote rating to be exact and the distance has been half to 40 meters. Of course, this is dependent on where you are so so its not exactly. 40 meters worldwide, but made in the middle from 80 to 40 how about 80 to 60. I think a lot of people would still be more appreciative and still you know not be so butthurt about it: okay, thats! What i would suggest so im not here to like hammer on niantic or whatsoever or bash or niantic. I really really want the game to flourish. I really really want the pokemon go community to thrive and your game to drive too niantic pokemon go okay and i really wish you guys can listen to the community.

Even if you guys do not want to listen to me at all. Listen to what the community is saying, its more important than listening to one individual me talking over here in front of the camera to you guys: okay, so please listen to the community, make a change. Otherwise, the community members will change okay. So i think that is all i have to talk about for this video. Let me know in the comment section down below guys: what do you guys think about this issue thats going on? I know it may not concern like a lot of you guys because it affects the people in new zealand or america but, like i said, ive seen the situation how its going on over there, especially for people who are playing over there and some of them even Said like that, if they do not, i mean if they did, that before the change was implemented on the 1st of august. They did not know how bad it was going to be until the change was implemented, and then they realized that there it affected them. A lot yeah i i for one, know how it would be like after the distance has been changed, and it would not affect me that greatly, because i can still function as normal or almost as normal. But i know a lot of people out there who will find it really really really really extremely difficult to play the game, especially when they are still undergoing lockdown or whatever restrictions in their countries or states to not be able to play the game.

The way they used to and come on, five minutes per spawn for incense compared to one minute per spawn: thats 72 pokemon in a six hours community day versus 360. thats, a huge difference. If you ask me – and i hope that that can also be uh, you know changed and looked at ill, see you guys in the next video.