This is uh david sausage, doing a bad rendition of eagle, humper dink, um, humper, it’s uh release me yeah uh, and the news. The 84 year old singer who lives in los angeles he’s, asked his fans for their praise. After being told here’s the forest not funny, despite nearly a year of an abundance of care, he began a series of tweets after nearly a year of an abundance of caution and care, covert has caught up with us and found a way into our home. Now we must not let a positive result bring in negative mindset, but i must say i could use your help in this department. We are asking for praise good energy love and support to be seated on our way to receive our way. The release me hit maker also ask people to keep his wife patricia who suffers from alzheimer’s any thoughts i predict, who has four kids, got jason louise bradley with his spouse added. My biggest ask is, for my darling, wife patricia prepare. She has been through so much it does whatever it takes, she’s an unbelievable woman of strength. Peace also keep our wonderful, caregivers and oppressed. Thank you, ingleboo. The last waltz singer, his wife, who he married in 1964, has battled alzheimer’s for more than a decade and receives around the clock here at their belly home in 219, i’m putting sheets to it, patricia calling him by his name and speaking to him. For the first time in years, she couldn’t remember who he was um.

He said at the time she hasn’t spoken for three years. She recalled my name three days ago, which is wonderful to hear it’s the best christmas miracle ever i’m thrilled, oh brilliant, that’s, brilliant, and i love it. This prison answered being answered, keep praying for about the people for his wife and for him you don’t want to lose hump and think yet. Never really was a fan of him but yeah. I remember that song, please release me um yeah he’s, pretty good. I knew people that just loved the guy Music i knew years and years and years ago, um yeah, parker yeah. I think he is into that guy yeah too big to you, um, you passed quite a few years ago, um. I regret noticing coming to visit you but yeah. He is a good he’s, a great humbling fan that’s. How i remember that so yeah so pray for this guy pray for his wife’s. You know miracles can happen. Okay.