So we got a few different ones. Here we got the the hard floor like your tile and your hardwood and laminate, and then this ones your carpet and then this ones, your upholstery and your stairs. So the only things were going to need are small pair of scissors flat edge screwdriver. If you dont have one you can use a coin like a quarter and a cloth so depending on the attachment this one, the carpet one. If you look at it, you can fit a coin right. There im just going to use my flat edge screwdriver twist it to loosen it, and it pops out you just twist it till it doesnt twist anymore, and i like to just take my cloth if theres any hair on it. Thats, tangled up you just take your scissors ill show you on the upholstery, one in a sec, this ones actually not too bad, so i dont use it that often, and then im just going to wipe out in here try and get your cloth in there. All right, when youre done that and its clean enough for your satisfaction, were just going to put it back together, so the open end is going to go first twist it to lock it in place. Thats your carpet one done now. This is the hard floor, one. So that screw is on the bottom here, so this one youll need a flat edge or a very small coin twist it like that, and then you see on the side theres an arrow, pointing down this just pops down like that.

Your little roller comes off here. This comes out and then same thing. You can get rid of any dirt inside use your little scissors here, im not going to get this perfectly clean on camera im. Just gon na show you real, quick, so theres, some hair in there im just gon na cut it out, give it a quick wipe. You can be more thorough yourself and then youre going to take your roller here and youre going to slide it back on again. Open side goes first put your roller here, so that open side theres an open side and then a spinning part here, open side goes first and that spinning part sits in there clip it together, like that twist thats all done now, this ones similar to the carpet. One, so you can see theres tons of hair in there twist cap comes off, pull that out its fairly clean in there. If you want to wipe it, thats fine, take your scissors detangle as much as you can again im not going to be absolutely perfect. Just so you get the idea now, if you look at it, you have this open side and its kind of got some ribs inside there. That goes on this spiral piece, give it a little late spin, while youre pushing it in so make sure on your outside. You have this side here that attaches to here put your cap back on push it into place, lock.

It then youre all good and thats that one done so.