Hes a genius. Okay, listen! Niantic, responded! Okay, niantic responded, the hashtag was niantic, heroes on twitter and niantic did hear and officially responded, so that goal was met. Now the question is, what did they have to say? What was the response and uh and and how will the rest of the community feel about what niantic said time will tell but lets hop in lets? Read this article lets see whats going on talk about it, a little bit um and then yeah man so well see and then give me your questions or questions. Give me your give me your thought, chat, pog or gop online takes response, pog or gop. Give me your thoughts down in the comment section below of what you think of the response from niantic, because again they did respond, but its kind of a its kind of a gop, its a pog up. You know its like a pog and a gap. You know so well see so lets get into it. Give me your thoughts in the comment section down below and lets break this down. Music, all right. So here we go man! Sorry! I just had some garlic delicious, a response. Chad, this is live by the way: youtube, theres, no editing so guys. We have to one take this all right. A response to our pokemon go community to our pokemon go community. We appreciate your letter and all of your feedback. We hear you. We are humbled by your response.

Not every game has such a passionate global player base that were fortunate enough to have its true youre lucky best community in gaming, bro straight up ever that ive ever seen, ive never seen a better community, so theyre dang right on that. Okay, like everyone else around the world, our team has been working very hard to adapt to the global health environment. The recent exploration bonus changes weve made in the u.s and new zealand are designed to restore some of the foundational elements. Players enjoyed prior to 2020 and reward players once again for moving and exploring encouraging people to explore, exercise and safely play together in person remains niantics mission. The health and well being of our players is our top priority, which is why we have implemented the new exploration bonuses in select geographies, where it is deemed safe to be outdoors. Research has shown that taking walks outside is safe and confers several health benefits. Furthermore, encouraging outdoor exploration is in keeping with diantics mission. That said, we will continue to monitor health and safety guidance related to outdoor activities and well make future changes if necessary. We have heard your feedback about one change, in particular, thats of the pokestop and gym interaction. Distance that that drop is just always so good. Weve reverted the interaction distance from 80 meters back to the original 40 meters, starting in the us and new zealand, because we want people to connect to real places in the real world and to visit places that are worth exploring.

However, we have heard your input loud and clear so to address the concerns you have raised. We are taking the following actions: we are assembling an internal cross, functional team to develop purposes designed to preserve our mission of inspiring people to explore the world together, while also addressing specific ws in chat, specific concerns that have been raised. Regarding interaction, distance, we will share the findings of this task force, but by the next in game season change september 1st. As part of this process, we will also be reaching out to community leaders in the coming days to join us in this dialogue. Our goal is to build a fun and engaging experience that remains true to our mission and we thank you for challenging us with thoughtful and constructive feedback. The niantic team wheres my pause button im using bro i just wan na i just wan na we are assembling an internal cross, functional team to develop proposals designed to preserve our mission of inspiring people to explore the world together, while also drifting specific concerns that have Been raised dude. What does this sentence even mean man? What is what is a? What is a cross functional team with proposals designed to preserve our mission of inspiring youre, not gon, na, go and hire a team of people to tell the community were not giving the distance back thats. Just i dont want you that just sounds like a bad way. Its a bad idea id rather you use the money to improve the game than hire more people for some weird.

What is that i dont know what that listen, what i think that is genuinely genuine and i dont want to call them out. You know im saying i wont, call them out, i think theyre just trying to buy time until september, because i think they know that, like with the internet with internet trends, things kind of blow over pretty quickly, we all know that right. Our attention span in 20, 20, 21, its very small. So so i think theyre just trying to buy time to till september so that, like the outrage kind of goes away and then in september they can be like hey our cross. Functional team didnt find anything so were going to keep the distance the same, and then people are going to be like. Ah, if it, you know im saying this is months old, i think thats exactly whats happened, yeah that was kind of a that was kind of a that was a juke. That was a delay so thats just kind of um, not a bad idea. Honestly, its a good i, it is a good idea, but, like its kind of obvious, you know you want to hide it a little better use, less big words. Man kids play this game, okay, so thats what the announcement is from the niantic team regarding this. So again, lets recap: here: man um a right. The goal of the uh whole thing from the community was to get a response from niantic.

