Even xqc himself disagrees with it, but thats not really fair, when your relationship is public, its public, its open to discussion, whether that be compilations questions or even speculations, but at the same time, what im about to do its, not really speculation? I think speculation would be coming out and saying that one of them cheated or saying that they hated each other or some other outlandish claim. The truth is, we know what happened, the flaws that led them to breaking up. They were out there for everybody to see ill, also say this three hours before xqc tweeted this he was streaming back for blood. I, along with the entire chat, were saying that he was quote unquote so bad at the game because he was legitimately doing bad like abnormally bad and it goes to show. We will never know what someone is going through behind the scenes and, although i didnt physically type out quote unquote so bad in his chat, you know i feel bad for even thinking it. But besides that, i will say he did have an oddly nonchalant reaction on stream. Listen, i dont talk about that. Much fun! Well, im missing going through a little bit of a fight. It is what it is. Man hey. It is what it is. I dont think were going to be uh, seeing sunny very often. How are we all gon na be at the mall? Actually, i know youre all gon na made it mo no doubts its impossible that youre not all here tomorrow, every single one of us can be there.

I know 100 and adept had a seemingly passive aggressive response on twitter. I will say i personally think that was the format of their entire relationship, xqc being nonchalant and adept being a little bit passive aggressive, but by no means do i think that xqc doesnt care or that adept is in the wrong. You know different people deal with different things in different ways: theyre both definitely hiding a lot of emotion and im, not gon na put them down for the way that they hide it. Nor do i deserve to assume what tone theyre trying to give off but anyways on to the big question: what happened? Music, every single thing in your life can be simplified down to time. You know how strong you are is based on how much time you spend working out how good you are at video games right is based on how much time you practice how good your relationship is is based on how much time you spend together that time spent Together with loved ones is called quality time. You need that im willing to bet millions of relationships are ruined due to the lack of quality time. Husbands work late, only to come home and go right to sleep or have alone time where they watch tv or read. You know what thats been a thing for thousands of years. People always talk about the dangers of sacrificing time for money. Xqc is not a guy with a lot of time.

He started off as a professional player on overwatch. If you dont know already professional players are such insane people they wake up, they get ready, they shower and shave, and then they get on overwatch or whatever game they play. They sit there and they play overwatch for four five six hours. Then then they watch they watch overwatch. They do something called vod reviews where they watch themselves and other teams play. They study it and strategize and make plans and then some of them, some of them like xqc. They go home and guess what they do, guess what they do. They stream overwatch for three four five hours, although xqc doesnt play competitively at least not anymore, but heres the thing he still has that mindset thats. Why hes the number one streamer thats? Why he streams for 10 hours a day and thats why he had to have this conversation with tyler1? Wait. You bought your tickets without her yeah, of course, whats wrong. With that wait, thats kayla would get pissed. If i did that too, you got to include them. Dude i just wanted. I just wanted to personally thank you for dropping this wisdom on him. Continue on okay, oh okay, whats up, i dont, i dont have all my things enough to make me feel good right, like my computer, and so, if i go there like, i dont want to like you know, look back and make sure like everything is fine and Coordinate everything you know with uh, you know with a demo.

Oh this, that dude, you know i just want to be like free and doing on my own. You know like hes not like either he wants to be alpha or he was alpha and then mikhail. Just put a leash on him, i enjoy playing league of legends, so i never ive never been in that problem. As you, i dont like going out yeah, but you do nothing well, because i want to do nothing. Maybe he wants to spend time with michaela so thats what hes got well, i wait. Okay, chill. We spend time together, but its not like crazy about losers like well. Neither is mine in felixs, where you just go out on a date thats what we do sunday just go out on a date every week. So kayla knows all right, but this one day is mine. She can like look forward to that and expect that that sounds like you guys are expecting tyler would give you some more insight, but apparently uh were just where we were last night too. So, but far too often people treat xqc like a normal guy. It might sound really weird to say but hes anything but normal Music. He doesnt seem to comply with social norms or pick up on social cues, no im just not good at including and and making everybodys. Okay, like im, just like a solo player right, i most most things i play play solo. If i play team games, i just solo, plays i go my honestly, i guess i die so low its.

What i do right, i go all in you know and like that im, not you setting a dual brain. My brain is in function with two frequencies bottom line. First and foremost, xqc is not normal. You know im not normal. Most people who used twitch in the early days were not normal twitch and the internet in general started off as kind of a place for abnormal people. You know thats why pokemane leaves such a bad taste in some peoples, mouths shes, a normal person and some of those people dont like it. They they see what shes doing as pandering, because at the end of the day, people like xqc are just different. A lot of people call xqc a man child and, while thats mostly a joke its based in reality, there are times where hell be downright wrong, like when he said he didnt want to fly to twitchcon a day early wait. I have a question if twitchcon is in two days: yes, why are we finding them thats? What you want today, not whatsoever? Absolutely i said i go. This is the day before i even want to know at nighttime. I dont know youre 100. I do i was so confused why you wanted to do that, and i kept trying and trying to talk to you and trying to ask you and yeah. There are times where he gets mad about minor things like when he had to go to twitchcon a day.

