It’S your girl, camille adrian aka, the alchemist formerly known as the boujee buddha and i’m here, to give you the lowdown on what’s, going down tonight’s full moon, so let’s get into this y’all tonight is the full pink moon, the full super moon. First of all, it’s. The first of two of the super moons that we’re going to have this year. They bat it back back to back but it’s the full moon tonight and it’s the pink moon, y’all i’m, so excited because the full moon is in the sign of scorpio. Do y’all know about them: scorpios, ty, y’all, remember when tyreese was singing about them’s fall clothes, baby, scorpio, let’s talk about them. First of all, scorpios are some secretive all right. They keep secrets. They don’t trust. Y’All already know that we’ve been talking about their asses, but when we talk about them they is in control of the shadow energy. The darkness it’d be 50 shades of paint. Tonight, y’all, we don’t even know it’s fin it’s, just nasty scorpio moon energy is ferocious but, like i said, it’s, that shadow energy, which means that it’s in the moonlight – and they don’t like that, like i said they shadows, so the illumination of the moon folks, is Getting real, uncomfortable sequence is being revealed, shadows is coming out of the dark it’s like ghosts. You in danger girl you ain’t damaging anyway, but, like i said, if you’ve ever dated the scorpio, you probably as have been in danger, but anyway anyway, like i said, like i said, we’re talking about the illumination of the shadow energy of scorpio right now and scorpio Is also some emotional, not only are they secretive, they’re emotional they’re, secretively emotional that’s, the problem to be coming off like the like they hard but really on the inside? They just be emotional feelings, be hurt as it’s, okay but see.

The problem is that they dark. So when they get their feelings, hurt they liable to kill you so again, all of this is positive, it’s, positive, all right, all right all right outside of that scorpio’s, like i said, the good points is known that they for the freaky time, the freaky energy. So what we talking about tonight in this full moon, it’s combated with the dark freakiness of the moon and then the stubbornness y’all know how i feel about taurus, baby, taurus, corn and comfort every time every time every time. So we got our sun, energy and taurus. So we got dark, freaky, scorpio energy, and then you got corn and comfort on the other side. So that means somebody is having a freaky netflix and chill late night secret rendezvous type of thing where they don’t leave the house they having an affair in the house. Well, i guess ain’t that covet. This is the purpose anyway. Listen, listen, listen! So pretty much! What the moon is saying is that everybody who was creeping around during colbit gon na get exposed ratchet asses anyway. Listen let’s go back into what we talked about, though so history about the pink moon, pink moon itself. Ain’T gon na be pink we’ve talked about this before it’s spring time. Reflections, flowers, bloom of course, y’all know scientifically. This was a brand of time that the pink flowers was blooming, real heavy and everybody was excited pink moon now i just told y’all we out here in scorpio and taurus so again, earth mixed with water, pink moon.

I don’t know about you, but put all that together sound like some to me. I said it. I didn’t mean to yes. I did anyway let’s talk about this, also so going into our shadow energy and then coming into our comfortable energy with toys. That means that we are looking at our comfort zones – people, oh, i said it sting boom people it’s time to move out of your comfort zones. The scorpio energy is letting you know where you are comfortable. What are your shadow energies what’s? The parts of you that you are like all right – i don’t push this aside. I’M gon na sit in this, but it’s a part of me, i’m comfortable. I don’t want to expose it. I don’t want to be vulnerable, taurus energy says: hmm, not only we’re going to do that i’m, going to be extra, stubborn and i’m going to put up a big fortress wall around it and i’m, just not going gon na deal with it. I’M gon na sit on that, but the moon, like i said, is coming to illuminate those things so now and i’m gon na bring in a little bit of a little bit of extra strategy here. Uranus is a player right now. Uranus says change. Your perspective switch that up so now, we’re looking at this. That means that we’re gon na look at the light of the shadow energy right, we’ve illuminated the parts of us that we think are our curses.

The parts of us that are leaving us feeling insecure the parts of us that we’re digging down and we’re making them secretive right, scorpio, says let’s get naked, yeah scorpio says moon, scorpio moon says let’s get naked. I want to see all of your secrets. I want to see all the parts of you that you’re concealing and then you bring in that taurus energy, that stubborn energy, where you be like nah, i don’t, want to feel exposed. I don’t want to get down. They also are stubborn in a way that they don’t want to be emotional, so you got someone who’s, secretive emotional, pulling in that energy that’s going to cause you to go inside yourself, cocoon spend some time to get naked you’re going to have to see all of Your old conflicts, chad scorpio, go bring up some old conflicts baby. This energy’s gon na bring up all them old, skeletons, some old, boyfriends and old. All that all that old finna come up in here and if you’ve been working in your energy, like i’ve, been telling you how to work on your energy you’ve been working on your energy like i’m instantly out of work. All your energy that’s, not gon na, be a problem. It’S, okay, it’s, not too late, it’s, not too late to a ball it’s, not too late to above baby. Just don’t respond to the text. Honey don’t respond to the netflix and chill leave your exo red, not the night.

