She might even be stolen, i dont really know, but ive certainly got the proof that i paid all legal good money for little sheila here. So lets have a look at what she comes with and work out. What is wrong with her, because sheena blesser is not fully functioning on all cylinders. Eddie cylinders really lets have a look Music. Yes, hello, my vacuum cleaner chums! How are you today? Yes, this is a karcher t9 slash one bp well get to the slash one bp. In a second, although this may be a bit of a giveaway, yes, im fully thinking that this things just been stolen from somewhere and flogged off facebook marketplace. But then again, who knows its certainly quite old and sheila – has certainly seen some of you, starting with the very nice looking but incredibly worn, karcher look its even got karcher imprinted in there little ben 10, very nice. Indeed. Obviously the hose end is a naked thing, and it just pushes into here the guy couldnt get it to do it. He didnt know how it worked. He was trying to put this off. It was quite funny watching the immediate struggle. Then we have two very nice black ones and in fact, theyre not welded to the floor tool, although oh my word look at that, but they are welded together, which is a pain in the bum. So i think oh theres, something inside of it as well. How nice yeah, i dont, think theyre going to be separated.

I think they have just corroded looking at that look that coating is coming off and its just rusty and thats whats going to be jamming these together. So i think yeah, who knows then we had the floor tool which is not original, because sheila has on her cheek a little birthmark, which is where you saw the floor tool, but not this floor tool. This is a pneumatic clone, one, its quite nice, its completely battered, but hey its talking pretty bad. It actually works okay, its a little rusty, though its a bit here, its just its, not very good. Really. This will be a bit of a shame but hey. This is, you know its 32 millimeters. We have some options. Lets have a look at the vacuum itself, which is yeah its a little nilfish bagged vacuum cleaner, really, but with a very, very big difference and the guy, when i asked her about this, gave me a thumbs up on facebook. Messenger is what made me get in the car, so im a little bit annoyed, but equally you know i only paid a tenner for it, its the hybrid battery version, missing, of course, its hybrid batteries and its charger and its flying lead to be used as a Mains vacuum, which is what this bit here, is four but yeah, and there is where you click two 25.2 volt batteries. Giving this thing a total power of 300 watts, hey farm. Its 300 watts in here is where some small tools should sit.

Havent gotten underneath is utterly disgusting. Look at that its been heavily heavily used. Uh. Is there a date night like we bothered to see? No, i think well, just thats fine. If we open up sheilas top look at that look, get your motor out for the lads we have uh disgusting used water damage mixed with carbon, just fantastic motor in here we have ourselves a little tiny filter, which is incredibly disgusting, thats very nice, and it will Pop that back in there like so get in there yeah put that back in and just give it a little twist and then in here its quite funny like that doesnt it we have ourselves a filter. This looks like soot actually and the bag compartment itself, which is delightful. I wish ill put that back in there straight away, so yeah little shielder has potential but theres. One massive issue is that it doesnt work at all when i plug it in via just a normal three pin plug little sheena. Doesnt, do anything so what were going to load pretty much straight into in this video, is getting this open and see what has actually exploded inside of it also looks like its been eaten by an animal now talking to somebody. Whos had one of these apart before it seems fairly simple. Apparently they just come apart in layers. Music, so well take the top layer off. Maybe this is all part of a shell, because theres some screws some screws there thats it any screws in here yeah.

Oh yeah, there we go that was it fantastic. So here is our little crutcher thing: oh big chunky, inverter for the power socket there blimey look at that, thats, a suppressor, no thats. Actually, no big city thats going to be the spit charging circuits. Oh barbie! Yes, we need to be careful here, dont we. So this is the mozart loop most of the in in a wire loom. Ah theres a switch and well i say, golly gosh, it doesnt seem to click, but equally i dont really know if it should probably does. I dont think this is going to be a board thats too clever, like the dyson digital motors, all crumbs right. Are they going to get me bearings on this and well ill? Take the next layer off anyway, even if it could be a dodgy switch just because ill go check, it look at it. Its had some use but thats it. Okay, ive taken the photos, worked a few things out and also taking out all the screws because we may as well. I am going to have to unplug this loom, which i havent thought of until realizing this. Now the only thing holding this entire board in okay, you can go away like so all right. We need to take this big white bag out. I want to take a big heat sink off. Look i, like it careful with this, just want to lift you out of the way really one yeah, excellent god.

