I mean it just looks pretty damn sweet and you know its not the first of its kind. Sure theres been other handheld pcs out there, but this is going to be one of the first from a big name company now valve they have, you know, put out hardware in the past and it does seem like theyve learned from some of their mistakes. In the past – and i know ive seen articles out there, comparing them to the nintendo switch and how they came up with that device. As far as you know, previous somewhat of failures with other product lines, same thing with valve here, theyve had different types of hardware. In the past – and this kind of was born out of those previous, you know tests or failures if you will, but with us being so hyped. For this thing i mean its not all going to be unicorns and rainbows and puppies and roses and whatnot theres going to be a lot of good news. Then theres going to be a lot of news, thats kind of right in the middle theres. Just so much yet to be seen, and one of the big things that weve been talking about was with the new steam os version 3.0 steam os 3.0 and that proton. You know, windows, compatibility layer, thats going to be used for the steam os. A lot of people are going to want to load up their own operating systems. A lot of people are just going to leave it stock myself, ive been kind of conflicted on that.

I do want to mess with this a bit, but i think if i do anything with windows, im going to have a portable installation – and you know have it boot off of like a usb drive or micro sd card and just not mess with steam os. Just i want it to stay on there. I dont want to you know re partition that hard drive or delete the drive and put a different operating system on there. I want to leave it steam os and then just have other means of messing around with it, but with that that linux operating system and that windows compatibility layer, there could be some issues here and i recently saw an article on dot esports. That was talking about a handful of games that just will not be playable on this device, at least not right. Now the device isnt even out yet but its still an interesting topic to consider that yeah there will be games that just cannot be played through steam. Os anyway, now theres going to be a reason for this and ill talk about the specific games that were mentioned in a moment. But with that windows you know, compatibility layer being you know, utilized with proton. That is a great thing to be able to have access to more games, but for sure theres going to be some things that just for whatever reason, dont work valve, has tested a ton of games and im sure theyre continually testing games to find specific issues to Try to work out before the launch of this device, doesnt come out uh for the people who got in early on the reservations until december, and then you know going up through like quarter.

Two of next year looks like when i looked again at the reservation site. It looks like everythings been updated to after quarter. Two so well have to wait and see for sure some people may you know, get kind of skittish and decide not to buy this thing. Maybe you know holidays come around and theyre like ah nah. I cant do it. Im gon na have to wait. Some people may back out because it was just a five dollar deposit and a lot of people. I mean five dollars just like whatever man you can get it refunded, but im sure you know the the reservation list will be changed a bit over time. Some people get, you know knocked down earlier into the uh the list there, but the one thing thats going on with games that are not going to be playable on here, its one that it doesnt really bother me too much. I kind of understand it, but i have a feeling this stuff will be ironed out over time and from looking at this list, most of it looks like just online games games that you cant play any other way for the most part theres. Some exceptions here mind you, but it looks like the biggest thing here are games that have like anti cheat software implemented into them that proton, just it doesnt work with it so using proton to boot these games, the games wont be bootable because of that anti cheat Software, the games that i seen mentioned were things like apex.

Legends dayz, dead by daylight. Destiny, 2 fall guys. This fall guy is still popular. I know its supposed to be launching on the switch at some point. Maybe thatll kind of research, the uh, the popularity of it fall guys was fun for a bit but thats kind of beside the point. Other games ive seen on there was pub g rainbow. Six siege, smite paladins uh, black desert or online, so it seems like more so these online games that have that software implemented into them to not allow cheats right. So with that that compatibility layer, it looks like theres going to be a problem ive seen in my comments, a lot of people saying you know what, if youre, looking to get this device to play, these kind of games, like you, know, competitive online games and handheld Mode youre going to be at like a a big disadvantage playing against people with keyboard and mouse, and while that may be true for a lot of games, theres still a lot of games that you know have online components where yeah you can use a controller. Just fine and youll be paired up with people who are using controllers type of thing or games that just dont require that level of accuracy. As far as movement goes with mouse and keyboard, you know the kind of accuracy you could have with that type of movement. You could have with that theres going to be some games that thats not the biggest deal ever so ive never said myself that hey the steam decks not going to be good for online competitive games.

I just think its a valid point, but its just really going to depend on the game. You know if youre going to be at a really big disadvantage playing that way, but then, at the same time you have to remember this is a pc. It can be. You know put in docked mode and used as a desktop computer with a keyboard and mouse attached. If you want it to be that you know kind of a portable desktop type thing, you have it in your hands. You go plug it in at a monitor with a little keyboard and mouse action. Youll be fine with that, its its a versatile device from the way everything seems right now but, like i said, as far as those online competitive games go its really just going to depend on your play style what those games support, but then im sure with this Little list that ive mentioned today that there may be even more games that pop up that are found to not be playable through the steam os like this is a steam os thing. This isnt, like, if you load up windows on your your steam deck, that you wont, be able to play these games its a steam os problem that it looks like they are supposedly trying to work with certain companies that have different uh. You know cheap anti, cheat software like easy, anti cheat battle eye a few of them that ive seen mentioned that you know valve is trying to work with them to see if they can get some support for proton before the steam deck is launched.

So this could be just news that doesnt really mean anything in the end it could be all ironed out, but at the same time you know pc gaming theres always going to be those little caveats of compatibility with certain things: certain operating systems, certain software – that is Being used and utilized by these developers, so these things you know you got to keep in mind. At the same time, this device seems really awesome and i cant wait to get it. The hype is, is, is pretty big right now, in my opinion, but theres still gon na be those certain things that we just dont know yet and if it turns out that you know some of these games stay on the list of not being playable through steam. Os youre, just gon na, have to deal with it. I guess i mean im sure theres people out there who want to play fall guys in handheld mode on the steam deck and, if thats not ironed out by then you might have some people who are pretty disappointed. So its going to be a wait and see type of thing. What other games get added to the hey? These cant be played what games get added to the list and then removed, because you know compatibility has added the proton later on im really. You know intrigued by all this stuff, seeing the progress all the different news going on with this thing, because its a product thats actively being developed right now.

As far as software side and all that that kind of stuff, we know what the specs are, but a lot of us know you know, as far as pcs go its not just that its its drivers, the software that kind of thing so theres going to be A lot of tweaks between now and then and then even more so going after the launch of it theres going to be continual updates to the steam os. All sorts of things are going to be tweaked over time, as this gets out in the hands and the masses of the people who are hyped for this thing that want to play on it, theres for sure going to be issues that are found at that time And hopefully the support remains to be a big thing, where theyre actively working on fixing things and working with companies to ensure these games. You know run on the system, as it was stated before gabe had mentioned. This is like the beginning of something big, not just valve making steam decks, but other companies down the road making steam decks as well. So if theyre going to all be utilizing this specific steam os yeah, i mean the supports going to have to be there im. Confident that theyre going to continue working on it but im sure there will be those instances where companies are either just like nah, we dont get the resources to bother with that or just you know, maybe they have something against valve in the steam deck.

I dont know anythings possible. Let me know what you guys think down below just like sharing. You know any little tidbits of details that im hearing about little news updates, like i said, im extremely excited for this thing. I know a lot of you guys are as well and then at the same time, not all the news could be 100 positive. This could be looked at in the middle theyre theyre. You know figuring things out now with things that are going to have issues and theyre actively working on trying to fix that, so that could be a positive in the long run, but then it could also be a negative.