The hashtag was hashtag niantic heroes. You know what im saying that was the hashtag, and that was the goal. The goal was niantic to acknowledge the community and respond to it right so goal number one was met, success, claps and chat. Please everyone type clap, so goal. One was met right, niantic responded in a fairly timely fashion, because you have to understand that again. Like i said in the youtube video, it is not just niantic who has to respond here right, niantic had to im assuming had to confer with the the pokemon company right and nintendo and niantic. They all had to meet im sure the exec they all had to meet and talk it over and figure out how to go about it, the game direction and the direction of the they had to figure that out right, because nineteen doesnt just own the game. So does tpc and so does nintendo right, so it probably took them a couple days to like like get on this. You know and they got their response out today, which is great. That happened actually quicker than i thought it would um, which is great, so thats, good man, good news, youre saying lets be positive. Good news. Bad news, obviously, is the fact that they are not gon na, be its seemingly not gon na be reinstating the extra distance on the pokestop on the pokestops. Now now again, you know we said it. I said it to the stream.

You know im saying like like listen in in life and in the world, its not about what happens to you or what happens in the world its about how you choose to respond to it and every individual gets to respond to things how they see fit individually. So with this news, wait for myself how im going to choose to respond to it is hey man. You know what im saying like listen, this game we played for four years. It was a great game and then we got the extra spin distance for quarantine. That was awesome. That was a great quality of life update. I think it should stay in the game, its a great feature. We should keep it forever, but if the decision is to not keep that update and we go back to how we played for four years straight right – so be it man, then then you know what then thats the circumstances and im gon na work with that and And im gon na, like you, know, proceed into life in the future. With that in mind – and you know with with with working with that update, it is what it is. You know im saying um and if some people and listen again, if some people wish to boycott because they dont like the answer here – man thats fine. If some people dont want to play the game thats fine. Some people want to watch my content. Thats, fine man, all right.

The boycotters and the the people who are gon na quit need to respect the decision of those who are going to keep playing and those that are going to keep playing need to respect the decision of those that are upset and that do not want to play. Or do not want to spend okay, we need to have mutual respect in this community. That comes first right, so well see what happens now. This is definitely a curious thing because uh i tweeted something about like basically its gon na, be an interesting thing like a thought. Experiment will be interesting to see what niantic ends up choosing to do here, because theres kind of a slippery slope, if niantic were to you, know like buckle or cave to the community demands and change and morph and update the game in the way that the community And the social media side of the community demanded that they do right. Thats a slippery slope because whos to say in a year from now niantic implements an update that niantic and the pokemon company and nintendo want to see in the game and think its important and the community is like nope, you know were starting up. Another hashtag were going to prevent this, and since the community did it once before, theyll do it again and who knows when niantic will just lose all control of the game. Youre saying like like as the community right, we dont care about that too much right, because because we would we like to have our say into the game and – and we had our stay in the game for a minute there.

And it was great right. But if youre niantic and definitely if youre, the pokemon company and definitely if youre a nintendo, you have a vested interest. Youve invested. You know millions of dollars into this game billions. Whatever youre saying you have like you, have these massive companies, like the pokemon company whos. This most successful, uh, ip and most profitable ip to ever exist they dont budge for anyone or anything. The pokemon company runs things how they want to run things, and they have a say in this, and they have a say in where the game pokemon go goes right and so does nintendo and theyre huge and they dont budge for anyone either right and then theres Niantic who we all use as a punching bag um so that thats just kind of how it is um and, and that and thats. Why, i said would be interesting because its like, if niantic says yes to the community, then whos to say this wont happen again and if knight takes says no to the community, its gon na. You know people are gon na, be angry right and theyre. Gon na have to deal with that, and they have to respond to that um and if they didnt respond at all, then they would be back handing their community that just cant happen. So they didnt respond so thats good. But i was just saying it was me: it would be very interesting to watch the situation, go down and see how niantic the pokemon company and nintendo handled this, because this is definitely a serious thing and it has serious uh repercussions and long term implications for the Game in the future of the game, depending on how they handle this situation, so its very, very interesting to watch happen and again, you know how i feel about it.

