Pretty sure we never saw this one coming in today’s video. We are talking about the latest updates in fortnight’s, bringing us something pretty terrifying from the brand new five nights at freddy’s portal that is opened up in fortnite, the secret animatronics that we may soon be finding around our game and a brand new location that has literally Just been added with some pretty major easter eggs inside we’re gon na be finding it all hey bro i’m. Looking for some animatronics. Is there any animatronics here? Oh the oh, this is actually getting spooky it’s, not even nighttime and i’m getting spooked hello. Ah, there is someone here – oh my goodness: okay, i’m, literally on edge i’m expecting i’m expecting freddy everywhere holy jonesy yo. Is this game broken hold on hold on hold on? Oh, okay? Okay, okay: i am actually not garbage at this game that guy before did just get lucky: okay, okay, hey listen! I’M! Just super excited to find this new portal. So if you want to support the channel you could use this supports creative code, that is on screen rights. Now, and apart from that, i think it’s time we get into game yo. What is that noise? Oh? Is that the sound of a telephone ringing? Oh, my goodness, where is that coming from what is that sound? If i’m, not mistaken, that is the sound of the phone ringing during five nights at freddy’s, which we added into the game with a sound effect, because five night surprise is actually coming to our forts nights, game and it’s crazy.

A bit like that. Little intro there that little transition sorry i’m, not sure how much sense that made five nights at freddy’s just come to the game. Okay, leakers online have revealed the next portal that the zero point is creating and we can see clearly that it can be found at this mini lake location in our fortnite game. This location, doesn’t actually have a proper name but it’s the location where the character turk appears there is a pool of water, almost like a mini loot lake. But who cares what it’s called because leakers have unveiled the next portal? The portal is cool, of course, but what is even more cooler – or should i say spooky – is the fact that we now know what is going to be inside the portal. Each portal is a character from a game of film from a story in the real world or, as epic games would like us to believe a different dimension connected to fort’s knights, and i believe it, epic and this portal is no different and it’s dedicated to five Nights of freddies, yes, that’s right, the terrifying animatronic game, the horror game where these giant robots would appear randomly and stalk players. It was there something going on. Oh yeah, okay. I heard some noises and i wasn’t sure what it was: those aren’t animatronics, okay, great yo, that’s, crazy turk. For a moment, i thought that was the end of my oh a chest.

This is the image that leakers have uncovered and it shows one of the fanaf characters, some kind of digital red man, who is literally fishing himself around a lake huh bit of a coincidence, because that is where it’s appearing in fortnite. This is one of the digital glitching characters in five nights at freddy’s. That, i believe, is called the old man. Yo you finna have players need to tell me bro. I need to know the very specific location of the portal seems to be literally right there, literally in between this rock and uh. I think there was a rock over there, but i think i destroyed it, but it’s like literally right here. In fact, if you actually go up to this little location here in between this rock and that this oh there it is, look there’s, the rock, if you go into this location right here, you’ll start to notice that my screen has become a little darker and once Again, look up at the left hand side of the screen. You see that tree is a little blurred that’s, because we’re literally standing in the portal, where the portal is going to be in the next couple of days, yo you see how broken the zero point becomes. Look at that right now. The coloring is split and it’s, because it’s kind of uh peering through a different dimension right now, that’s literally what we’re doing it’s kind of crazy. What is most crazy and kind of concerning about this new update is the fact that we don’t really know what this old man is going to be doing in our fortnight’s game.

We don’t know what the portal is going to bring, but the one thing that i think we all are thinking let’s be honest. Is this the arrival of fredbear? There is a whole bunch of animatronics in five nights at freddy’s and they’re all equally terrifying. The question is, if, by five nights at freddy’s collaboration is coming to the game, then, which uh five nights at freddy’s character is actually going to arrive in our game. There is much speculation that freddie being the main character, will be the main animatronic to arrive either way, whichever one of these terrifying characters is gon na, be here, it’s gon na be terrifying, it’s, literally gon na be terrifying. I can literally imagine ourselves running around forward tonight. You know just playing normally and one day we walk into a room and be like uh, oh uh, hi, freddy uh, please don’t kill me, but, alas, that is not today. That is not what is yet in game, but no doubt it’s only a matter of time until we actually see which creepy animatronics come to our game, ready to jump scare, all of us in for tonight omg, oh, my god, what the heck was that bro yo. We are was really jump over that rocks uh. We are in for a lot of jump scares this season. I think dude. There is so many people right bro get out of the way you really got out of the way huh yo dude.

