I am alex stadnik. I am joined by the one and only brian shay hello, sir happy monday alex. How are you it was? You know the weekend was sublime and i loved it. But now im loving what were seeing here, which is sonic colors ultimate and if you remember, if youre a fan of the gi youtube channel, you remember that shay and i uh did an ngt uh, a very quick one on sonic colors yeah. I feel like thats. You youre in my lot in life is we did that for pokemon snap too, but this isnt pokemon snap um. You got to play it this time, though right this isnt your footage, but you did get to play it. I did yeah so i played for about 30 minutes um and unfortunately it was a virtual demo, so it uh. You know the controls were a little laggy because i was playing on somebody elses computer, oh yeah remotely, but you know it played very well um. I i think that you know they did a great job of moving it away from anything that had anything to do with motion controls, because this was a wii exclusive title when it launched in 2010 interesting – and it has not come out on any platform since okay. So thats the big attraction for this release, i think, is that it uh its bringing it off of that obsolete platform and on to modern consoles and pc okay, thats, exciting, so theyve totally done away with emotion controls.

Then right, yes, okay, i mean i havent played the switch version, so maybe but theyve talked as if its just completely motion control, less interesting, thats, an interesting comparison, especially since we got something similar with skyward sword uh earlier this year, but now that youve got your Hands on it does it does it and you know, granted you didnt get a pure experience right playing it over on someone elses computer, but like is it living up to your expectations and what you loved about that first experience yeah. So i mean this is probably one of the better modern 3d sonic games um. It certainly was probably the best 3d sonic game since sonic adventure 2 when it came out in 2010, so the best sonic game in almost a decade. At that point, uh – and you can tell this – definitely influenced the future of the franchise uh going forward and sega team was fully acknowledging that, and that was one of the reasons they when they started talking about like the kinds of remakes and remasters and stuff they Wanted to do this was at the top of their list. This was kind of like a foundational game for all the titles that have come out over the last decade: okay, interesting. So what youre seeing right now is the wisp powers um, which have appeared in games like uh sonic generations, sonic forces team, sonic racing. This was actually the first time that those appeared.

So if you missed out playing on this playing this version or this game uh on the wii, this was uh kind of like their origin story. So, like you know, you can kind of just accept in those other games that oh its just like a power up that sonic has, but this tells how these alien life forms kind of came into. Sonics uh sonics world interesting, okay, its a little lore dump there. I can dig it yeah, so the the whole story behind this is uh. Dr eggman has put together an amusement park in outer space, but somethings just a little off so sonic and tails go to investigate and it turns out that he is using these aliens called wisps as like a power source and hes like enslaving them to power. His amusement park, so sonic learns about this and basically goes around trying to free them. Yeah. Okay, do we ever find out what eggmans deal is hes just hes, an angry man? I dont know hes hes kidnapping animals turning into robots. I dont know whats happening with this man yeah. You know he just he just doesnt like robots or he doesnt like animals. He likes robots, fair. I i guess. Maybe i dont know he wants power. He collects the chaos emerald he tries to. He tries to trick knuckles yeah theres, all kinds of motivations for this man yeah sure i do love the as someone who never played the original game, because i think i was.

I was more focused on the the my xbox than my wii at this point. When this came out um, you know i, i love the the balance of of the 2d versus 3d sections right where you get. You know a little taste of both and you know as someone who enjoyed sonic mania. This is definitely something im interested in right. I i like sonic, ive, never, never understood the hate, though ive also never understood the brian shea level of love either. You know im very neutral on sonic um. Well, if youve never understood the hate, youve never played sonic 06 thats, true, which is just an abysmal title all around. However, i think that, like what i like about sonic colors, so much and what a lot of people have forgotten is like people will talk about how great sonic unleashed is, and i fully agree that the daytime stages, when youre playing as the hedgehog version of sonic, That youre, seeing right now are awesome in unleashed and uh im, not the biggest fan of the werehog, which turns it into like a slow, greedy, brawler yeah, which is at night stages on unleashed. But this is just uh, basically a similar style of gameplay. As the awesome sonic, the hedgehog version of uh unleashed levels for sure, so this is just that without the werehog in the middle i mean obviously theres some things that are a little bit different in unleashed um and a little bit faster and a little bit.

You know just different approaches to like how to handle sonic speed, which has always been a giant problem for sonic team for sure ever since going to the 3d realm is like. How do you make it so that like sonic can go super fast but not feel unmanageable, and i feel like uh? This is when they started figuring that out a little bit: oh okay, cool, so this could lead. You know this is a good blueprint for the few, as weve seen the glue a good blueprint for the future on what theyre theyre looking to do and stuff yeah talking to takashi azuka. I asked him like hey what would be a good entry point for fans and he said that if you want to learn about the pretty game, its sonic mania, if you want to learn about the 3d game, he thinks sonic colors, ultimately, the great jumping on point, Because its accessible, its approachable and its it kind of gives you insight into what the rest of the series nowadays is doing. Perfect thats, awesome and – and you know, for those who, like customization, it looks like you, can you can trick out the blue blur a little bit here? Oh yeah was that a part of the original game uh? No, so this is something that theyve added uh its. Maybe not his best looks but uh or his most iconic looks but hey its the look that you get to choose so thats, always something fun right, its a beautiful thing.

So they added this. They added the ability to remap your buttons um. They added new rival rush mode where you race, against metal, sonic and uh. The the tails save feature where uh. If you have a tails token and you fall off the cliff and basically youd fall to your death, normally tails will come and pick you up and put you back on the ledge so that thats all new stuff that theyve added, in addition to taking a game That was originally 480p and jumping it up to 4k resolution or capable 4k resolution 60 frames per second improved lighting and environments uh, so yeah its. It seems like a pretty solid remaster from what ive seen played and talked to the developers about for sure, thats fantastic. Well, mr shea, i appreciate you uh. It would appear that sonic colors ultimates coming out september 7th, which is just around the corner, which is very exciting uh for switch ps4, pc and xbox, one um its a beautiful thing. Mr shea, thank you so much appreciate you. You appreciate everyone watching uh be sure to like share and subscribe, and we will see you all next time.