I will call this a quick demo of jarvis, which is from conversion.ai, and basically this is an artificial intelligence, copywriting tool that streams line streamlines the time you spend on writing copy or, if you are thinking about connect, creating online content. But youve got this thing called writers block. These two may potentially be helping you now. First of all, lets understand. Copywriting ai too, can never replace human being. Okay, because copywriting ai, like this cant, generate original content. When i say original, if youre a writer you understand what im talking about, if you are not a writer but a copywriter, you do know that copywriter the word copy of writing start with looking for other proven winning copies and model. Okay, so its not about creating your own content original content, so that fits my agenda pretty well now in jarvis, there are few what we call pac plans that you can subscribe and, of course, the one that im using right now is boss mode, which is 119 Us dollars a month, it may sounds expensive. I understand because its 119, that you can translate into things like almost 500 ringgit a month and, of course, for sing dollars. It is about 130 dollars a month. Now you have to ask yourself the question: is it worth doing it? So you need to know this too, is just like us, your child, newly born child. You need to teach jarvis to pick up your brain, to think like you to be able to adapt to your desire, your need and want so dont expect javas to be able to create the magic of the gate on day.

One like i actually have to teach jarvis a couple of things where i say teach. It means that i dont like what you propose and i dont like this one. Can you change that so jarvis over time will be able to understand how my thinking process is. Like so, i want to just do a very quick demo of how i can turn out a long form article now. This is only available for boss mode plan. If you are under other plan, like starter or pro, you dont have that, which is the main reason why i decided to go for boss mode out of the gate on day, one because i just love this. So what i do is that i can go to template and you see that long form assistant it is only available to pro now. There are also other uh templates available. It depends what you want, but but for pro pro you know that for boss, boss mode, you know that he has the maximum like. If you are talking about, create or improving content, theres a content improvement available. Ive done it today, its not very impressive, maybe because its the first time im using javas on this part on this content improver. I still have to teach him how to how to read my mind, but for long post, long form assistant. I just want to show you that for long form assistant, i have been using javas for two days and you can see that these are the articles that ive created its just within now.

It may be 24 plus hours that i can actually write. So many articles – and these articles are not like 400 500 700 new copywriters should know, is an article of 1700 words, its considered long form article and my style. Is i like to write long form? I dont like to write short thing because of my bankroll personality. Some of you know that okay, so here is what i do so i go to templates ill, just run through the mechanics very quickly, but when you decide to subscribe to boss mode, you do need to spend time teaching javas how you think you click long form. You can choose to start from scratch or you can get help writing a blog post with some ideas now for me, i like to start from scratch, but heres one thing i know ive already got an idea of what i want to write so, for example, right Now, uh, because im promoting jarvis so ill, be writing a fair bit of articles about copywriting and in particular using artificial intelligence to to to to for copywriting. So i can say: well, this article is use copywriting, artificial or ai2 for copywriting or for generic for january 4gen to generate facebook posts, theres, no right or wrong. Answer on this, like, like the more you can give to javis the better. He comes up with the ideas, facebook posts – okay, so like that, okay, so content and description for briefly, this article is about using copywriting ai2 to generate engaging facebook post.

So, of course, you can test out what you want to say, so this requires some sort of planning like what a awesome copywriter would have done. 80 percent of the time is researched. 20 of 20 percent of the time is planning. So if you dont understand what im talking about, please go study some copywriting uh literature because theres always an 80 20 rule on copywriting, okay keywords. Maybe i will use copywriting thats one, then you can actually use three copywriting artificial intelligence, which have been my keywords for this series, and here weve got facebook posts. Well, i put facebook here, okay, so thats it. Let me move myself here. Okay, so now i choose english, of course, javis you can actually come up with different languages on boss mode. You can have other languages, however, the one that im very familiar, that is chinese, is not available, so just continue using english, so the output link, i will just stick with medium and then what ill do next is just press. The button call compose command j lets. Go it will take some time and jarvis broke down yesterday during this time, and the javas facebook group actually talked about his jarvis on strike or not. No java is okay, so give him some time, and then you see that come up with something. Now here is one thing you need to know for jarvis grammatically may not sound. So if you have grammarly, you notice that you can actually get grammarlys help to change the grammars thats fine.

I highly recommend you have grammarly also, and then you see that this book this sentence like engaging content, goes it stops. What do you do or you do it just to continue composing content? It will take a while. You see something comes up now. There will be a time when jarvis is sick and tired and he started repeating itself so in our javas uh training. What one thing we know is that we dont want jarvis to come up with the contents or suggestion based on what he has proposed to you. Previously, so we have this power of triple star. By doing this, it prevents drivers from getting back to what he has proposed to me. Previously. He will start looking for other contents based on the internet, and i dont know how how wide the search is. Apparently, the search is very wide, so all you do is just to continue getting the ideas from the internet. Okay, sometimes it may make sense. Sometimes it is not like. I said this is the only second day im using javas, so theres still this teaching time that i need to. I need to spend with jarvis okay, so i will compose probably at this stage you see. Ive got 289 words. Now, if you are on starter plan, you know that you only got 20 000 work and in just two days, ive exceeded 15, 15, 000 already thats. Another reason why boss mode makes a lot of sense because on boss mode theres, no word limit so ill.

