There is definitely a lot of tension in the pokemon go community right now, and i think we have something pretty important that we need to discuss the relationship between niantic and the pokemon. Go player base right now is is not in a good place; it is not a good place now. I hate to sound super serious, but it kind of is dude. It kind of is and were gon na, be talking about that today. Im sure theres a lot of you guys out there that are confused and youre like gilly. What are you talking about like what is this whats going on and ill explain that all in todays video and a lot of you guys are aware of whats going on? And you want to hear what i have to say and i got some things to say. But as always, i am gon na be constructive with my criticism and im, not gon na be ranting, although there may be some points where i do rant. So i dont even know how thats gon na go ill. Try my best not to rant im gon na. Try to be logical and constructive with my criticism but anyways so uh lets talk about it. The turmoil in the community right now pokemon go within the last year or so and lets be honest. The world within the last year or so has changed drastically. I actually do want to applaud niantic because they did a pretty good job handling, pokemon go and the lockdown way back when they added remote raid passes.

We were able to spin pokestops and gyms from further away. These were all small little changes that i was very much a fan of, and i was like man they handled that pretty well now, in regards to the pandemic, they added special bonuses in the game. You were able to open one and a half times as many gifts, which was nice. You had a boosted damage for trainers that were battling remotely and raised, which is amazing, because people werent leaving their house, everyone was locked down. Your incense effectiveness was doubled, even though the incense already kind of sucks they doubled it, which made it suck a little bit less. So that was nice, and then your buddy brought you gifts more often and then, of course, also um. Like i just mentioned, you can spin poke stops and gyms within you know a larger radius, so you dont have to be on the pokestop to spin it. You can spin it from a while away, so you dont have to be in close contact with anybody. Great great stuff loved it now its been about a year, ish its been about a year, ish and niantic is beginning to revert those changes, despite the block down still being in effect, and the pandemic very well, still being a thing niantic announced they were going to Revert these changes back to the old pokemon go away, so no boosted damage for remote raids, even though remote raids werent a thing back then, but they were going to take away the damage boost for remote raids and the most, and they were also going to change.

The gifts and all that good stuff, but most importantly, they were going to revert the change of being able to interact with a pokestop or a gym um, and so so you had to go right up to the gym right up to the poke stop. Just like you did back in the old days now, just because thats how it was doesnt mean that thats was a good thing and with this whole pandemic, the whole world has learned that you know we need to be a little bit more sanitary moving forward. A little bit more safe, a little more cautious right so now in order to spin a pokestop or a gym, we have to go directly on top of it like if im right here in the gyms right here, i have to step over two steps. I cant be next to it, i got ta be on it and its bringing a lot of people together, and i dont think thats the move right now and, as a matter of fact, i dont think thats ever gon na be the move again. This needs to be something that stays in the game permanently. They need to revert that change permanently and just make it a part of the game, allow us to access poke, stops or gyms at a at a greater radius. This is definitely due to covid and the craziness that we got going on right now, but theres also a bunch of other reasons for safety, or maybe the pokestops in a dangerous location or or even one of the most biggest things that are talked about right now.

For the people that are disabled uh, who arent able to quite literally access the pokestop, maybe its up some stairs, maybe its on the other side of the road, maybe its here, maybe its there. It kind of just restricts everything you know and with how it was during these last few months. Its been amazing so lets go back. Theres been an insane amount of uproar in the community and i, without a doubt hope fingers crossed im like 90. Confident that nancy is going to revert these changes and that will get our pokestop vicinity back. The issue definitely was that they reverted these changes. You know and thats no good, but it wasnt really that they reverted these changes. The issue was that they werent listening. They werent listening when niantic originally announced that they were going to revert all these changes. There was a petition signed by over a hundred, and i dont even know how many was 120 000 people, something like that. Over a hundred thousand people signed a petition saying: hey uh, no, no, no! No! We we dont like that thats, not a good thing. We have a reason why obviously pandemic and we didnt hear a word. They didnt respond to it. I mean: listen! A hundred thousand people is a lot of people. It may not be a lot in the whole spectrum of how many people pokemon go, has playing their game, but thats still a significant amount of people, and there was no acknowledgement of that petition, which was a big slap in the face to the community.

