I, which is the entire point of this video yep sega, invited me to play the game and thats what i went and blooming did. There are a few caveats to that. Of course, in the current climate i didnt go to sega and play the switch version. They didnt send me the switch version. Instead, it was because its a preview – it was streamed like it streamed over something called parsec which ive used before so its kind of they were streaming the game to me and my inputs were controlling it. So there was some input delay and also obviously youre going to be looking at a screen capture of a streamed video, so its not gon na look great also. Obviously it wasnt the switch version. It was the pc version, because that was you know, thats how the streaming system works and everything so yeah. I havent played the switch version, but i have still played the game, its the same game at its core and thats. What we want to focus on also bear in mind, as i said, the footage, its not going to look fantastic and it is not representative of the switch version at all or indeed any version because its been streamed and then screen, captured and compressed about 14 different Times so bear all that in mind, but anyway, thats more than enough waffling lets dive right into things. Music. Can i surprise you its still sonic colors yeah. At the end of the day, this is still sonic colors, its still the same wii game that has been remastered uprezzed and, although not pressed its running at a higher native resolution and yeah its its still sonic colors, though its exactly the same game at its core And yes, its very good sonic colors is a very good game.

If thats all you wanted to hear for this preview, then well youre done, but please hang around a bit longer eh. There are some changes that theyve touted and theyve added some new stuff in theyve remastered all the music and the only one of which that i actually noticed any significant difference is the opening uh cut scene music, which sounded. I genuinely thought it was a new recording at first and then the vocals came in and its like, oh no, its its the same. They just remixed it slightly as in like an actual remix, where you change the levels rather than like going whoa remix god. I sound old and its fine, but i i didnt really notice it in the other areas, so its a bit difficult to pass any judgment without comparing them side by side, which is something that i will no doubt do in the future. But in this instance it wasnt practical to do so. Uh thats, one of the differences, the other things that theyve got um theres things like uh, one of the new inclusions is: was it rival rush mode? I think its called where you race against metal sonic and i have no footage of it because it wasnt available to me – or at least i didnt, find it. I did look. I really looked. I only had half an hour to play and i didnt find it so i have no opinions on that front.

Hey when playing through the game. There were a few smaller tweaks here and there that i definitely noticed – and generally i think, uh, maybe not necessarily for the better. I mean. Obviously the game looks a lot. You know it looks a lot better than the wii original. The original was a wii game. This was now a pc version that i was playing. The switch version also has uprest and everything i do know for a fact, because i asked them. The switch version does run at 30 frames a second it was suspected for a long time, but now we know guaranteed from sega themselves. They said it runs at 30 frames, a second so hows about that theres. A number of instances in the game where you step on a switch in order to like start like getting progress somewhere, usually like a handle, comes down or something and sometimes youll, press a button and some enemies will appear and you have to defeat them. And then the handle comes down or you know something happens to allow you to progress so its kind of like a whoa stop. You know and defeat some enemies, its not out of this world and thats the same. What they have done now, though, for some reason – and i dont know why is youll step on these switches and tails – will pipe up and itll go pressing. That switch sponsor, make man robots, and i i get why theyve done it.

Im not gon na lie its kind of irritating, but its really not a big deal, its its like a its really, not a big deal. I had to go with the uh, the jade ghost wisp as well, which is a new wisp, and it appears in places where well, i i dont know for certain, because obviously i havent played the whole game, but it seemed to be in areas where there was No wisp before, like uh theres, an area well youll, be seeing it now thats easy with me trying to describe it and theres a jade ghost wisp there, and there was no whisper there before. I know that for a fact, because i always used to go that way and its its kind of useful. It opens up certain areas like certain new areas. They have like little things like they have these little park, tokens that you can collect now and they unlock customization and customization is something that i also wasnt allowed to look at so um yeah, but its basically just another little collectible and i dont think theres a Limit per se, because you can get them as well. Um like at the end of a level you would um in the original you get like a ranking and a score and everything, and if your score was an a or above, i think you would get an extra life um and now there are no lives, essentially Uh you get like these tails saves, which means if you fall off tails respawns you like really close to where you were rather than the previous checkpoint.

