The fortnite 15.30 update is finally here and with that said, despite us seeing a ton of changes already in game, whether it’s to do with a brand new mandalorian event or even map changes surrounding him. We have a ton of things to go over, as you can see by the title, not only developments made in the coding to the five nights at freddy collaboration that will be upcoming very soon and it’s confirmed now. What skins will be contained within that? So make sure you’re sticking around and watching the full thing, but also a ton of free rewards, not only in this event that we can earn right now, but in the upcoming one for valentine’s day and ultimately, what this is going to be called before we dive Into it all, however, make sure you hit that big red button now, as 70 of all eyes on screen watching. Yes, you perhaps aren’t even subscribed, which means you’re missing out on the opportunity of receiving a free gift of myself. As i give five new subscribers in every single video i post here on the channel just before, we prove that, though this is all made possible by the amazing support you guys are showing rocking code friendly machine inside the fortnight item shop. I mean it’s, a favor that takes two seconds to literally enter an opponent resetting every 14 days. You can re enter it off the predictive text, if you also, let me know down below in the comments that you’re simply using the code like these people on screen.

Right now, well, i’m, just saying you could end up showcased and shouted out on screen in the very next video and speaking of what could happen in the very next video, obviously, i’m gifting five subscribers right now, which could be you one of these guys in the Next video, if you’re subscribed to the channel with all notifications, turned on and then comment your epic games id down below and without wasting any more time with that proven now. Let’S get into talking about everything contained within today’s updates, and i figured the first place to start is, of course, when you load up fortnite today in the version 15.30 after updating it, what you’ll see, which is the trailer in the background, this short funny and promotional Cinematic, in the background, believe it or not, is all to do with the brand new event. That’S just been added right now, which allows us to earn this free umbrella being called mandalorian’s, bounty of which is separated into four ltm’s air solos, duos trios and even squad’s version here’s. What fortnite had to say regarding this or the ltm or how we earn it? The best bounty hunter in the galaxy wants to prove himself against you in the new mando’s bounty ltm overcome other players, plus the mandalorian himself and unlock the best umbrella, which basically means, as you can see right here, it says on the reward screen too, you earned A victor royale meaning: well, you just need to get one victor royale in one of these ltms, whether it’s, solos, duos, trios or squads, and you’ll earn yourself for free without even owning the battle past.

This brand new mandalorian themed umbrella, honestly guys i’d be quick. If i were you considering, this is only going to be in the game according to data miners until february 9 2021, which i’m guessing is a short cutoff point for this event as a new one may be starting just after that, that’s officially been revealed to be Called love storm today in celebration of valentine’s day. This may be the name for save the world’s version in itself. Considering it’s been called this in the prior years, but nevertheless, data miners have been able to confirm that it’s returning also meaning, then that a version two if this is for save the world will be coming to battle royale and the reason is pretty much confirmed, is Because we’ve seen a valentine’s day event ever since the first one which allowed us to earn the free season, 8 battle pass in 2019 and then what led into love and war last year with the search and destroy ltm. And now this one this year, based off everything you’ve seen on screen right now proven to be coming to the game in the games coding all the valentine’s day theme cosmetics, not only that, but some of the smaller ones, as you can see, like the sprays, all The wraps it’s pretty much a no brainer at this point, based on prior context or correlation to other events in the free rewards. We can get in them that these will be some free rewards and, despite this information from the game’s coding, all the cosmetics on screen right now being the only information or ties we have to the valentine’s day, event for 2021, believe it or not in terms of The skins that won’t be free rewards, however, one will be being the lovely skin right here and throughout the japanese nintendo switch cup that will be happening soon.

We have an in locker showcase right now provided by hello, who will be linked in the video description down below of these brand new valentine’s day skins and emotes me: Music, oh, Music, Music, oh Music, Music, okay, so, in terms of moving on before we talk about The five nights at freddy’s stuff that i know you guys are on the edge of your seats, for we quickly need to go over all the exotic weapons added to there or into the games. Coding. Surprisingly, as of now in game that you’ll have seen on the news tab as well, if you’ve logged onto fortnite or updated your game right now, today is new exotics hope for the best, with the destructive burst, quad launcher or splash your injured allies with the chug Cannon, the chug cannon can actually be located and bought off remedy right here, which obviously t’s predator upcoming too. Unlike the bandage bazooka, this takes up two slots and here are all the stats for that weapon on screen right now in terms of the burst quad launcher. This can be found from interacting with fish stick and obviously buying it off him for a certain amount of gold and in terms of the stats for this weapon, like the reload time, the damage and everything. This is what they are on screen right now, despite these two, however there’s another exotic weapon implemented into the game’s coding today that you’re seeing game play off early in the background right now being the frozen smg, and here are all the stats on screen.