It wasnt that this change was the worst thing theyve ever done is that this was the straw that broke the camels back thats, what it was dude all these years of us trying to communicate with niantic, getting barely any responses back having no real touch with their Community and then we get all this movement, this whole push to to to stop these changes from happening, and then they happen, and that was it dude. At that point, people got people are fed up and were like dude were tired. Were tired of you guys not listening and were tired of being ignored at least acknowledge at least acknowledge all the uh, all the things that we bring up, um and thats, where niantic has failed us and i hate to speak so so, like you know what im Saying, like i hate to speak so seriously, but man when you take into an account dude, they really dont communicate with any of us, and that brings me to the next topic. Communication is so important for a game success. Now sometimes video game developer companies get to a point where their success, what the community thinks or wants doesnt matter, theyre so successful that they can do whatever they want, and i dont want to see. Niantic go down that very road that so many other developer game companies have gone through activision to name one uh theres, definitely a lot more, but it seems like thats the direction theyre headed towards.

We are five years into pokemon go and their commun. Their communication has been god awful to the creators to the influencers and well talk about this in a second but, more importantly, to the community as a whole. Take a game like fortnite, for example. They, since almost day, one have been working so closely with their creators and they theyre always involved with their community. They always have notes going up uh about changes. They got going on or this fix or that fix or theyre inviting creators here, or they have a bunch of different people in their community that reach out to creators to have a discussion. People have pers people of contact they can go to if they have an issue with something in the game. Thats. What i wish niantic would be like. I wish they were able to listen to us and they were able to communicate with us and make changes. Often, what has niantic done to to be in touch with the community ha nothing theyve tried and theyve. You know theyve had they had a community community manager and they did their thing um. But overall, when you look at it the last five years, not much not much, barely any touch with their community and barely any touch with any of their content creators, which is what i want to talk about right now. So, as you guys know, i create content as much as people hate to use this term.

I am an influencer right and it goes without saying it is undeniable that people who bring eyes to the game have an influence on the game. They promote the game. I am one of those people mystic seven zoe trainer to everybody were all influencers, big or small doesnt matter were all influencers were bringing influence. Most of us have been playing the game every single day since it came out. Ive been playing this game since july, 6th or 7th july 6th 2016.. It is now five plus years later, ive played it every single day and ive been creating content for almost just as long dont. You think that someone like me has some pretty good, pretty good insight on the game on the community on a bunch of different things. Sure sure we definitely do. I mean not a lot more people know about the game than the influencers. They know the community standpoint. They know the our standpoint, they know the hardcore standpoint theyve been everywhere. They know everything. Well, not everything. I dont want to sound like too egotistical, im, im being honest by the way im not trying to sound im, not trying to ego stroke at all, and i didnt even want to talk about this, because i know some people are going to be like. Oh, my god, but man this is this is objective. We bring influence to the game. We know a lot about it, im just speaking facts here: okay, they dont work with me, but they also used to slash still do work with a few people that are pokemon.

Go creators you know mystic, seven trainer tips and some other international people for sure uh they work with them, but even with them, it doesnt seem like they get anything communicated. Why not get more insight when i get more advice, why not hold creator summits? Why not? Why not do a little consultation session? We are more involved in the community than they are and they made the game dude. So i think they need to hire a community managing team, maybe two to two to five um people who can help manage the community one to be active on twitter, that you can tweet at and get information from, and one thats active all the time one to Be or maybe a few of them, actually it doesnt matter, some of them to to lay out um blog posts, weekly, hey. We know that theres this bug were gon na were gon na fix. It were acknowledging. It were gon na work on it. We know that this is an issue in the community weve heard the feedback were gon na, acknowledge it because we dont get that dude. They know that theres so many bugs and glitches in the game that have been here for for months and we get zero acknowledgement that cant happen. Communication is so important in anything dude. Now those are the biggest points i wanted to make in this video. But actually i, while were here if niantics watching, i appreciate you guys sorry for bashing im doing my best to stay constructive and i hope this helps um.

I have some changes that i think really need to be implemented into the game and, while were here, lets talk about them because theyre big the number one change, i think we need to implement, allow for us to earn more coins in the game. Currently, you can earn 50 coins a day from battling gyms, which that whole system is is pretty outdated. Af, so i mean good luck, but yeah 50 coins is the max you can earn in the game today, which only can get you an incense in the shop and nothing else which incense to suck so not worth it um. So if you want to buy anything, you got to save up for a couple of days and hope you dont get knocked out of the gym bad system, increase that amount or and or actually give us more ways to earn coins. Research rewards weekly challenges uh. I dont know let us earn more coins, somehow dude. I think we deserve it. No, even just one or two for little things. Itll add up eventually theres a lot of things you have to pay for in this game. Man and thats the thing about pokemon go pokemon goes pay to play. This is the biggest thing i want to talk about. Pokemon goes pay to play, it is dude, it just is right. We know that we pay for it right. We know it. We know its pay to play, well, pay it, but its not worth it and thats.

