You can see in the screen, as some form of the crystal is jumping from one place to the another place. Yes, in this video, we are going to revile the information regarding this. If you like this video kindly share and subscribe few days back, the google come with a pre review paper about the time crystal. So first we can see what is time crystal. We all know how the regular crystals looks like a crystalline form. You have atoms that have a repeating structure, so they have a pattern that repeat itself in space, but the time crystals are the pattern that repeat themself in time. In 2012, the nobel prize, winning physicist dr frank, conceived the idea in a class above the spatial crystal. He started thinking the crystal in a repeating pattern in space and why not a time crystal atom that repeat the a pattern in time? Well, it turned out he was right. Now the google came with an appear review about the time crystal. That could be the greatest scientific achievements of our lifetime. The first thing you need to keep in mind that the time crystal is the repeating pattern of atom inside it when regularly the atom crystallize, they spontaneously organized in rows and columns in three dimensional lactose and depend upon the type of atoms they create the different structures. So the electromagnetic forces between the atom arrange themselves into a structure where each atom occupies the lactose point. So when the atom in the crystal that can be in any continuous place in space, but when its inside a crystal, it has a discrete places.

We all know the space and time are linked together, that it would be clear if the crystal can have a thing that they in discrete in space then they may be. They have a points that are discrete in time. The atoms in the time crystal occupy the repeating pattern in both the space and time. So they are one point in one place and any point in time. They will be in another place, so the time crystal repeat the time indefinitely. So this breaks the temporal symmetry, that is, it can create the perpetual motion and also in 2016, the scientist from the university of maryland created the worlds first time crystal made up of 10 uternium ions and pulse these ion with a laser and checked the electrons in The uterbium with time they found the spin of the electron, is flipped at the regular frequency, but it doesnt match with the input frequency as we are seeing in our screen that the time crystal is flipping back and forth between the two state. But the main thing you need to be notices: they are flipping the back and forth between the two places without the change in energy, but according to the classical physics, the universe is a moving towards entropy. That is the movements towards change. We can dive the little bit depth. The system will always remain the same if there are no progress and it will always increase if there are a progress, but the time crystal can survive energy progress without falling to entropy, so this paved the way for the non equilibrium physics that is when it flips Back and forth between the two state or the two places they without any change in energy, they are flipping back and forth between the two state, so this breaks the thermal equilibrium.

I think it is a quite interesting right so now what the google can do with this time crystal and how this time crystal is used in the quantum computer. Now the google, along with the dozens of scientists, have created a new phase of matter called time crystal. We all know the quantum computer can solve a really hard problems, but it also harder to interrupt the result because of decoherence, which, like an entropy, that is the quantum computer, use the qubit to progress. The information or data with the features of quantum mechanics. The measuring of any cubit state is difficult and rise. The decoherence when that is the process which the environment interact with the qubit uncontrollably, change the quantum state and cause the information loss during the result of the quantum computer. So this is mean to be a decoherence of quantum computer, so when there is a quantum computer with the time crystal, that can serves the quantum coherence that is, it established the scalable approach to study the non equilibrium phase of matter on current quantum processor. If this peer review of the googles time crystal become true its not hard to imagine that we may discover many hidden features of universe, many quantum based drug discovery for active, effective cancer treatments and so on. So with the hope im just waiting to see the real quantum computer with time crystal, i hope you got the clear idea about the time crystal and its important.