Theres been a little bit of news here and there, with certain things going on. I havent talked about everything, but the one that i did find interesting was talking about how amd and valve are working together on increasing performance with this system. So if youre, not aware which im sure most you guys are valve is using an amd apu as the core of the steam deck. So an apu is essentially an accelerated or advanced processing unit, which is a processor that incorporates the cpu and gpu into a single chip with the apu being used here. It includes a zentu cpu and rdna 2 gpu out of the box. The steam deck will be powered by steam, os 3.0, which is a new optimized version of the steam os that is being customized for use on this game deck. This os is an arch linux based system and also includes proton, which weve kind of touched on before, which is a windows compatibility layer that allows the steam deck to run games that were made specifically for windows via the built in operating system. So through that linux operating system youll, have you know, windows, game compatibility? I think the use of this windows compatibility layer is what will make or break the steam deck out of the box for the average user, as i feel there will be a lot of people who purchase this, who wish to just use the device with the stock Experience doc os and just play all of their already owned steam library, im sure therell be plenty of people myself included, who will want to install their own operating system start tweaking around with things tinkering for sure.

That will be the case for a lot of users out there, but for the average person who just wants that stock, you know experience playing their games. You know that windows, compatibility layer is definitely a big thing and with valve having already stated that they havent ran into any issues play testing any games on steam. So far, i do feel thats built up quite a bit of confidence, but we know they havent tested everything, its just, not possible theres, so many damn games on steam. It just seems like an impossible task to test everything, but from the looks of it theyve tested. The majority of you know like aaa titles, the most popular titles on steam. That kind of thing so definitely sounds really good until proven otherwise right, but i feel that confidence is there for now anyway, but now we do have word that amd and valve are closely working together on improving the performance while running that steam os on the steam Deck for games that will need the windows compatibility layer to run. Essentially, they are working on fine tuning, the acpi cpu frequency driver to improve power, efficiency and performance. For you know these amd devices this driver – it was initially not as efficient from what ive read with more modern amd design, so this collaborative effort can definitely bring improvements to not only the steam deck, but other systems as well well have to wait and see how This all turns out and if it will be a valve only specific driver or if itll be something thats available to everyone.

You know open source type of thing, but overall this does sound like good news for those wanting to pick up the steam deck. You know it said that amd will talk more about the details of the specific driver later this year at the developer conference in september. So well have to hear more details, then, to see how this is all going to work out, but a lot of promising things being talked about out there, im really digging seeing you know that its not just okay, the systems done were just waiting to manufacture it. To see what kind of interest there is theres efforts out there to improve upon what theyve already done, which hasnt even released to the public yet, and i dig hearing those kind of things and seeing those kind of things and ultimately, itll have to wait until these Things are in the publics hands to really. You know, have a good idea on the performance, the efficiency of how these systems work. One of the biggest concerns i think people have out. There is going to be the battery life, not just the storage which weve heavily heavily talked about in the past, but that battery life is gon na, be a huge thing and anything that can like make the efficiency of the cpu better. You know improve upon the power and the performance can be a good thing that winds up trickling down to battery life as well. You know one person in one of my comments brought up the other day talking about when we were discussing storage options and all that kind of thing talking about the impact of you know, games loading and different types of storage that well use on the you know.

The impact of the battery life with that type of thing so im sure you know a lot of us out. There are going to be interested in squeezing the most we can get out of that battery. As this is a portable pc, its a handheld pc. Do you want to be tethered to the wall like a sega game gear? I mean its said to have between two to eight hours battery life depending upon you know, settings what type of game youre playing that kind of thing two hours really is not much uh. I could definitely see the use of like portable batteries and stuff like that, but for sure im open to hear any kind of news that could potentially you know help with that. You know hopefully going more toward the higher end of you know. Eight hour battery life and im not saying that this specifically will impact that, but anythings possible anythings possible thats. One of the biggest concerns i currently have is that battery life, but then also at the same time like hey if that battery, just like doesnt have juice anymore and we cant recharge it type of thing. Is it going to be easily accessible to replace that battery? To get a replacement for it or to get a better battery installed later on. These are all questions we wont know the answers to until this thing is torn apart. After its you know in public hands, i dont know that necessarily valve will have like ign or any of the other people.

They, you know, have been close with doing. Tear downs, necessarily im curious to see if that does happen before launch, but really its gon na. Be a waiting game to know for sure you know what were working with what is the possibilities as far as expanding upon the system ourselves with the storage and possible battery replacements, that kind of thing just have to wait and see, but im im, you know, really Excited for this device to drop im really looking forward to it. I have a few videos in the future that im already planning on doing. You know talking about the steam deck and i cant wait to get it, so i can actually do content with one. In my hands, but let me know down below, are you still excited for this thing? Has the uh the hype kind of worn off on you? We still have some months to go before we even have to worry about possibly paying the full price. For this thing you know, if you put in your five dollar reservation, let me know down below im really curious to see. You know what what the uh, the the thought is. You know with the community that watches my videos on this device.