Interesting idea be interesting to see how it works in the long run, um, but uh you dont get one of them. You get a park token, so that goes towards your customization, which is a pretty cool thing, rather than being something temporary that you use up in a level its something that has actually kind of progression, but in a secondary progression. I i think, thats genuinely a a good improvement. What was interesting and something that i could even tell over the streamed image is the fact that the cutscenes theyre the same as the original but theyve been upscaled like ai upscaling and its pretty much the same sort of thing that they did with um super mario Sunshine in super mario 3d, all stars – and you know what it looks. It looks alright um im just assuming they dont have the original files. You know theyve just got the the pre, you know the actual pre rendered stuff and they just upscaled it. Instead or maybe it was cheaper or something im assuming the former. You know they lost the original files. They generally look. Alright, you know theyre not out of this world. You can tell its upscaled if youre looking for it, but overall its its pretty good would be better if it was. You know like the original files that they rendered again at high resolution, but its fine, its better than it not being upscaled at all and looking weirdly low res, so haha theres one thing as well: its really minor, but theres um well ill.

Show you some footage where you can see it um. If you look at the lasers that are coming out of these enemies and you got to move the platform and everything understandable you look at the lasers as theyre going off screen, the lasers disappear before theyre off screen, uh and thats a bit weird, its theyre. Basically being called out because theres no need to render them if theyre off screen, however, theyre not fully off screen yet so its a bit weird im, guessing, maybe its tied to the object rather than the lasers themselves, and so the object is properly out of screen. Thats weird, i dont remember that from the original, but it could well be in. My first thought was: aha, it was in the original and theyre called out because it was 4 3, forgetting that it wasnt for three. The game was 16 by nine. So presumably they would have taken that into account. I dont know why thats there, maybe its not going to be in the final product. I thought id mention it, but all in all this is sonic colors, its sonic colors, again its its literally the same game. A few tweaks here and there i dont, know whether theres any major changes in the level design. I did ask them and they sort of gave a bit of a vague answer. Ill. Tell you ill read out visual upgrades aside. The levels for the most part are the exact same today as they were in the original release.

However, some updates were made to adapt for the jade ghost wisp, creating new secret locations and opportunities to use the wisp, which is pretty much what i said but its nice to have it confirmed by sega. It feels a little bit like a missed opportunity to me, because sonic colors was its a really good game. It does have certain areas where things slow down like precision platforming, i mean precision, platforming, precision, platforming for a sonic game. So really not that precise uh. You know, youve got these areas where it slows down and the action takes a you know, slower pace, absolutely thats kind of important as long as you can like go fast over it through a different route or something, but it slows down, and you got to do Like usually like a zigzag, jumping up platforms like that, its fine, the only thing is um parts of it, i think, was because it was being streamed. So there was input latency for me that sort of thing, doesnt necessarily work very well in um in colors. For me, its that seems like that could have been an area to improve things a little bit, maybe replace it with something a little bit more sort of straightforward or you know just make the platforms a bit wider or something. Maybe they have done that they havent told me, but either way that sort of feels like that. You know it was a prime opportunity to try and kind of iron out some of the wrinkles iron out some of the wrinkles and make it the best sonic colors can be.

I dont know whether theyve done that i asked them. They didnt give me a like detailed response, but, as ive said time and time again, its still sonic colors, its still a really good game. Thats. The major takeaway from this preview not terribly surprising, im, not gon na lie, but there are some theres, some differences that weve covered arent there. Some differences, not many, but some thank you so much for watching. If you like this video and why dont you have a quick look at our new jade ghost subscribe button and be sure to check out nintendolife.com for all sorts of lovely nintendo related content. Thank you again for watching bye Music. Thank you so much for watching.