I wish this would stay. I wish it would stay, but since its not staying for for me and my gameplay personally, it is not the end of the world and i will keep playing it today. On twitch we caught shawnee palkia. You know what im saying were gon na be doing: hair, crosstraits and paul george were gon na be grinding. The new update, like you know like like i, i will be playing the game, as i normally normally play for the reasons that i stated in the previous youtube, video and uh. Again, if you are not gon na play and youre gon na boycott youre gon na quit. I respect that and i ask the same respect for me and my decisions for this game and thats um thats whats, going on man, thats whats, going on and then again just a reminder that the the the extension of radius has been given to new zealand into America right new zealand, a country that hasnt had to wear masks since last year, 2020, and that has pretty much free range and not that many lockdowns from what i can understand. Uh. You know like if youre in new zealand to you and you want to walk outside and go, spend a pokestop. You can do you have the freedom to do that same thing in america and a lot of places everywhere in america. No nowhere is locked down. You have to stay in your house or youre getting a ticket like there was last year.

You can walk around in america, vaccine no vaccine. You know without a mask in in nature, in in the in the world and be fine youre saying just when you walk into buildings and stuff things change a little bit per state, but like we dont live in 2020 anymore. You know what im saying so. So i can understand why they would revert these changes in these two countries. It makes sense. I would like to see these changes stay long term. I think theyre better for the game long term personally, and i think that is long again. I stick to what i said in the game. I think that as long as the pandemic is still happening globally, i dont think that these changes should revert. I think there should be more time um and then obviously for everyone else that is in the world, not in america and not in new zealand. You know you still have the full distance like the two times distance for spending. You still have that and you will still have that for the time being, you know im saying um so thats just kind of how it is and thats how its going down and thats how theyre responding. I think theyre buying time and yeah man. It is what it is. You know what im saying i like to see it stay, but its sad to see it go but like, if thats the decision, then thats the decision and – and you know at least they listen to the community.

At least they took in the feedback, i dont know what they mean by were gon na, be talking to community community uh community leaders. In the coming days i mean they know. What were all gon na say were all gon na say that we want this feature in the game and it should be the game right like, like. I dont know why i dont even know if theres a need for this, but i think there is a need for this. They should be. They should be talking with us for future updates and stuff, because we know the community best. You know im saying um. Obviously, from the situation, as you can tell so kind of, is what it is and uh yeah thats it. So if you enjoyed the video yo, if you enjoyed uh hey, let me know your thoughts in the comments. Man. Let me thoughts chat, who is community leavers, while statement of sham yeah theres gon na be you know this will be. This is the youtube comment section so its all right, man, thats right, listen, give us your thoughts. Okay, give us your thoughts and um. Well, see you in the freaking next video all right, well, see you in the next video hope you enjoyed and and hey give me your thoughts down below okay, going to be an interesting time, all right, everyone say bye to youtube and say: bye, youtube buy youtube Ever say: bye, um and yeah thanks for joining, and thanks for listening and thanks for being so cool about last video, i was very nervous to make last video and it went down very well with all of you.

I respect that. I appreciate that, and i hope this video you know is the same thing. This is more im just more of the messenger in this video im saying this is a lot less like opinionated stuff, although i gave you my opinion on it. Im saying shes like is what it is. Um so well see what the community does and what the community feels what community says. But that is the response from niantic and i hope you enjoyed.