Early ill see you later ill see you a day later, i have no seniors thats thats. Your thing im just upset because you made me schedule those flights at the time you wanted to. No, i did not even try no thats, not it thats, not the same thing. They say you like tomorrow morning. Why are you raising your tone, youre raising your toes youre, raising your tone? No, no. I know now we have to like probably just sit there and look at each other and like talk to each other and thats miserable thats, miserable jesus. I mean that being said. Sometimes it is a depths fault yet Music, but at the same time xqc can have kind of an unreasonable reaction. Oh my god, youre always such a grumpy youre, always so grumpy you wan na play. Warzone you serious felix you! Never let me make mistakes in anything. Im the simple mistake that i make you just said: you lumped me into lava. I didnt know it was going to hit you im, not mad at you. I have to go. I just thought: itd be itd, be a while its annoying, because every single time that i do this and when i make a mistake with you, you just end it, but with all these problems between them, two there needs to be an outlet recently, xqc and adept Have been streaming a massive amount of gta rp and eventually they started doing very petty things to each other.

I knew youre gon na. Do it you little stop now. Stop stop! Stop now! Stop now. You know this back and forth went so far that they started. Having full on arguments while streaming, you think its gon na be healthy, so you asked to come to my room and i told you no, i went out of it. Then i said, if you want to talk, you said you said no, and i went out all sad on my couch, but you can see obviously, that they arent mad about gta 5, even though thats what theyre arguing about its more so an outlet for them to Talk about their real life problems watch this clip, like you get punishment for your own things, have a plan please! Well! I wasnt done talking and now youre just interrupting so its like. That makes it uh disingenuous. You know okay, but i would like to have a fine. Please is he coming? I mean you would get fined either way, whether i send you to jail or not. What im trying to do is level with you here, sir, so that when we work together in the future, you know when im processing you in the future that we get a more uh. You know tone back attitude. Well, i just said that when youre im, the one behind bars and youre, you call the shots: yeah thats, fair, all right ill, allow that thats, fine okay! I wasnt done talking and youre interrupting me.

I wasnt done talking and now youre just interrupting, so it makes it disingenuous so its like that makes it uh disingenuous. You know, were still talking about a video game here. Right well actually were were not. This quote has nothing to do with gta its them sorting out their real life problems, while using a video game as the outlet later on. We can see yet again that xqc is special when he talks about quote unquote, moulding in character but having fun out of character, as in real life, mute im, a like you wanted muted talk. I mean you said: im mute, im, muted right because im tired of hiding behind this – that you do every time: okay, um! Now i admitted to you today that in character i was molding and then out of character. I dont go there with all of that. Okay, but do you want to end so that we got the talk that you asked me for or not okay, cant sing before okay? Can you understand that? I always do this and its not talking about god. Here we go, i know youre gon na try so hard to justify behind your character, and i know your chats gon na make you feel like youre, incredibly justified youre gon na double down on it. Okay, but if they dont know the that you did the other day in the room out of character, no streams, no game involved, they dont know i uh.

In the end. The best way i can explain it is that xqc thought that they were having an argument about the game and adept was mad about their real life situation about the time they dont spend together about xqcs man, child behavior. The game was always just an outlet for her emotions. The simple fact that they fought against each other in gta was sort of a sign that things werent going so good. You would expect a boyfriend and a girlfriend to want to support each other, no matter what, even, if its just in a silly game and uh thats. Basically it its kind of simple when you get down to it, thats, where the relationship ended, even if they didnt know it at the time. From this point on, uh things were never fixed, nor did they get better, a good relationship which fell apart due to man, child mistakes, passive aggressive behavior, lack of communication and lack of quality time. But what if we look at it from a different angle, if were being honest, they were never really a good match to begin with, like a square peg and a round hole, and on top of that theyve been together for years, no matter how much we want To like and lie to ourselves, a lot of humans have the urge to not be in long term relationships, but instead be in short term ones with multiple partners. You know based mostly on uh.

You know what you know if im not mistaken, other streamers, like yvonne and falcore, broke off their relationships. For that reason, you know again, i could be totally wrong, so feel free to correct me and ill. Probably pin your comment and uh thats. It theres nothing else to say: ive been a fan of xqc for a while. No and it sounds silly but overwatch, you know it really meant a lot to me. Man and dallas dallas fuel did too you know, and especially just uh just felix in general. He actually had an interview recently where he was talking about wow thats.