It stinks. Oh, i need you there, because we want to have a look in here at our amtec motor. Look at that, its just a pneumatic motor and oh thats in excellent condition. There yeah youll be able to see that wow, okay, sweet, okay, so motor is probably good. One thing that i have noticed is if i shove this up the neutral cable and then i can hold this on whichever one i think it was. There is no continuity between this. There is on the live. Prove this to you now before i go off and fix it, there we go and also yes, our switch is oh. This is difficult to do. One handed broken, so we need ourselves a new, its going to be a new cable. Ill, be honest. I might get rid of this anyway and a new switch, and i think i know just the very chat to go to to fix it. Yes, thanks to mr james dyson and they didnt departed, but complete trash dc 33 and a switch from my box. We can start to piece, oh my goodness. Well there we go thats, probably why it didnt click anymore or ever whatever. No one cares put this one back in you came from over there dont tell me theres no room for you now thats. Where you came from there, we go. It only goes under there. Really, i think its just to stop it from pulling around.

Oh, we had well if we had a female figure of eight connector, there must be a fancy word for those could possibly find ourselves a powder a bit of power headphone right for now, though, we need to do wiring fun because yeah. Well, i pulled this out: where is it there? Does it see that hole, yeah thats that thats, where the neutral cables blown up? So we are, i im going to fit a dyson cave, and the first thing that we have to do is to cut off the original strain relief for the thing which isnt too difficult and yeah im. Not gon na use a knife because i will slip and cut myself very badly. We all know that weve seen it enough times before, so it doesnt take much anyway. I want to keep the original live crimp. You see we got to stick a new crimp on the neutral because its a male who needs to be a female but yeah we can even tuck it around properly. Oh, no wait! We cant cant, take it down, probably ill push it through this blind, thats, close wouldnt it i cant, be the only person, whos done a pneumatic and then realize that the bit the cable tidy bit. That goes on the hood. Its still sat on the floor now, the live does just drop straight in, but yeah ive got to put a new crimp on there, so this will cut now and then im going to go and do this.

I cant remember where that went now: yeah, who knows ill get all this back together and ill, get it all back together and well plug it in and see what happens. I found the date wheel. Look june, oh youre upside down there june 2006. That says so. There we go nice and old, theres bits of tape everywhere on it, shes, obviously like sticking stuff to her vacuum: cleaner, the weirdo honestly, so back in theory. We should just have to put this back on give up some screws and well see if sheila actually works here. We go, then, is sheila going to run or not that motor did look very nice, but that doesnt always mean that everything else is: okay, theres, a delay, the iceberg, Music, Music, very nice. Indeed, so maybe my ten pounds wasnt so bad afterwards. The very least, even though its never going to be a cordless machine, as far as i can tell at the minute very good dry vacuum for 10 pounds, and we have some fun with it and on the way. But i think this cable might be a little bit too long for sheilas head lets have a check. Obviously these leds here wont do anything without batteries, because they are the status, leds and ones that blink. When its about to die, hey, it does fit. Look. We just got ta loop, that around look at the original dyson flex, holder, doing its thing and hey sheena runs again, so its not property of m m.

I t i e anymore and like if theyre going to be difficult to get off, will they peel yeah? They will peel well that one has it well 2016. How far can we go? I think its very far theres, only one more underneath this 2016 2015, oh dear 2015s, proving a bit tricky to get come on. People dont want to see me struggle with one of these stupid things, theres a big fit here, but 2014. There we go so we have a couple of years worth of history with old sheila. She was in use from 2014, but youd have been quite old. Then, actually so there we go, we got some more stickers off look. We can take this stupid piece of parcel tape. Oh no weve ha well attempt to take that off the back and yes, i think we can call that done so. We have ourselves um, cleaner, im, gon na dribble, some plus gas in there and leave it for a few days, but i am not very hopeful that were gon na look at sheilas poles taken apart, but never mind, the machine is itself works, so there we are. Thank you very much for watching, i hope youve enjoyed and i and sheila will see you soon.