It is august 7th, 2021. Okay, sookie is cool, though oh sorry, sorry guy um. Here we go here, we go here, we go, it can be in guy guile bundle. So we have previous styles for her tactical. Oh, the tacticals cool pants are a little baggy, but still not bad um. It says outfits include built in evo, relax. Look at this! Look at this back bling uh, interesting back bling for sure we have guile here. Look at that hair, though wow that edit style a glistening guile interesting. Then we have a backlink called ko um. It is reactive, were gon na have to test that out as well. So this is for built in emo the canon spike, okay, dont, look so mad. That was cool, flash kick and we got the loading screen for getting at least eight points in the tournament. So if you like to use me its your supporter creator for this bundle, that is p, i z zero pizza with the jeremy and were getting it yes were gon na do her first, which is fine um creative is disabled. Like i said battle lab as well. Um now look at this bundle. This is like their gear bundle, which looks really cool, harvesting, tool, delta, red and bowie blade. I believe bowie bowie its a really cool shape, um, not too interested in this harvesting tool, but you know were getting. It sounds cool its like the street fighter sounds thats, cool, okay and this glider the v trigger vectors, oh its, so sick.

It is so sick. I cannot wait to use this again. Pizzeria now were getting it Music, okay, and i think that is it for the street fighter. Bundle here really excited to review these. We have reactive tests, combos edit styles gameplays were gon na get through it, but bear with me lets get sweaty so were doing the review in a custom lobby. Here this is the v trigger vector its actually really cool its, not as flashy as i thought it was going to be so im really happy about that. The deploy is like that nice flip animation as well. Obviously, the thruster is reactive to whether youre going forward or back, which is cool now. The skin here is not bad. Its pretty clean, looking were using the red metallic um, its not quite there, on the red um. I thought it was going to be, but since were not in creative, and i can just instantly change, my wrap were just going to go with that. For now ads is fine, though, and yes, its fine. I dont think i even have enough maps to crank right now, regardless the equipment equip pretty quiet. I, like the orange coming off of the blade there that is really cool hitting opponents. It does sound really good. I like the way it sounds a lot very nice. Sound not bad on the glider really enjoying that so far, so i guess um. This is where were gon na thats, where were gon na? Do our 90s guys bear with me here? If i run out of mats, i might i might not, and then at the top here we can actually deploy this chain.

The glider again i like i like it, its not super flashy, but its very well done very minimalistic, like its a fighter plane a fighter jet like its really cool the various materials im, seeing some blue impact here when youre hitting the critical marks like the weak Spots when youre not it looks like a basic color, which is interesting, never noticed that before not hitting crits or weak points. Is that im just having a brain for it? Isnt always maybe its only on weak spots, its blue, as you can see here, is it always like that on fortnite i dont even remember dude, i dont remember so we did change the edit style here and i did change the weapon wrap and using the red Camo only because, although its not a green camouflage, color like her pants, i still think its going to look pretty good because it is a different colored camouflage but its still camouflage. I think it looked pretty good this time that was nice. Its a nice set episode. I like this one too, a lot kind of like arianas hair in terms of like clipping through back things. We will find that out for you, though, but its still a really clean edit style doesnt need a backlink because of that really long, uh ponytail. She has her braids. I dont know what you want to call them like pigtails whatever, but yeah. This is the red camo. With this style.

Look at the hair here idiot. It is a little wonky, its slightly wonky. I will say that, but still clean edit style and we do have the built in email. I havent showed you yet so here it is the canon spike and she does stay in this pose, which is very intimidating. Not gon na lie very intimidating, but yeah. I guess were gon na, go over to kyle now and test his reactive back playing and go from there. Thank you guys for being patient and staying with me and watching now. We have guile here original style with the glider. I love his hairstyle. I feel like i can put a plate of food on top of his head its so flat. Oh, the backplane does have like a very interesting wave that goes through it like a wave is going through. It um looks pretty cool im curious to see how its reactive, according to high packs its damage, done, damage dealt and eliminations. So well figure it out here um kind of kind of stinks that we dont have a creative up right now because of uh the ariana grande event, but uh well figure it out well figure it out guys so were using bubble, flash which is kind of expected. But i think it still goes very well, you know its expected, but you dont have a lot of colors. You could play off of maybe the red white and blue one is tattoo, maybe just the red and the blue, because the white is the skin tone regardless the back bling does have that wave going through it.

