I finished a blog today about to how to elevate our consciousness because uh yesterday i was, i was listening to my coworker and she was sharing her her suffering and it just dawned on me and, of course, there’s, a train passing by it’s, not a long train. So, oh, my goodness, it’s hard to control um your surroundings when you’re doing a video in nature, of course, but okay let’s get focused again it’s, just me too, very scattered that’s. Why? I need this my journal, so the the theme is about opening your heart, shifting our mind like if we are emotionally disturbed for sure your mind is tapping into the lower vibration of fear, because our natural state is joyful, peaceful and loving. So that’s, like the spark of this light right when you’re illuminating um your your radiant. So then there is no confusion, no chaos and you live in the flow. Just like this beautiful ocean in front of me, and so i wrote this blog elevate, our consciousness, how to elevate our consciousness is going through all these questions that we can help our perception on how we can shift into love, unity, harmony and just really being you, Your authentic self and anchoring to our heart, instead of thinking and analyzing, um, being separated from your loved ones, just really anchoring down to your heart, letting it flow like cleansing. Just like this waterfall around this chakra energy centers that we have, because we are multi dimensional.

So we have the physical body, mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric and astral and that’s our natural state when you’re tapping into the universal energy, but because we are so bombarded by fear illusion so that our third eye chakra is not activated. It’S not lifted right, because the veil is so thick when you’re living in the mundane in the physical dimension, without this knowledge and activations of the masters of light. So these masters of light are the ascended masters. Like lord jesus medicine, buddha. They are human beings that incarnated and experienced being human, and i was asking today like how. How is jesus like such a strong influencer right, because after 2000 years, his presence, his wisdom. His knowledge is still here because he is eternal and because he had tapped into this blissful state of the higher frequencies. The vibrations of his eminence is immortal it’s, um, it’s, eternal omnipotent omniscient. So that means when we have reached that state, even though we’re human beings right now right. So our goal is to accelerate and increase the frequency of light within our trillions of cells. So we can um resonate on the higher frequencies higher vibrations of these masters. So the energies can be intense, it’s aquarius, the full moon energy in aquarius is in july 23rd, but i am opening a meditation and activations of your akashic records on july 22nd. So yeah uh join us in meetup, it’s, uh, seven pacific time, okay, so full moon, energy in aquarius, so full moon energy is the time to release and cleanse all these old stock energies in our system and how we can shift our mind and align our mind And our heart right, and so we can voice, we can be our authentic self, our true essence: we can be um, we can be who we are right: there’s, no mass, just like what’s happening in our little world here in vancouver um the covet has been.

You know really slow, and so we have a lot of uh freedom, a lot of um. You know liberation from wearing masks and all of this stuff. So in this timeline we are so bombarded with. So many fear, uh illusions and confusion. You know we we don’t know which one to follow or how we are going to navigate through this chaos, but truly it’s all um. This is the central. This is the kundalini. This is our essence in our body. So how do we manifest a beautiful life? How do we create a space where we can work less and uh achieve abundance and how we can feel that we are contributing to the collective consciousness, how we are in service to others? Those are questions that can help. You become more an ins as an inspiration as an influencer that you are making changes. You are making a difference to other people’s lives, so revolution aquarius is about radical change. Radical transformation, your radical, authentic self, really. So when we are vibrating in that radical um trans transcendent shift of our consciousness, we become attuned to the masters of light solar plexus. So solar plexus i’ve been working a lot with the yellow energy and actually this flower i’m, not sure what kind of flower is. This it’s, like in in the wild uh bushes here, i feel so connected to the yellow, yellow citrine solar plexus, connecting to the great central sun, the summertime leo energy, the sun right, because we want to resonate to the um to the atonements, the activations that we’re Receiving so the solar plexus, the yellow light is reminding us of the golden consciousness of christ.

The light this great central sun that nourishes and nurture our body our mind our heart, our spirit in our soul, and that is our blueprint. The akashic records the the collective uh journey of our souls so as an individual people passing so so beautiful hi guys so pretty you have a nice place there yeah. I know this is my sanctuary and then i do my videos take care. Thank you. So the great central sun is like the mother earth taking care of us right. It nurtures. It helps us grow progress, kind of like this uh i’m, seeing a seed seed, that’s being planted, and the soil of mother earth nurtures this beautiful scene of life and become this amazing tree. Just like this tree beside me and the branches are the things that we’ve done in our life, the leaves are, are the wisdom, the knowledge, the informations, the downloads, the attunements, the activations transmissions that we are receiving and that’s. The tree is growing, taller and taller right to to to get to give shade to to to help us give oxygen to our lungs, so we’re in this symbiosis, symbiosis that we are all interchanging exchanging inter you know, we’re inter interlinked into this divine portal, the the Forces of god’s creation, the power that we are able to function with our higher self. You know when our crown shock or the crown chakra is here so the seven chakra energy, centers and um more dimensions higher the soul star.

Is it it’s actually transmitting this beautiful um loom? You know luminous light of our divine essence. So when when we get caught in the polarity of fear and love, we lose our clarity, because our mind is like this uh crystal quartz. That needs to be really vibrating. In a higher consciousness higher mind and to keep that clarity, we have to always uh purify, eliminate thoughts that are negative. Elimination is a part. Elimination is a part of our system. That’S that’s always regenerating renewing our our perceptions, our consciousness, so that we can live a life that is light that is peaceful, that vibrates in love, so that’s a lot of channel that i downloaded and sorry for the interruptions in this in this uh ocean um crescent Beach i find crescent beach is a portal. You know that calls that calls my soul to breathe and just to be here is such a blessing, and i am sending you lots of love blessings and healing for this. Full moon, energy in aquarius and and yeah enjoy the beach go to nature as much as you can and be happy. I love you all.