5 kilogram cordless vacuum cleaner. Now, if you ever suffer with the dyson uh with things like the pulsing or it loses suction, then some of the cleaning tips i will show you should be able to help resolve the problem. All id normally say just before we start is. Please give us a quick thumbs up on youtube. Just give us a quick, subscribe uh. What i do is ill talk about things like called as vacuum: cleaners, household appliances, ive covered quite a few cleaning videos on a lot of other dyson products and to be fair, theyve gone down normally quite well. So just give us a quick subscribe, then well make a start so just to start off with im just going to show you how to clean the tools and accessories, first so ill, just pop the main unit to one side um. As far as the the main pole or the lance or the wand, as some people call it theres not a huge amount, you can do with this um. All id normally recommend just on the outside. Just get say, a microfiber cloth just make sure its nice and clean going around the pole as far as the inside. What you want to do is just make sure there are no blockages inside this can be a cause of loss of suction, with the the any of the dyson vacuums. Not just this model, so just have a look all the way down uh.

If you need to then have a look down both sides, if you cant see all the way through then thats, something that you might need to sort out just be wary, so you dont want to get any of the contacts wet at the end here. So dont put it in water or anything like that, but once youve done that, then just pop that to one side i suppose the first proper tool to look at is this one. This is the the mini fluffy head and what youll notice is that theres a slot just on the side here, if you just lift that, then that just pulls out and thats quite good. I must say i do like this design. Dyson are making things a bit easier now for us to help clean and maintain the vacuums, now, first of all, just to notice that here its more of a utility area that im doing this in. So if i do get dirt and dust everywhere, then dont worry too much about it in some of my other videos, people commenting. Why am i doing this? First of all in my kitchen? Well, thats, not the case. So all i normally recommend doing with this is just taking that end part off. So with this fluffy head, what id recommend doing is giving a quick rinse under the tap. What this does is, first of all, it just gets rid of any any dust or dirt. Thats around it um also, hopefully, by doing that, it should as well lift the bristles again, because you can see theyve theyve fallen quite flat, so ill just give it a quick clean.

So now ive done that lets just get the majority of the water off it. With this clearly im not going to be able to put it back together straight away, but id normally recommend putting it to the side for for several hours. Um youll see that theres another filter that i need to clean in a minute. So with this id recommend just putting it aside for probably 24 hours actually now for the main part of the fluffy head tool, what to do as a non, we recommend getting say a damp microfiber cloth, something like this and just wiping it around the and what You dont want to do is do not get this part wet. What youll find is that some of the some of the parts which, especially if theyve, got electrical connections, then you might, if you do wash them, then you could find that over time that it will damage them and then it wont be covered under the warranty that Dances offer to be fair. The dyson guarantee is a two year guarantee, but thats really for faults or for anything that goes wrong, so i just recommend giving that a quick wipe over and then once youve done that looking as new. So what i want to do is ill ill. Try and put these things separate, so i wont put them all here, because this area might get quite dirty so ill. Just put that to the side and the same with this side part just give it a quick wipe over with a damp microfiber cloth, which this is and then were ready to move on to the next tool.

Now the next tool to clean is this one. This is the mini turbo brush or mini turbine brush. Sometimes i call it now to clean this. All youll need is a coin. Sometimes you can use a screwdriver, but it is recommended to use if you do use a screwdriver use. A very large headed screwdriver, because what you dont want to do is to damage the side of this. So if you just pop a coin inside there twist it and then what youll find is that that will just pop out and then that will give you the ability to remove the brush from the head and ill be under. Be completely honest that this one and one of the other tools i havent used a huge amount. So what youll find is theres, not a huge amount of cleaning that i need to do and similar with the brush. I suppose just give it a quick wipe over just make sure that that brush is nice and clean uh your what you might find. Sometimes you might have hairs wrapped around it. So just take all the hairs off make sure thats, nice and clean and to put this brack together, all you need to do is just locate the brush back within the main unit. Just get this, so you just locate that thats it get the coin twist it its only a little bit, so you dont need to be too forceful on it again.