Like i said you just saw it really well right. There very pixelated very cool now dealing damage receiving damage, etcetera, im going to deal damage here. Slowly, okay, you saw bright, bright, yellow cool lets. Do it with a harvesting tool. Cool equipment equip real, quick. We didnt do that nice yellow streak as well. Thank you for the storm, taking all the sound away from the harvesting tool and opponents again, i love the sound of the harvesting tool. Now i believe irto will give me some damage here. So as as youre taking damage it kind of loses, it like glitches out is what the word im looking for, which is really cool. Now i should get something for an elim here. Lets try it out. Oh the red and white ko thats cool. That is really cool, again love the sound of the harvesting tool. It looks very similar to something we got not that long ago. It kind of reminds me of batmans axe in a way, so i wasnt sure about the back plane. Um definitely cooler than the other backlink we just reviewed, definitely cooler than that and the ko here. That is awesome. That is very cool, so lets see if we can get some 90s going here and we can also uh harvest a little bit with the tool. Is it just me wow, its so laggy when im cranking in these lobbies, my apologies guys that is so weird? Is it just me or does it feel like uh, you only get that blue impact on crits.

Clearly i do edit courses all the time see so. Im not seeing an impact until i hit a weak spot um of a blue color, maybe thats just how its how it always is, but that shouldnt be how it always is getting weak spots in fortnite. If they, if the axe, has no visual any other than like what its i cant talk, i cant talk, so we changed the edit style. He is wearing some mandals but its fine and he does have a comb in his back pocket, which is cool. I dont recall seeing a comb in the back pocket on the original style, but he did have the handcuffs around his belt, which was cool so well, see here. Um again, creative is down battle. Lab is down for the event, so i apologize for the scuffed review with the gameplays, but um were still using bubble flash because he is like hes wearing the uh. The camouflage shorts now ads here should be pretty much the same, but he is wearing a towel around him, which is great cool, very nice and yeah. That is the uh, the other edit style. Let me do the built in email, for you guys here, one more time, comb your hair and strike a pose very cool and im getting abducted. So lets start with the backlink here: um theres a lot you can do with it honestly i didnt like it at first and then i saw how cool it was on different skins for combos, and i really really enjoy it now.

I think it looks pretty damn cool well show you one on both of these edit styles here cause. We didnt show you that in game, major laser here is cool. Now i was trying to come up with what i thought it looked like in terms of like outer space, and i said, oh, it reminds me of the milky way and actually shout out to sam um. We she said it was the northern lights and it does remind me of the northern lights thats what i was trying to say when i said it reminded me of like the milky way um, but i think now now we know its not called the milky way. Its the northern lights, which is pretty cool, looks good on flare with this glow style. Obviously, eco echo, i like it – miami dolphins, very clean here um. I do like it on the black uniforms for the jacksonville jaguars that looks very cool to me as well. I, like that headlock very close. I like it limelight really like the way this one looks on her black vest, really like that one ravina, its close its kind of there. I think its going to be a really cool. It almost reminds me of like a spooky backplane for halloween, just because it reminds me of like powers like witch powers or something i dont know its weird tara, so good on this set of style very, very clean there, and then we have the invoice skin, not Bad with the hair color, now what you can wear on cami here its rough, its rough because of her hair man, its a little rough, i love couch titan.

I love the way it looks its very cool um like this one. This one resembles like plain street fighter: you got your controller, you got a thing of pizza. I think its very cool, a manta pack actually looks pretty decent its weird. I usually dont use that one thats what it came with pko on her, not bad. Surely it goes with the theme um a super cab masher. I, like it, training bad nice theme. We have the red shield very expected, but it looks nice e cuddle bow, not bad um, the backup plan. I, like it, the sith trooper blaster sure why not the cuddle pulls bow very expected, but very clean, deadpools katanas very clean, shout out to irito with the bag. I love it very. Very cool um, the pack leader is clean. Now its kind of like ariana ariana, ariana ariana, it sits kind of off of her hair, so it doesnt really clip that bad, but youre still going to have a little bit. We have the prospect uh back playing here, not bad. The cherry chime, the moose back bling and the scarlet satchel, so i do want to actually show you guys any cape in the game and show you what it does to the hair. It does appear that her hair is shorter. Now, which is interesting. I do want to see how it looks like in game so im going to do that. Real, quick so with the cape.

