We have a depth of the best with 450 000 followers on twitch, and you can find them mostly in the just chatting section or playing the grandfather 405.. Now, to downstream i ended up ending a stream early due to xqc being upset because xqc blamed her for not rescuing him in gtrp. Soon enough, here is a depth response all right. Well, uh! I guess im gon na end, my stream, because uh felix is mad. That i didnt rescue him fast enough, and so now i have to go deal with the dms its a disaster. So this is this is sick. Thank you. Felix shout out to you youre doing great youre, youre youre, making this i dont know whats going on, but this is like number 25 in a row or something i dont know, but here it is again lets go morning. Jail. Did you help me? It is what it is: man hey, it is what it is. Did you meet europe really dont know. No. I dont um on epal.com on what eppell.com what is epel its like when you pay someone to play video games with you? No, you did not yeah, he paid me, no, you did not. He paid me for like two hours and then we like had a couple more times like and he paid me and then he was like. I was paying to be my girlfriend. That is true. Hes going to be paying you for literally the next 18 years as well, exactly all right chat will know, but i think he doubled down and was like no im not doing that.

No okay, okay, okay! I thought it was. You know what im gon na fire thats so funny. I really actually thought i had to double think and then i said yeah. I had to look a lot. I looked thats scary man. How you do that um, im gon na teach you how to say hello. How are you, okay, okay, koncha, Music yeah? I get more hate than most women. Why? Because im a our difference and work difference put in this stuff needs to be said. We cannot sit here and and say: oh, the males are screaming 400 hours each on average. Right and the females are streaming on average 102 hours each. This is unfair that the males are on top listen. You show me a flap right here right, pokeman, streamed 76 hours last month and then were talking about why shes not in the top 10 of the uh uh platform, because its 76 hours, if she went, live for 380 hours, she would be in the top 10. With me, exclusive gold than the other seven, do you understand like these, so youre saying girls dont work hard enough? No, what im saying is that our stream needs to be presented with these statistics. No, i agree. I agree thats a good point that you brought up there dad and i thought you werent paying attention that was very good. That was very good youre. Looking at your phone, i thought i was bringing this up because i was good.

I wanted people to see this. Like look at the stats here, look at that. What i mean by that is that its its an argument or its a point that skips ahead. The main point is, and a lot of people that dont, like women are going through with this and thats. Okay, youre wrong: okay, but even if there was a big difference or a difference at all, in between the the the amount of uh time that men committed a woman put into streaming um, it can be explained very simply its a male dominant sphere and has been The longest time, gaming and streaming right and uh and and a lot of women get a a lot of hatred and a lot of misogyny or whatever, and they get much more backlash for just going, live and existing it. Therefore, its obvious, they will stream less because theyre getting more. Everybody knows this. You can deny as much as you can. What the is this i mean, if you must, why is this in your glove box? I dont. I someone put that there. No someone put that there. Why did you open the glove box? Because i saw it, someone put that there i saw. I thought it was a pokemon card, so i grabbed it and i was like wow. This is first edition, but i like mine so far. Two minutes left repair. Simply, are you drawing boots? You degenerate no im in not got ta get it in there.

There you go its almost in there. There you go there, you go there. You go good job. Okay, stop! Stop! Stop! Stop Music! Okay! Go again! Just across the pond, its terrible its not what assassin class classroom classification assassination classroom wait, so he can watch that, but he cant watch twitter yeah. I dont mind the action. Oh okay, he knows its, not its cartoons, yeah yeah, okay, a mangas; rather he gets it. He gets it yall say it right. Manga yeah, but um youtube is just a little more. Is it like yeah and thats? What it is? Do you know about hot tub strippers yeah, yeah hes, a boy i get is coming, but i dont want it to be too much in his face. Yeah you dont want to know his face, but yeah. He watches scary movies. Everything i dont mind that kind of stuff – oh yeah, cause you know about it, yeah yeah, but when it comes to his mind and him what he yeah, yeah, totally yeah, but ill stop and watch it all with them too. Thats not terms thats, not definitions and thats, certainly not facts, thats, just random anecdotes. I have just posted this connor lord, please for the love of god tale of twin rabbits im, pretty sure your brain is running on 1995.. Okay, never mind conor youre clear for takeoff were 30 minutes into this goddamn debate. Talking about, like i dont, know terms about her and descriptive reality and history, and all that kind of, and you want to talk to lauren about gpr and whether or not she can off hand come up with a new way to conduct anthropology.

I dont give a catch up because, basically, what youre doing right now is youre acting smarter than everybody else in the room, while saying absolutely nothing, absolutely true. Okay, thank you, never mind. Connor youve, redeemed yourself. If you guys enjoyed this, video feel free to drop a like, and if you want to keep up with the latest news and clips be sure to subscribe and turn notifications on and ill see you guys in the next one yeah its going with this guy.