I would have never guessed the valve steam deck to be a thing, but here it is challenging the likes of the io neo gpd devices and even the switch. But how does it compare to one of the best, the 1x player? Finally lets? Look at the most interesting part, the specifications but before that be sure to check out the links in the description and the comments section. If you fancy taking a look at either device yourself anyway, specs the steam deck relies on an amd zen 2 cpu of some description, but the specifics are not fully disclosed, although what we do know is that itll have four cores and eight threads, which is exactly Half as much as the xbox series s has what that equates to is a frequency of anywhere between 2.4 to 3.5 gigahertz, which is actually really good for playing games on a portable device. Bear in mind. The screen is 7 inches and isnt fully hd. So youre not going to be playing with crazy, amped up graphics, so performance should never be an issue anyway. On the topic of graphics, we also know that the gpu will be a rdna too suffice to say thats more than enough to get by gaming on 720p. So theres not much to be said on that front. On top of that, it also has a generous 16 gigabytes of lddr5 ram, which is great for two reasons. Firstly, thats a lot of ram for such a small device and, secondly, the fact that its lddr ram, rather than just ddr ram, means that itll consume less power and therefore aid towards a longer battery life.

Hence why it can last up to eight solid hours of gaming when it comes to storage. There are three ssd options, ranging from 64 gigabytes at 400, up to 512 gigabytes for 650 dollars ill. Give you a little spoiler thats a whole lot cheaper than the 1x player, but is the 1x just a better device well at 1400, bucks for the higher end model and 1200 dollars for the standard model, its kind of hard to argue, because is any handheld really Worth that amount of money, the cheaper model is running an intel core i5 11th gen and a terabyte of ssd space, but for sake of value ill. Compare the higher end model that one runs an intel core i7 11th generation, which is pretty incredible because thats, the sort of cpu youd, expect to find in a relatively high end laptop its unlikely that whatever amd zen 2 cpu, that the steam deck has will be Able to compete with that, especially considering it has a frequency of 4.8 gigahertz gpu is less impressive as its only an intel iris x3, but similarly to the steam deck. The need for a killer, gpu isnt necessary due to the nature of the screen being too small, to be able to display massively high resolutions moving past that the 1x also has 16 gigabytes of lpddr4 ram, which is actually no better than the steam deck. But then it also has two terabytes of ssd space, which equates to roughly four times as much as 512 gigabyte model of the steam deck.

When all hardware inside the one x is taken into consideration its actually a remarkably powerful device for such a small form factor, in fact, in overwatch, the one x experience between 65 to 84 frames per second, which is really stable for such a demanding online game. Red dead redemption 2 experienced similar fps at 60 to 73 frames, so suffice to say its a more than capable handheld for any aaa game, although, admittedly, these fps readings were taken on low settings, so how it would perform on higher settings is anyones guess, regardless the Steam deck is probably not able to reach those numbers in the same games based on the hardware, although valve has stated that it can run the entire steam library at a bare minimum of 30 fps, hinting towards the fact that it can run most games somewhere. Above that mark so spec wise, the 1x wins by a pretty fair margin, asides from the ram and then the gpu, which is less relevant. In this case, the one x has a pretty meaty cpu, which will be very difficult to compete with, and the storage options are also considerably larger. It should also be noted that the one axis screen has a resolution of 2304 by 1296 pixels compared to the steam decks kind of awkward 1280 by 800 resolution. This means that the 1x has twice the ppi density, so itll look more crisp. In general, though, with such a small screen, the difference between the two devices will be marginal.

Specifications are a losing battle for the steam deck because its cheaper thats. Okay, though, because id argue its better value but either way looking past the specs, a big question is how fun does each device actually feel to use in terms of the design the steam deck definitely goes for a more retro sort of look which, depending on your Preference can be either very nostalgic or very ugly, but regardless it is pretty ergonomic. Despite the square design. The handles are well curved and lead into an additional four triggers on the back which allow you to have more control over your movement in games. The 1x player doesnt have that option, but rather the standard amount of triggers youd expect on a controller so prompts to valve for thinking of that, one, its also notable that the thumb sticks are not diagonally placed like the 1x, but are horizontal. The reason for that is because of these square track, pads, underneath on either side, which add a similar function to that of the ps4s duelisense controller, whether or not thatll actually be a useful feature or a waste of space is up to you as the user, because Im not sure everyone will be eager to use them. Personally, i dont like track pads because i find them to be too fiddly, so for me, id rather have the diagonal. Thumb sticks instead like on the one x, but of course that is subjective. Comfort is relative to a lot of physical factors, but i see the track pads as being a source of thumb cramping.

However, i can vouch for the placement of the abx y buttons being next to the thumbsticks, because thats just a more accessible place in my opinion. But again, i still prefer the whole layout of the one xs control since theyre, more natural, its also a bigger device with a larger 8.4 inch screen compared to the 7 inch one on the steam deck. For obvious reasons, i do think the bigger the screen, the better to an extent 8.4 inches, is the perfect balance between portability and usability. The differences dont stop there, though, because the functionality of both the 1x player and the steam deck are actually pretty different, while the one x runs full fledged windows, 10, the steam deck opted for its own steam os, of course, the option to install windows onto the Steam deck is always there, but, from my perspective, the steam os is way nicer than windows. 10 for a handheld windows was made for pcs, which means its a pretty intricate operating system with the one x. It can often get fiddly at times, which is annoying, but at the same time it also opens up more freedom compared to the steam os with the steam decks own operating system. Its more like a personalized experience and not to mention the fact that its set up specifically for this device, so the overall usability will be way better. From my perspective, the vast majority of games are already on steam, so the need for windows 10 isnt strictly necessary.

Although i can see why its useful for the case of the 1x player, it actually has the ability to be connected up to multiple external monitors, as well as an e gpu, to boost gaming performance and turn it into a full on gaming pc. Just because thats such a cool feature, i cant really fault it, but still, i think steam os is more convenient, so whats. The verdict then well ill start off by saying that the high end 1x player will cost you over double what the high end steam deck costs, thats a big difference, which is why i think the steam deck is, without a doubt, the better value device. It offers a crisp experience with a fluid operating system that houses pretty much every single game and performs really well, since all games hit a minimum benchmark of 30 fps its enough to satisfy and at half the cost. However, if you want a more hardcore gaming experience that feels more close to pc gaming and the 1x player will be better. Not only does it outdo the steam deck greatly when it comes to specifications, but it also runs windows and can be converted into a desktop pc. If you have the cash for it, and you know what you want, then absolutely go for it, but in general i have to say that with bing for buck considered, i do think that the steam deck is the better device.