Do is that ill, ask drivers to go and search on internet come up with something around, maybe 800 words. Okay, if i do see that javas is starting to repeat itself or what i would do is just to cut. All i would do is to just make sure that i insert three triple asterisks and then i will ask drivers to compose one second, so im doing something called get go to go to the internet, search for information pertaining to this topic and come up with the Suggested content, so i will do this until i hit 800 words and, of course, some topics i know like in the community. Some people actually said: hey, i dont know whether jarvis can actually write some or suggest something on a particular topic. Well, like i said, if you dont test it out, youll never know okay, so im just doing a demo here and you can see hey so ive got 564. Now, what if im testing out the long longer output and, of course, youll get a long output lets see what happens? Okay, so you see that its longer now you need to make sure that jarvis is not repeating itself, so dont, just press the command button or compose button and without noticing, uh theyll, repeat the content. So, at any point in time you will notice hey how come i i see something like it. Doesnt make sense using artificial intelligence, copywriter tool for facebook post linking profile say what linking profile.

So that means that the topic that youre writing javas has some difficulty now. Heres one thing you need to know, like i said at the beginning of this video theres no way jarvis ai can replace human being. You are the judge. You decide whether the proposal, the proposed or suggested words, make sense to you and you have the final say. What im doing is i just need to compile 800 words and im ready to actually do the attitude now. There is an editing process of this, but the funny thing is that what jarvis has done and saved my time is something called. I dont need to come up with the contents myself. I got chunk of words on the internet, pertaining to this particular topic, and all im doing is just to look at the look at the wordings, okay and see whether it makes sense – and all i do is then ill start making some changes. Based on what i got okay, so have you wondered how facebook top pages are able to generate engaging posts? Well, theres, no specific formula: copywriting ai tools has been proven as a useful and effective way to generate an army of highly engaging content. So it is actually a very good start. I i do love this paragraph, so i just need to change the grammar again. Grammarly tells me that this is not has it just have okay, and then you need to think about okay with that whats next whats.

Next, so now, this is the time for you to build your framework. Okay, so are you going to talk about like like three three tips, three secrets or three uh? What we call three uh, maybe say three useful tips: okay, useful tips, uh three uh secrets, three keys, so you can think about the thing. Think of that and then all you do is just to start based on this, based on these words, phrases. Paragraphs proposed by jarvis, you then do the editing. At the end of the day, you can transfer the edit content to your social media platform, whether you use media, whether you use um, what we call a linking article or you can actually put this on a blog, thats, fine, so thats. How uh in about 12 minutes like because i need to also show you the steps thats, why? What im doing is actually longer than what i said earlier on? If i were just to do this process without explaining or showing you the steps that can cut half? Okay, thats how you can churn out article very very quickly, an 800 android article is pretty awesome by the way. If you ask me on linkedin, how many words do you need to write for an article like if you are writing three thousand word article ill tell you that please dont do it. Three thousand is just like: writing: essay, no way nobodys going to read it by the way, so you will be sticking to around 800 to 1300, which is the ideal size for linking articles and then so.

800 is actually a very good start, and you also want to when you do the editing. You also want to give the taste of your own style a favor. What do i mean by that? For example, i like to use i like to use something called question and answer so in this case i have you wonder: well, have you won the blah blah blah well in this article, i am going to demonstrate three key or three useful steps. So these are something that i need to come up: okay, its not by jarvis three useful tips to help you achieve this object. This outcome; okay, okay, so and i will say what is copywriting in i2? Okay, so i would do the heading myself, because jarvis cant do that at least as far as i know, at this stage, drivers cant do it so ill, be editing, create the suitable headers of headers and make this article looks normal okay. So if you are copywriters, you can do it very quickly. If you are not a copywriter or you are still learning how to do copywriting editing that may take a while, but thats, okay, because the hardest part of coming up with the ingredients has already has already been done by jarvis okay, so i just want to show You this and, of course the rest of this is about editing and publishing the content and, of course, be strategic, because what happened is that, as i said, im as im, actually i have a new course called copywriting secrets.

So i will do something called do a backlink uh on some of these, of course, on javas. You can do that on linking im doing that all the time, so you use backlinks just take note. This is just a strategy that you use so so as to enable other people to go to your go to your course check it out and if they like it, they may even go and subscribe it. Okay, so thats how you do it. I hope you enjoyed this video and chat one here. Youve got any comments about jarvis uh. Just take note that im not expert im, just a user for two days only – and i just want to show you this demo, because i want my top im using this to generate once again how many articles have i generated so far other than this one, which Im doing the demo one two, three uh, okay, this one is not its not counted because i dont like this. This way i said the jarvis 2 doesnt give what i want. So i ignore this so one two, three four five, six okay ive actually generated six articles and you dont believe me: you can actually check out these articles on linkedin ive, already published them. Okay, one two three, four five, this one do you have what it takes to start your own business im going to publish this tomorrow, the fourth of august, so by tomorrow, ill have six articles published on linkedin within a matter of two and a half days.

All right so with that chat wrong here hope you enjoyed this video sharing. If you do have any questions, let me know ill be pleased to answer based on what i know, of course, im not expert im.