There was some sick place right there, yo just replay the bit where i made the little window, i shot him and then i jumped off the side yo that was pretty sick, yo yo. What happened to your house? Bro yo there’s, literally there’s, literally epic, music playing right now, i’m sure there’s, like a crazy fight going on. Oh, my goodness, yo i told you bro. There was a crazy fight going on what the heck happened over there yo this weapon is sick. Oh yo! You know what’s crazy. We still got so much more to talk about in this video there’s actually been some pretty major changes that we’re just gon na get into yo. Oh close, i’m, not close enough. Oh, i thought i placed one of those explosive sniper bullets into the ground and it would just blow us all up that’s what i thought would happen, but hey, hey, hey yo. It can’t be helped with that. Guy hacking, like literally flying into the air when he jumped into the water me landing those crazy one shots. I mean hackers versus super skill. Pro players, i mean, like i’m, never gon na win in that scenario, right huh, whatever bro fourth place, is still pretty okay, but you know what’s, also, okay, this next crazy map change that you might not know about okay, so the next secret location change that you Guys might be aware of is literally down there. Oh star wars, uh, houston, there’s.

Definitely, a situation going on down there right now, um half the building is blown apart. There are bullet holes in the walls there’s a chest right here, so it’s, okay, i’m gon na take this instead i’m gon na take this okay. Now i agree i’m, a little late to the party. This came in like a day ago, but there are some secrets inside that. I have found that i haven’t seen many people talk about. I haven’t actually been in here, yet this is literally my first time looking around and yo it’s kind of cool, even though i haven’t explored this place, myself i’m sure you guys have but uh. Let me show you some of those easter eggs. The main feature of this location is this hologram and, of course, if you guys haven’t noticed what is that on the holograms head? Well, that is the same helmet as the visitor. How could this be one of the visitors that are coming to our island? One of the seven uh i don’t know – maybe i mean look at my guy right here bro. This is definitely the helmet. I don’t know why epic games is playing. It is this from star wars, or is this one of the seven yo sorry bro for being so close, my bad, my bad, of course, you may have noticed these stormtrooper skull spikes, which is pretty kind of creepy yo. This is more decoration than anything but yo.

It is kind of actually pretty spooky i’m surprised. Epic games added this in because this is one nightmarish, easter egg, that i’m not sure everybody has seen – or at least they can’t unsee, oh and there’s, one more pretty crazy one. I think it’s somewhere around uh. Oh here and i saw online – apparently you can play this. It plays like one of the iconic tunes from star wars. Now we can’t be playing any iconic tunes from star wars, otherwise, i’m gon na get copyright striked so um, i don’t know i’m gon na. Just like try this and if it starts playing copyright, music uh, i don’t know, do something about it. Maybe there is more to come from this location in the future. Maybe even games has got some plans to put something underneath something much cooler than literal dirt. I believe this is the location of the mandalorian at this time, which is pretty crazy. I don’t know where he is right now, but this is one crazy secret location with a bunch of easter eggs that you guys probably want to know about. Okay, guys no sign of the mandalorian, but yo we’ve discovered a bunch of crazy stuff in what the amanda you actually scared the life out of me, bro bro, chill bro bro! Please, please bro bro i’m gon na snipe, you bro, oh jarvis. What yo mandalorians aim just got buffed i don’t even know what happened yo. Sometimes we like to make it black and white.

Do some slow motion – and i complain for about 30 seconds about what just happened, but i don’t even know what just happened. Guys five nights at freddy’s is coming to our game. The animatronics are on their way.