Her hair is actually shortened here, but it still looks a little janky and wonky moving on to guile. Then we go back to the other style for cami we have with the ko backlink harley quinn, its a really fun backplane um. I dont think it has to be taken super serious in terms of a color match and in actuality. Combos really shouldnt need to be an exact color match um, but i think themes are actually a lot funnier to build off of than just colors alone. So keep that in mind very cool on all the street fighter skins toon squad, lebron looks pretty cool actually looks. Looks looks pretty nice and i cant talk still alexa, not bad fireworks team leader colleen dante one of my favorite scenes in the game, love to see it. Moisty merman, very cool kime, jaime yup, yup, galaxy, scalp, um diamond hands, aka stunks. We have the gan skin. I, like it hyperion very clean love to see it um sushi master, one of my favorites, not gon na lie he bulls eye skin with her third edit style and then crystal so in terms of guile. I dont think much is gon na change with his edit styles um, but we do have a little bit here. We have the couch titan bellas borealis borealis backer. We have the ko back play: um supercab master, the training bag, a royal pack trash lid goes great with his handcuffs, the tom comics clean, armory bag love to see it.

We can actually do that style as well. Very cool um, raptor, satchel love. It last gasp. Love it a fractured world. I dont know why i like it, but i do the constructor classic looks clean grande pack, love it. Gunny sack, um, silencer, cool cool theme here, cool theme, buckled and then the shots and shells man. I cant talk today, but were moving on to the other edda style or cami a street fighter. Music pack would be so sick, regardless what you can wear on the other style for cami. Here we have the manta pack again thats what it came with ko. Obviously we have the baby gingy, i kind of like the way it looks. But again the hair is kind of an issue here and there um, if that bothers you, sith trooper blaster, still looks really clean. Now the gunny cycles really well with whats around her forearms. Like her lower arms, really cool color match there and kind of a cool theme. Um bao basket looks pretty cool the red shield. Again, the raptor satchel. Try that one out looks really good. Hatchling love, it love it backup plan love to see it. The hard case hero the heavy harvester im, an international harvester. It looks good. We have this scope, satchel kind of a nice theme, i kind of like it, the orange its kind of hit or miss with the orange im. Not gon na lie strapper, sashimoto, again kind of hit or miss with the orange, but i kind of like the way it looks um the toxic kitty, and then we have the duffel dog with ketchup and mustard.

She could probably get a chili dog too, but im gon na give a ketchup and mustard just saying so i had some fun with this headed style: im thinking summer barbecuing uh, maybe the fourth of july, its a stretch, but i think its pretty cool. Nonetheless, blasting cap goes great because obviously his tattoo, the american flags very cool um. We have the jones field pack, any edit styles getting really cool. Obviously the last one is pretty cool too kind of nice um the uzi some revives same with pool party, maybe hes going fishing with fresh cash and then, if you have something like yellow or blue, you could stretch a combo im, just saying um the cooler for Obvious reasons the beef pack again summer, vibes barbecuing uplink, looks cool kind of tactical takeout is a tactical burger bag. Im just saying whats, not to love the snow cone. We have the gallant gear back bling kind of tactical kind of simple, a pineapple strummer, the smoothie for all of his uh protein shakes. Obviously, um we have the wave fuel, the quack pack and, last but not least, the vintage honestly im gon na go with something simple like a burger, i kind of like the burger im just saying pretty cool look guys. It was a stressful before you buy disabling creative in battle right before the reset of the atom shop really threw me off. Look if we get to 20 000 subscribers on my uncle pizza youtube channel, i will buy some chickens.

Yeah im gon na buy some chickens and build a chicken coop in my backyard. Thank you guys. So much for watching lets go to piz00 and well see yours on the live stream.