Instead somewhere youd appreciate, and that was by investigating whether cs go would benefit from vulcan. You may have heard of things like directx or opengl. Well, vulcan is another one of those things and better than the one that cs go currently uses, because it should help to reduce overheads, resulting in more consistent if not better performance and less latency per frame. A real success story of vulcan was its implementation in doom 2016., compared with opengl vulcan, improved performance on nvidia cards by somewhere between 3 and 11, and on amd cards by as much as 40. But it seems the benefits of moving to vulcan depend very much on the engine and on the use case, because when dota 2 got vulcan support in general use its performance actually dropped. Oh no, but in a busy battle scene with high draw calls. Performance became significantly better thanks to vulcan and when do frame rates matter, most thats right all the time, but especially when theres heavy action on screen, and perhaps even more importantly than that, vulcan resulted in significant latency reduction of more than three milliseconds per frame when compared With directx, which valve noted, was really important for latency sensitive games and in brackets, esports, which other source based game fits. Those requirements left 4 dead 2, which itself got vulcan support about 2 months ago, because i quite like this game. I used this as an opportunity to carry out a series of rigorous tests comparing the performance of directx 9 against vulcan, and i found nothing worth reporting on.

It was the least productive day. Ive had a week. Well, okay, i did discover some things from my testing. 99Th percentile performance actually seems markedly worse when using vulcan, visibly stuttering when entering new areas or when new sound effects are being played for the first time i mean this has always happened with source, but it seemed much worse at the start of any vulcan rendered game That i played within a minute – or so it seemed to go away, but given that my benchmark sequence was less than two minutes in length, it impacted heavily on the results i collected, but looking back at dota 2s results. They said it made the game perform better when under heavy loads, so i threw all of my repeatable rigorous testing out of the window, and i just played a finale once with directx and another with vulcan and suddenly vulcan performed better. This was despite there still being a series of noticeable stutters at the start, which directx didnt display, and yet, despite this, the 90 and 95 minimums were still significantly higher, with vulcan indicating more stable performance. Overall. Now i dislike benchmarking. Chaotic scenes like this one, because there are so many variables that you need to account for, but it does at least indicate that left 4 dead when using vulcan, runs more solidly during combat sequences after its gone through a few initial stutters and freezes anyway. But the move to vulcan would be about more than just performance.

I think its also about making life easier for valve who currently have csgo running on directx for windows and on opengl for linux. I dont know what maintaining two different apis entails, but im sure it would be easier for it all to be on one unified api – hmm, if only there was something they could both use. But who cares about linux? You might ask yeah, i dont either, but valve does and very soon. I will too because its what the steam deck runs on. Why thats? Yet another great reason for why valve should make all their games use the same renderer isnt. It makes you think that porting left 4 dead 2 the other month, wasnt just something they did for the hell of it, nor when portal 2 gained vulcan support back in february of this year, maybe just maybe cs go will also get the vulcan treatment sometime soon, But if theyre going to do that, then why not go further still achieved with source its getting to the point where i no longer ask: why should cs go get source 2, but rather why shouldnt it source 2 is no longer just a half finished engine. The launch of half life alex saw to that and valve can port older games to it like they did with dota 2 and theyve shown a drive to modernize other source based games recently as well, but with left dead 2s transition to vulcan just the other month And dont give me: the old csgo already uses the bits of source 2.

That would benefit it nonsense, because we all know it would benefit from other bits. It doesnt yet have updated mapping features for a start. I mean even fmponers, dropped his csgo hammer and has moved to half life alexs greener pastures, for his mapping, fixes take a hint and yes, new maps like ancient are beautiful and all that, but theyre still so source one since csgos release every bit of the game Has been modernized, apart from the very thing thats being used to render it and before you say, itll slow it down. Firstly, half life alex, looks and runs great, and it manages that in part, because vulcans good for that kind of thing, and if you argue that change will ruin the pro scene ill argue that its being ruined without it so yeah im holding out hope that were Going to get something pretty for cs go soon and then on top of that valve has just started: dropping cryptic clues on twitter. You can go on about how theyre, trolling or debating all you like, but no you cant just tease it stuff without there being repercussions and as someone who dislikes it, when a large company tries to act all sassy on social media id rather be like fine youre Teasing at something im going to expect something big and if you dont deliver, then i wont be mad. Just disappointed and cs go. You dont want disappointed fans right now, so thats it source 2 confirmed get on the hype train.