We woke up at 5 00 am we were supposed to wake up at 4am, but i give you guys an extra hour. All right, you guys should be thanking me, but anyway, to get you guys, warmed up. You guys are gon na go and train up the training stations all right for two hours, all right. Yes, sir. Yes, sir, yes, sir all righty all right now get to work and im gon na be joining you guys too, hey jeremy, yes, sir alrighty! So now cammy, you remember the agent jones guy yeah. I do yeah so that agent jones guy hooked me up yesterday and he told me that he has a mission for you and me, and he said if we complete the mission. Hes gon na, give us a lot of money. A lot of money to complete this simple mission yeah, but he didnt say its gon na be simple. He said its gon na be really really difficult, but i dont think its gon na be that difficult. Its gon na be real, easy, easy money, but anyway lets go back to training all right. All right. All right lets. Do this Music do Music! That was easy all right! This is enough training, everyone, everyone stop trying. It will come to me right now, alrighty. So me and cammies have to go to talk to someone all right agent jones. I dont know if you guys know who that is, but he has a mission for us, so you guys just keep training all right but um.

I want you guys to go to the shooting race and train all right, but ill be back in a little bit. All right come on cammy hello, mr jones were here. What do you want? Hey, guy, okay, me, hello, so whats that mission all about! Oh the mission, but i cant tell you here because you dont know if people are watching here. Oh yeah, thats, right um, so were going to talk about it at oh. At my military base military base, you got a private military base. What kind of military base is it its a really secret place and we need? We need to go now all right all right lets go then all right lets go. All right were almost here. Oh man, that military base so big. Indeed it is hmm all right. Oh man, this military base look way bigger than mine. Hes, not gon na lie huh a good tech all right. The reason why i asked you guys to go on this mission is because theres this group called shadow and their leader is chaos agent and they killed midas the golden torch – i dont know if you guys, knew them, but might have see out of mars before yeah. So for this mission i got two other people. Just like you do wait, who the names youll just have to wait all right. First, you guys need to get warmed up so theres an obstacle course over there and theres a shooting range over there all right.

How much time do we have you guys have an hour? Ah, were alright drop us off there? All right, oh yeah, i got, i do got ta get warmed up all right. All right! Thank you adrian jones, to give us one hour and we will be ready for the home. Commissioner, all right all right. Are you ready, kami? Of course all right come on which one you think should we should do? First, the shooting range or the obstacle course im in the mood from some obstacles all right come on. Oh man, this is not bad. It just looked way better than our military camp. We got ta upgrade it, but with the money from this mission, we can upgrade and make it even look like this. Oh they have a whole private island. This place are cool all right. Are you ready to do this? Cammy all right lets. Do this Music? Do all right! Thank you, so much all right so now on the shooting range wheres, the shooting range. Oh, let me take you there all right, but here heres your guns. First, oh, oh yeah! I like these bad boys. These things are nice. Oh thermoscope! I like this, this is cool. Oh yeah, i like this bad boy. I mean everyone with this thing, all right, all right, all right! So now wheres the shooter range, oh its right. Over there, oh showings over there. I can hear the other people shooting at it.

Oh yeah, this must be fun cam man, indeed it is imma beat you you trying to have. I will hit every single one i aint gon na miss at all. You want to bet that yeah lets bet that. Are you ready to do this yeah all right lets. Do this Music Music? So i know i can count on you guys. Oh yeah, it was a good practice, but anyway um. What do you need us to do now? Im uh, you guys, are gon na meet your and two partners, all right all right, but first im gon na show you around the place. Oh, you worked. I bet, but this bus is real big, but with the money that we get from this mission, um were gon na upgrade our military camp, because this place is beautiful. All right, whoa wait whats this over here uh. This is where were gon na, keep all our prisoners and chaos agent? Okay, yes, but now, since we made it, we have none im, all right, all right. Nice idea, this place is cool alrighty over here is where we keep a raptor huh. You guys actually got a raptor. I thought these things were extinct uh. We have our ways but anyways its time, for you guys to meet your two partners. All right. All right. Follow me. Ryu chun li meet you two partners. Wait.