You probably know what im about to do with all these paint cans and all these random products like glasses and shoes and stuff like that, we are going to be hydro, dipping ive. Actually never done this, so im actually really excited to try it, because ive always wanted to try it ive, actually, never ever done it were gon na do it today. First one were gon na be doing. Is this its a nerf gun protection, helmet thing which is kind of cool like you can switch out the little mouth thing, but its just its not me. So we need to make it better. We need to uh cover the ice because we want to actually see when were doing a nerf battle. We got some painters. Tape were gon na just tape all over this right here, so nothing gets inside. We have the front and the back all ready to go. Now its gon na get the water ready thats. Why? I have all this paint dont feel it its scary, every step it sloshes more Music. Can you see no im ready to go im ready to start this nerf battle? Are you gon na dip, your head into the water? No, i would get pain all over it. Heck yeah, no, its gon na be messy messy. Okay, i dont know how to do this im just gon na go for it put some blue in there. First, there we go im going to get some purple oops i broke it.

Oh thats smelly were gon na. Do some metallic finish whoa that ones pretty cool, that is pretty cool, were gon na. Do some more metal finish, but gold. I think its gon na be crazy to top it off lets put some red in there, but red doesnt match does any of this match. It looks good the reds gon na be right in the center okay ready lets. Do this see if this actually works im worried that its not gon na work? You have to do it. Slow, yeah, move all that extra paint off to the side, and you can use this water over and over and over again, because its just it sticks to the side instead of uh lets see that it pretty dope that looks freaking sweet. It worked that is so cool. It might fall off a little bit, but im pretty happy with that. That looks sweet. Now we have to go. Try the next piece. Okay! Now we just need to let it dry for a little bit that was so cool. So much better than it did next up. I have two pairs of glasses that im going to hurry and tape up the in and out of, and were going to hydro dip, these its going to be sweet and prepped for surgery just kidding. I could never do surgery okay. Next up, we have glasses, we have one hair, theres, maras and one pair thats mine, so im actually gon na.

Let mara do hers, she wants to you wan na. Do yours or you just wan na, tell me the colors ill. Tell you the colors okay lets do mine first, im gon na do some gold in there oh wait, thats red, good red baseline there Music. Why well be right back Music? It didnt work. This one worked, though Music, you messed up. My artwork sorry were gon na. Do some pink in there too lets do some fluorescent green purple. I like these spots on it. It looks pretty cool. Okay lets see how this works out. This turns out. Okay, you ready Music, my gosh! This is crazy. I just moved this around a little bit. It like stayed on on the glasses what the heck it doesnt i dont know. I cant tell somewhat worked yeah its just kind of messed up on the sides. Well, mine, didnt, work that well lets see if we can get mars to work. Lets put it with all the drying stuff. All all is in one theyre kind of like italys, black colors, red white and green. I noticed that thats actually kind of cool those are the colors. I want blue gold, silver and pink. Yes, you want in any specific order. Um just surprise me: okay, let me get the gold one first, we can do it right, break it up a little bit and then were going to do blue next paint and then silver and then go over top again with the blue.

Okay. Here we go ready, see what your creation is created: yep, im, ready, Music, i dont know how well this is working, uh messed up. Wow the front looks cool, though the sides just got messed up that part. That needs to show yeah thanks babe. I tried didnt work, though maybe we can get some shoes to work, thats next shoes, okay, so we have the two shoes now were gon na see if it works better or worse, with fabric than plastic. Okay, for this one were gon na. Do some black thats? Actually, really cool, then some white were gon na need a lot for this one, because its a lot more surface area than the other ones that weve done. Oh, my gosh, i think i actually broke broke this one good job, youre, saying yourself were not doing that. One, i guess, do some purple red lets: do all the colors for this one pink, blue and then right in the center were gon na. Do gold. Okay lets see if this shoe actually works. Look at that the bug is walking on the top. Oh hes gon na get stuck in the shoe if he doesnt move three two one whoa. This is gon na, be cool. Okay, that one worked out a lot better than the other ones that weve done. Oh no, it didnt as you move it too fast. I think you need to put it down. It looks kind of cool still, but not moving too fast put it down, but not move it too fast.

Okay, do that for this next one, a lot of red silver and some purple blue finish it off with some gold. Of course lets see. If we can do this one a little bit better, its like so nerve wracking when im putting it inside, did you watch videos before you did this? Yes, that one did better. Look at that thats! Actually pretty cool except the backlight just looks dirty. It looks cool lets, put these over here, real quick, the one that got good and one of them that got messed up Music got some purple in here got some blue in here. What are you gon na paint this one? We got. Some silver hey got some gold, its actually gon na look cool. Can i see your phone? Oh? Why please, can i see your phone? Your hands are dirty. What do you want me to look up? I just look at your phone for a minute. Take off your labs, then thank you. No! No! No! No dont dip, my phone into that. Why not because its only water resistant watch ill show you dont, branson, dont, branson, ready. I will kick you and then your phone will drop into the stop. Okay! Fine! Well! Do this one, then you already did that to one of my phones. Remember the iphone 13 coming out soon. What did i do? I forgot that i didnt have my gloves on dang. It you made me take me glow.

