You is live action from the pro league and what a game this promises to be lee. Thank you derek. I was just flicking through my notes at this one: everything pointing to a really lively matchup. This is fingers crossed hey Music Applause and the lineup for the home side, pretty well balanced this formation, lee yeah. It can be a 4 2 3 1 in the offensive mode, but it can also go back to a 4 5 1 when you’re defending the lone striker will be supported by the three just behind him, especially the number 10 who will be given a free roll. This is how the visitors will set up today. It appears they’re favoring, a fairly conventional 442 league yeah. It does look like a 4 4 2 set up, but it’s not rigid derrick. I do expect it to be a little bit more fluid than that. Turning into maybe a diamond at times with a deep line, defensive midfield player in there and a floating number 10., that means the two other midfield players have a quite narrow, which in turn puts great emphasis on the full backs to provide the width and the match Begins Applause: mourinho now will they be able to play it in behind the defense rodriguez it’s, with romarino priyavich passov keeping their opponents moving? Oh nice work to get past his opponent to frayed it Applause, excellent vision, Applause it might be on for them. The attack carries an initial threat, but fizzled Applause out.

Applause, good movement he’s got the right idea with that pass it’s there. For him. It looked as though he was in but credit to the defender, late yeah. He hassled him made it hurry shot. There. Applause still level here, but the pressure escalating Applause, it’s opening up for them and they couldn’t quite muster a real threat. Applause priority: oh a nice looking pass Applause, a big opportunity and a goal that will do it. They’Ve been pushing for it and now they’ve been rewarded. Well, here is the replay and to be fair, the keeper from that distance hasn’t got much chance of keeping it out lovely goal. Let’S have another view of that goal: the opening goal of the game, then saddam Applause mitchell to freighter the visitors have had total control of possession, but they have to create more. They have to be more positive. The final third play has been slow, too predictable, strong, but fair, tackle Applause, rom mourinho, oh that’s, a well timed pass rodriguez Applause, kareem al ahmadi with it, and they find a gap in the defense Applause. That is that for the first half here, he’s been the standout for his side. So far don’t, you think lee well derek you’re right. He has played well and goals win games, he’s been a joy to watch in this form, sit back and enjoy him in the second half plenty to consider, based on what we’ve seen so far as the second half begins.

Applause, saddam Applause defrayed. Looking for that final pass, and for that chance to level the game, Applause, mitchell defrayed and a tidy ball Applause, defrayed Applause, sardan, fluency of movement, Applause, good idea that particular move, but not to be Applause. El ahmadi they’re, like maddie he’s, got space options in the middle and just failed to keep the ball and play that type substitution time, as is here. Applause Applause. Excellent, defending the hosts really haven’t had too much of the ball, but they won’t mind me that they’re winning this game, they’re sucking their opponents onto them and with the pace they’ve got in midfield and up front they’re really causing problems, plays it back. Well, the crowd are reacting to this effort. The players are putting in, they just need to keep their concentration and the game should be theirs Applause. How can they find a late leveler and an astute piece of defending Applause, ahmed egazi rodriguez and five minutes to go? Well, he’s lost the ball Applause and given away couldn’t, hang on to it Applause well, in terms of added time, a minimum of one minute and there it is the final whistle and it’s a victory for the home side. They’Re gon na be happy with this resort league. Well, it was tight wasn’t. It just done enough in the end, i suppose, to deserve the win.