Now, unless you decide to do some magical ritual and you got to do a little sex magic, i understand you know you want to get naked, it’s cool but i’m, not judging. Nobody keep that to yourself what you will scorpio secret it’s, all good i’m, not going to tell nobody, but what i’m saying is that if we want to elevate ourselves, we have to look at the other cycles right. So look. The light shows up immediately again: scorpio energy was talking about saddle energy, but the opposite side of that is coming out of your comfort zone. Where are you no longer going to be complacent because the other energy of taurus, like i said not, dealing in that unevolved energy, the other energy of taurus? Why they’re sustained is because they are powerful right? So if you look at your scorpio energy and instead of looking at the places that you feel are uncomfortable as faults, look at them as your strength, look at them at the parts of you that are unique. This is your light. This is your gift: okay, so, for instance, myself, okay, pisces just talking to somebody about this procrastination sounds really horrible right. Oh my gosh, i’m comfortable, really we’re visionaries right. So that means i’m, not gon. Na move i’m, not gon na execute i’m, not gon na find my power until i see the vision. So this is the time where you get to figure that out what parts of you are you thinking that are holding you back? Those are truly the unique parts of you that you’ll give that’s your light.

You have to learn how to use your energy, so you ready to use your shadow to help bring a powerful light and a powerful transformation into your life, because that’s, what scorpio energy does known for darkness, darkness moves, light baby, take all that old conflict and let That go. What do you think we use a wonderful stone for scorpio energy is obsidian i’m, sorry powerful. Moving that darkness man y’all playing y’all playing under the super moon and, like i said that taurus energy is powerful and both of these are fixed signs so that fixed energy. Oh, you out here moving mountains now’s the time to really illuminate and, like i said, it’s a super moon, so that means we’re going to be seven percent bigger and 15 percent brighter. That means scorpio energy ain’t got nowhere to hide we’re, bringing up those shadows, baby and we’re gon na move that and take that energy and move it so that we’re powerful in our relationship venus, isn’t, ours right now. That means your relationships are going to be powerful. Uranus is also in taurus right now. That means you’re going to be moving through power through changes perspective you’re, going to be making power moves right now how many of y’all invested in that goddamn crypto currency? I know a couple y’all did y’all was on the robin hood. Cash have lost all your little money, it’s cool, it’s cool, you lost it, you lost it, but look at what you were doing.

Y’All were making moves different perspectives. A lot of us was on here. We weren’t going to purchase a damn thing. A lot of us was laughing at it. Bitcoin ha ha won’t do it now are laughing at us. I’M people are laughing at me. I didn’t invest in the coin. I think my wife had, though so we might be still good, but anyway, what you’re doing is you’re shifting your perspective to make power moves and in order for you to make power moves, you have to know every part of yourself, so this particular moon is illuminating. All of your shadow energy, so that you can use your powers for good and not evil Laughter. This is a moon of enlightenment. This is a moon of power. Shifting. This is a moon of change, all right, so the entire part of this. What you can do, if you want to know what you can do for this full moon right now, y’all, like i said, it’s time to get ratchet, y’all can burn a candle. Y’All can smudge, but the best thing y’all can do, like i said, get naked it’s time to activate that sacral chakra it’s time to activate that emotional energy that’s going to come up out of you out of this super sexy, powerful shadow energy of scorpio. Rising into this super moon there’s nowhere to hide baby it’s, just you nakedness in the moon. It may be your boot too, but, like i said, figure out the parts of you that make you unique.

The parts of you that are ready to move make power shifts perspective changes in your mind. Let all that go stand completely in yourself, be comfortable in your body, but be so comfortable that you can be uncomfortable in any other position and be good because you grounded in you. You love you like. I love you anyway. Y’All already know what this is it’s the ratchet luna report with your girl camille adrian i’m warm today, but i really wanted to give a really special shout out to the house of hugh for hooking me up with this beautiful sweatshirt. I actually got it from a friend of hers. This is keysia, y’all, know keysia. She got this for me and i am absolutely in love with this. I’Ve already rocked it about two three times, but i had to do the shout out because you know but not say beyonce. Yes, we know you boo, you, the friend that know beyonce anyway. I really appreciate y’all for rocking with me, if you’re interested in hanging out with me for the ratchet luna report extended then we’re bringing back the smudge club right now it’s closed, because i got to talk to my people about my people’s birthday peoples and they all The things, but we are going to open up back up in may and we’re doing our full moon rituals so later on tonight, we’re going to be hanging out and you can join the full bone ritual for only 2 22.

that’s. Exactly what we’re doing.