You dont want to damage the head on this uh. I have done it before and i have seen customers do it before where they get to a small screwdriver. They start to try and twist it and it just matches at the end, and it just makes it really difficult to open and shut this. So again, i just recommend getting a coin for this uh, but basically, that part is done now so ill put that to the side and then carry on with the next tool again similar to the mini turbo brush. To be fair, this hasnt been used a huge amount. I have used it sometimes, but all id normally recommend doing is. First of all, if you have got any hairs around the brush part, then i just recommend removing those first of all and again just getting a damp microfiber cloth just give it a white round. It just make sure that the the connection of the end is nice and free of any dirt or dust uh. What youll find? Sometimes you know if you have owned this for a couple of years, then you could find that, especially at the end here it could start to get a bit dusty and sometimes, if its not connecting properly to the main body of the vacuum over there, then it Might not work as as it should do, but, as i say to be fair, this isnt really dirty. So i think what ill do is ill put this to the side and ill concentrate on the main unit.

As you can see, this has been used quite a bit and theres quite a lot of dirt and dust in here. So really the first thing is to go and empty this im not going to do it on the on the worktop here, im just going to go over to my bin and do it, as i say in some of my other videos, id normally recommend trying to Empty this outside what you can find is the amount of dirt and dust that you get coming back up at you. Uh is quite a bit so um im, just gon na pause. This go and empty the bin and then come back to it. If youre not sure how to do it, uh if you well, if you own one of these, you should know how to do it. You just got a little handle underneath that pushes forward, and then the end will flop up and then all of the dirt and dust will come out so im just going to get that done. First of all, now, for this next bit, all im going to do is im just going to stick a couple of bits of paper down and just makes it a bit easier cleaning up afterwards um. I thought most of the time id recommend putting some something like newspaper down. Unfortunately, ive not got any newspaper to handle at the moment. So, as you can see in here, uh ive just emptied the bin, and there is quite a blockage in there thats something that can stop the the vacuum in from sucking up uh and thats.

Often, what causes the pulsing uh, which is quite a common thing, with quite a few dyson cleaners, doesnt matter, whether its the uh say the older v6, sometimes the v7 v8. Do it as well? So just be aware that when youre doing this, the bits are falling off, so it can be quite a messy job thats. Why? I try and put things down to just try and make life easier to clean up after yourself, so to take the bin off youve got a a trigger or a lever under hair. All you do. Is you twist that and then pull that and then the bin will come off and then, as far as the main unit, really what i want to do to start with so ill try and get all the the dirty jobs done is to get in here you See theres quite a quite a lot of rubbish in here at the moment, so bits will start to fall out. It might be a case. I might just need to go and get some some tweezers or something or a little screwdriver just to go and help take some of these bits out all right. So in some of my previous videos, what i have done is ive actually taken this inner shroud out. What i have done um is – i have just taken this apart because to be fair, i hadnt done it before using a t8 torx drive theres. Only four screws on here so clearly its quite easy to do and to take this off.

If you really want to so in the end, i did end up using a screwdriver just to get all the dirt and rubbish out of here now that i can see inside that thats im, not sure if you can see in there but thats nice and clear. So theres no blockage at all in there. The reason im doing this is because when i was using it, then it did start to pulse um to be fair, its quite annoying um its something that quite a few dyson cleaners do, but normally just by cleaning it. Maintaining it properly, then you dont need to get a service engineer out to it, especially you dont need to go and buy a new vacuum if that starts to happen. So what i want to do now is just get an old paintbrush. Just an old dry paint brush and just give this a a brush round: hair theres theres, not a huge amount. We need to do on this part, so youll just find that if you knock the end, then youll find theres quite a bit of dirt. That still falls out which, which is quite annoying really, you know, youre cleaning away and, as you can see its coming out from the inside, but that just means its less dirt thats within the vacuum itself. So i think now were were done there thats it. So what ill do is ill get my damp, microfiber cloth and just give it a wipe around here.