Where the issue is man, we know its pay to play, we we dont mind paying for it, but it aint worth it. Dude and thats thats the issue, the pay walls or whatever you want to call them um its just its just. Sometimes they suck the eggs notoriously have always sucked, sometimes theyre a little less sucky. You know you got dino in there, whoever the heck else in there. Sometimes the event eggs are okay, but the eggs need to be changed. I need i need an egg rotation, at least at least once a month. They have to be changed. Often also some people were talking about changing the rates on shinies too, for raids, for example, um, and i wouldnt i wouldnt mind that either listen i dont want handouts. I dont like everything to be really easy, but you know when, when your your wallet is in the hands of rng uh, it aint always that pretty dude it aint, always that pretty theres an idea that ive floated around for a few years – and i think now Is the perfect time to implement this, and it is a battle pass system for those of you guys that arent familiar many games uh nowadays are introducing introducing a battle pass, which is a ten dollar one time buy per battle pass, so not one time, but you Know what i mean uh a battle pass, would last three months so like a season right called a season in the last three months, and this battle pass is its own separate level up system from your actual level and theres a hundred levels or 100 tiers of The battle pass and every tier you unlock new rewards, incubator, lucky egg, legendary uh, a sweater, a hat, a pokemon encounter 40 ultra balls, whatever right everything, youll get some rewards and its a beautiful system.

You pay ten dollars, you buy the battle. Pass you get a bunch of rewards its something to grind for every season and you can enjoy it right now. With these battle passes, companies like to add coins as a reward, every 10 levels you get some kind of coin, so lets say every 10 levels. You got 100 coins back right, so every 10 levels you get 100 coins. You end up with the thousand coins that you originally spent on the battle pass, which incentivized people to play the game and finish the battle pass, and so they can buy the battle pass. One time and if they finish it every season, then they have a free battle pass every season and that would be huge for all players, hardcore and especially brand new, because you can give them legendaries. They didnt have access to at the time they dont have access to at the time, give us a bunch of legendary encounters in their mythicals whatever, and then, of course, they change it up every season, but tell me that would be amazing. Tell me that wouldnt be amazing dude. I would love to see that itd be huge, because we want to cater to the new players. We want more people as a community. We should be wanting more people to join us and the reason why pokemon go so hard to grow is because the incentives arent really there for new people and theyre so far behind so lets help catch them up a little bit and, speaking of catching them up A little bit legendaries need to be more obtainable theres a lot of legendaries in the game right now, and we shouldnt have to wait months or years to get them make them more obtainable.

Research breakthrough should always be legendaries. Make that a thing, rotate raids more often make their more ways to be legendaries, make there more ways for new players to catch up, but thats it man thats it, and i hope i got my point across. I know im gon na rewatch this video and be like gosh darn it. Why did i say it like that or why didnt i touch on this, or i should have talked more about this, but it is what it is dude i was speaking from the heart and i hope you guys uh. What am i doing? I hope you guys uh. I hope you guys heard me. Let me know in the comments down below if there was anything you guys agreed with or didnt agree with, and let me know if theres anything i missed, if you think theres anything that they should change or fix or tweak. Let me know in the comments down below min, if you guys want the word to get out, if you guys want these changes to be a thing, you got to leave a like on the video and comment down below and share this on your discord on your Facebook groups, whatever you got to get the word out dude we got to get more eyes. We got to get more, weve got to get more people to be a part of this movement and – and we got ta help niantic hear us because gosh darn it were devoted.

We love the game and we want to make this a better game for everybody. Listen niantic has done some good in the past. Man theyve done some good in the past, so lets see. Uh lets see how they respond to this community. Well, actually shoot lets see lets see if they respond to this community im. Joking, am i no im? Not joking at all, okay, thank you guys. I appreciate that have a good rest your day and were gon na win this all right. We got ta. Do this together, though, were gon na. Do this have a good rest, your day ill see your faces later.