Please don’t cry Music. This is just soon i’ll return, Music, bringing you all the love your heart can hold. Please Music. His eyes will wait for me. Applause, Music, Music. Spam is please smile for me once more before i go soon. I will return bringing you all the love Music wait for me: Music Applause, Music. Music. Do i can remember when we walked together, Music sharing, a love i thought would last forever own light to show the way. So we can follow waiting inside her eyes was my tomorrow Music, then something changed her mind kisses told me Music. I had no love and arms to make Music lonely Music everyday. I start up, then i cry my heart out lonely as a man without love Music. I cannot face this world that’s falling down on me. So if you see my girl, please send her home to me. Tell her about my heart that slowly died say. I can stop myself from crying every day. I wake up that. I start to break up.