For that too, this should be upcoming very soon, if not the next 15.40 update as 15.50. The final update of this season believe it or not, is already ready and on the staging servers, sir, that could mean, alongside the fact that season five has been shortened by a day from march 16th, now to march 15th. We could very well be seeing 15.40 as early as next week, which of course would make sense, with all the valentine’s day, content and further things to be added or introduced into the games, api or coding and speaking of exotics. Hopefully, we see some revolving around valentine’s day. You know like this cupid crossbow right here and the very final thing to mention now regarding the season 5 live event before we hop onto the fortnite x5 nights at freddy’s integration or collaboration or bounty hunter appearing during downtime. Today, sheena tweeted out this slight changes to the music playlist were made. This update, the music playlist, is always used for live events which pretty much confirms that we’ll also get a new live event. This season, in terms of what this live event will be, we don’t know as of now, but we definitely know for sure it’s going to involve the zero points and who knows perhaps some of the bounty hunters, if not all of them, but ones like mandalorian, especially That have a large focus put on them. Now i mean surely they’re planning something considering they’re short in the season by a day and if this wasn’t important to do, they wouldn’t have done it in the first place and the fact that they’ve done this to be this accurate by just one day.

Maybe perhaps this means we’re gon na be seeing an ending season. Event live within the game. That directly then goes into downtime for the next season. To start again like we saw with season four’s galactus event leading into season five, but for season five leading into chapter two season six. So now the moment you’ve all been waiting for for this entire video is here we’re gon na be talking about and going over. Everything relating to the fortnite x5 nights at freddy’s, collab, often after shorts, and believe it or not the rumors or information surfacing about this actually started before the update happened today being 15.30. However, with today’s update rolling around it’s only further confirmed that this is going to be happening, but perhaps even sooner than we may think, anyways. The talk of this initially starting was, from this image surfacing around the internet of the foxy character from five nights at freddy’s. In game as if it’s a skin in fortnite battle, royale now, despite just trusting an image at first glance, because a lot of them can be faked, here’s. An insight of my designer who creates my youtube thumbnails and knows a lot about lighting and designs and other things of the sort in terms of skins in game and here’s. What he had to say. I just 100 think it’s real same as i called the master chief leak when everyone was saying it was fake, there’s, no faking a mesh in the lobby with that level of accuracy.

It has the same graphic settings as the skins next to it same res, and everything also doesn’t match any foxy models that are already out there, meaning foxy models that could be used to be put into thumbnails before the official model that fortnight have made is revealed Or publicly put out there, so with that information or context in mind, taking a look at the image again, it directly does look very hard to fake, considering the image’s quality too, which i’m guessing is quite bad overall, because somebody was in a real rush to snap. This and put it out there publicly so anyways, with the arrival of the 15.30 update today after downtime lifted, or even during it, the portal was leaked here on the outskirts of retail row. You know near this lake, which actually has a codename of mainframe in the files and despite the package that was sent to real life, influencers or youtubers, teasing upcoming bounty hunters with certain items revolving around them. Many people are starting to believe now that these arcade, like tokens, are obviously resembling or teasing and upcoming for naf collaboration and to top it all off. In terms of this portal being added today, many people around the community have started correlating this now to the game itself. Five nights at freddy’s and this tweet right here covers it the best in the most simplistic possible way. So fortnite x5 nights at freddy’s is very possible. The lakes are very similar with the trees covering the lake and, as you can see, here is the portal of what was found in the files as of today in comparison to a location from a mini game within five nights at freddy’s itself, and despite just the Similarities in this animatronics can sense predators and we have predator in fortnite, obviously animatronics being the characters from five nights at freddy’s and furthermore, there was a code name for a character in the files called french fry, which is leaving everybody to believe and himself that this Or these characters could be foxy and or freddy fazbear, and the reason for this is because, when they have a code name for a skin like french fry, the first letter of this, in this case f indicates what the actual character’s name in itself will be.

And without trying to pretend i know a lot about five nights at freddy’s because believe it or not, i don’t, supposedly in the encrypted files today animal clock that was found. This has large correlation to five nights at freddy’s, and this has just been introduced into fortnite’s code in our api and supposedly the next bounty hunter in fortnight is going to be mail, no matter what so, with this in mind, do you guys think we’re going to Be seeing a fanaf collaboration sooner rather than later i mean to be honest. They had me already convinced that this image, when it was published to the internet, based off how convincing it is and for further updates, of course, on fortnite or anything to do with this scenario, make sure you subscribe to the channel with all notifications turned on, so That you don’t miss that future upload, if you enjoyed today’s video and want to keep referring back to it, make sure to slap a like in the video down below as the likes playlist is very easy to reaccess or remember where a video is and yeah.