The key here is to dont get any of this wet. What you dont want to do is you dont want to put water around here at all, so you can either just get a slightly damp or even a dry microfiber cloth. This is quite a dry one. Now the key to it is when youre doing this, these rubber seals here just make sure theyre, nice and clean. What you can find is again if, if these are dirty, then when you put everything back together, if it doesnt seal properly, then youll find that the suction and the performance isnt that great, but as far as the main body of the vacuum ill just give it A just give it a white round. You want to make sure its nice and clean. We have got the filter on the back here, so im just going to take that off. Lets just pop that main unit to one side because were almost sorted with that now as far as the filter itself, this as it shows its got a picture of a tap or a faucet, if youre in america, and what this will do is this is designed To be washed, so lets just give this a quick rinse now just a tip when you are washing it just hold it down. What you want to do is you want to make sure that any of the dirt and rubbish comes out of the end. You dont want to wash it like that, because what you can find is any of the dirt that you just washed out of it.

Then that could go down to the bottom, which is sort of defeating object to what were doing so. Just make sure you wash it that way with any of these filters, and if you have followed me on youtube for a while, then especially some of my cleaning videos im, always an advocate just leave the filter to dry for about 24 hours before you put anything Back together and use the vacuum, the main reason is: if you dont leave it, then what you can find. If, if we were to put it back now and use the vacuum, then it will damage the vacuum and that would not be covered under the warranty. That comes with dyson, uh or any manufacturer, actually its, not just dyson. So this is really why i recommend buying a spare filter. I have post a link here if you didnt need a spare filter and the main reason for that in theory. What we could do is we could get the vacuum clean and then i could put this to one side for an hour for 24 hours and then with my other filter i could put that on the vacuum and then we could go and vacuum straight away. But at the moment, because ive only got one of these filters, then i do need to let this dry properly so and just before. We finish this part just make sure that the rubber seal around here is nice and clean again.

What happens when you push this back onto the vacuum? It creates a nice seal at the end and again, if that isnt clean, then that can have an effect on the performance of the vacuum as well. But really the next part i want to do is to clean the bin out. Ive got quite a few bits coming out still so lets just put this out of harms way. I dont want that to get dirty again so with the bin. I just recommend getting a just get your paintbrush again Music and just give that a good wipe out what you want to do is you want to try and just get get as much of the rubbish out as possible um into my earlier videos. I suppose id recommend giving this a wash and i suppose, theres no harm in giving it wash theres no electrical connections in here, but really what what i want to do is to try and do it as quickly as possible. So again just get your microfiber cloth and give that a good wipe out inside it. Doesnt normally take too long to do this. Just give it a good wipe around the edge here and really one of the most important things and the same as a filter. Make sure that this rubber seal is completely clear of any blockages any dirt or debris, and just make sure that thats, nice and clean. So again only takes a minute to do it.

I suppose what you can do is this. This is quite a quick thing to do to clean and maintain it, but i think really what we need to do now is im going to clear all this rubbish away and then start to put the vacuum back together. So, to start off with lets, put the fluffy head back together now: youll notice that since ive washed this, then its almost got the fluffiness back into it. And now i know it sounds a bit silly, but beforehand when id before i cleaned it, it got a little bit flat, but now ive washed it and almost brought it back to life. Then just get that part and that just slots onto the side there you just want to locate it dont force it on, because theres only one certain position it goes on to and then once youve located that then that just clicks back into place. So now that part is all done as far as the main body of the vacuum cleaner, then the bin itself, so youll notice its nice and shiny again, almost as new, so that just clips back on youll see around there that youve got the uh the rubber Seal around there, and, as i mentioned just weve, made sure thats, thats, nice and clean, and the last thing we need to do is just pop. The filter back on all you need to do is just locate that on there twist it and then just make sure thats fully back in the original position.

It i mean cleaning. The filter is actually an easy thing to do. If you do get say the pulsing thats, quite a common thing with dyson vacuums, then really. The first thing, i suppose, is to check to make sure theres any blockages within the main body of the vacuum. But i suppose the second thing is just to make sure that the filter is nice and clean thats. Something id recommend doing, i suppose, quite often, probably once a month once every couple of months really depending on how dirty the home is that you vacuum them. You can find sometimes, especially if, where your vacuuming is in quite a dusty or dirty area, then you could find that cleaning the filter is needed more often, so i hope you enjoyed this quick video on how to clean and maintain the dyson micro 1.5 kilogram. Cordless vacuum cleaner, please, give us a thumbs up. Click subscribe on my youtube channel id always ask for comments, whether its good or bad about the video. If you think theres any things i missed, then just pop it in the comments.