My gloves off. I, like your little dont, make fun of me ill, really, hydro, dip your iphone. Well, it kind of turned out good. It looks like the ocean, somewhat thats, actually kind of cool. I like it, lets see your hand, though you know what we dont need to talk about, that really hydro dip your phone now, no okay, fine, but we need to do uh more expensive things now more expensive things. I went and found a gold watch. Look at that gold watch and uh i was like what can i do with a gold watch. Lets hide and dip it because thats what you do with expensive watches that are made out of gold right right, babe right, laura wanted this watch, but i said no were gon na hydrate it, but then you can have it it pinches. Your skin, though it does pinch your skin thats, what are they like? Beauty is or pain? Is beauty or something like that beauty is pain. What is it called? What is it like? Beyonce says beauty hurts yeah thats the one i was looking for were not gon na use any gold for this, because why would you put gold on gold were gon na make this ugly, so i mean were gon na make it beautiful. Okay, were gon na, make this as beautiful as possible. Put some red in there first and then were going to get some blue and were going to get some green green were going to get some black for the center.

That looks pretty cool. I dont think the watch is going to get any of the bread, though i dont know what its going to do. Im worried that its going to mess it up its not getting on the top. Oh there we go, bring it up and down. Oh gets. All of it that looks gross you just have a big glob, its gon na look cool, though maybe probably not. Okay, there we go. What is that? Its a very ruined expensive watch, its just red okay, were gon na. Let this dry out and see see what it looks like that does look gross. We have one more plan and mara actually doesnt know about this one. Yet seriously. This one is definitely the most expensive item that were gon na hydro dip today, the most expensive. What is it i put on my gloves? First hold out your hand, which one youre my right and hydra dip your ring. What no you wont you dont think i will no im gon na put some of this in there real, quick, some white. You said you were gon na dip, my phone and you didnt, so you really dont believe that im gon na do it. No, i dont believe you some silver in there. Some purple looks like barney and some blue. Okay, are you ready? You really dont think im to do it, no shes going to do it im dipping it no youre, not yes! I am okay im dipping it ready, stop im dipping it branson im dipping this im, dipping it im, dipping it! No youre, not yes! I am no youre, not youre the one that paid for it exactly thats.

Why im dipping it? It worked. You didnt guys better hurry and like this video, because maras gon na give it to me, i might not end up im gon na wash you right now. No youre, not yes, i am no youre, not give it to me. Babe dude, its, not bad. No youre gon na get paint all like that. Look at all that paint look at all the strap youre, not gon na wash it its going to dry its going to dry in the water if its the right paint, it will just give it to me. We need to let it dry just give it a. Let it dry if you guys, dont, hear from branson. You know what happened. Give it to me all of a sudden. I stopped posting videos. Youll know. Why give it to me, look its it looks cool. It looks babe, it looks cool look only because the camera is out, but im gon na grab the chunk line. Im gon na just kidding, i wont so im doing it on camera. So you wont. Do those things give it to me its you need to let it dry its going to get paint all over you? How about we do this camera next, no thats different! Oh, is that different? You cant reuse the camera after its been hydro dipped. Here we go ready were just going to let it dry right here, no dont touch it dont touch it just let it dry.

I want to see if it dries, i will clean it up afterwards, its so ugly. It looks fine, no, its fine look at that. It looks great people will be like. Oh, i love your ring and youd be like yeah, my husband, hydro dipped it. Who else can say that babe until i ate cheetos im mad uh hit that like button because uh i dont know if im gon na make it through the night? What are you doing? Why? Because i want to see what happens. You said it yourself. I paid for it, but that was the ring. I just want to see what happens you know the paint is gon na dry and its gon na look ugly thats, whats gon na happen. No, its not well just wait a little while and see that moments later. Well, its time to do the reveal of how it actually turned out so first off we got the phone case, didnt turn out too bad, like look at that it does look like a beach theres, still like pieces of stuff coming off of it. Uh, these ones are mauros glasses. Take off the tape here. Look at that its actually kind of cool, okay, theres yours, babe, try it on looks pretty okay, those actually look pretty cool im, pretty impressed with this one ill trade you no. I made this one. You made the other one too whats the problem it failed. You can have this one.

If you want lets, see damn theyre, pretty sweet im, pretty proud of these, i guess so or watermelon. Next up, we got the shoes im gon na, take off the tape of the shoe real, quick Music. Look at that thats actually kind of cool its in the back; those sell for like million dollars somewhere; okay next one, oh, my gosh theres! So much tape on this one who taped this anyway, you, i think shoes are easier because theyre so much bigger yeah and it takes up a lot of the pink look at that. That is actually really cool. Youre gon na wear them im gon na wear them. Oh yeah, so this is the ring. Do you like hearing yeah uh? I dont know how youre gon na clean that this one im excited thats, not even a cool story. Theres stories of people saying i lost my ring here, blah blah blah blah. Let me see my husbands still wiring and spray painting the crap out of it. I didnt spray paint it okay, hydro, dipped it, but who? Who can do that kind of story? We were making a youtube video and my husband stole my ring and hydro dipped. It depends on how you save the story. Babe, you can make the dumbest most boring story, sound awesome. If you do it right, these actually turned out pretty cool too im all ready for the the war for coven or colby that actually like it turned out pretty sweet.

It even has like the a little bit of green still there. I, like the silver like splash down on the bottom and then like on top. It looks cool i like it, but then uh. We also have to show the nasty, the nasty nasty yeah this ones gon na be really nasty. Are you gon na wear? It lets see, put it on not right now, its still gross look, its still ticking iron man, sticky iron man, watch thats gross put it on. I cant its too sticky stretch it out, ew its sticking to your hand. I know its gross okay. Well, that was a massive fail. What are we gon na do with this expensive gold watch now wash it off its not gon na be the same. You dipped my ring, thats different, guys, whatd. You guys think of this, which one turned out the best in you guys opinion. I think the shoes were pretty dang cool and the mask. Those are my favorites anyways hit that like button because i destroyed maras ring and uh. We love you guys and, as always, you are worth it and fight where you are here. Have a nasty disgusting.