What kind of preparations have you been making for the games and in what capacities will you be attending these games? Do you mean tokyo games? Yes, um i’m, going to toggle games as the vice president of awada and, of course our priority is protecting the sports, clean sports and protecting the clean athletes and to provide the fair, fair computation environment, so uh, so that’s uh, my organization will uh will provide the Services during the the games – water of course, means the world anti doping agency, but i i read some reports and in which you said that this is the first time in a while you are go you’re going abroad. So how would you describe your feelings right now? It is uh very exciting, especially that’s our olympics, because we all quite kind of struggle for last couple years due to the pademic, because all the sports events has been either cancelled or are delayed. And finally, now we are here: it is not easy and all sports family around the world. We work together and go through all the difficult time and now finally we’re almost there, so everyone it’s very it’s, very exciting, but also it’s a little better concern due to the pandemic and uh. But we have the confidence the organizing committee of tokyo will do. The uh will do good job. I have the confidence and also the international olympic committee is uh. Looking after these events very closely, i read a report every day and talking to friends through wechat about the preparation in tokyo, so i have a i’m very much confident but still a little bit exciting, but with a little bit nervous as well.

Well, you have different capacities. As i said, you are not only vice president of wada, but you’re, also working in the preparation for the beijing winter olympic games, which is coming up in just 200 days. Help us understand. Where are we in terms of preparations we’re? Now getting ready for the games time, of course, and we had the the test: uh, attested events uh during the new year time and also uh, you know april we had the the testing events for for the ice sports. I should say we’re everything now on schedule and we are getting ready for the games. You are in charge of the athlete committee athletes committee of the organizing committee, and i understand this committee is made up of 19 active or retired athletes, including for the para paralympic games, and the idea is to shape the games from the perspective of athletes. But what exactly do does this committee do? Are there any specific examples? At very beginning, the organizing committee established the asset committee and i’m very honored to be the chair and uh, with together with my 19 colleagues, all athletes, so our priority is focused on the athlete needs. Last five years, the other committee has been working with the organized committee in every aspect of the preparation of the games. I can give example on the athlete village, which is very obviously its most important place for athletes. So when they’re planning for the village, our team is already there, so we will talk about what the athlete needs, for example, the the laundry in the inner village.

If there, if we can use some kind of technology, not a light athlete waiting there for a long time and also the menu in the uh in the dining hall, so uh they, the uh, the village, will ask as a committee. What kind of manual actually will be like our figure skater representative zhao hongbo, who also the coach now, and he was pointed out, that the operation team for figure skating events should prepare the sewing cat for because, in their events, during the competition, sometimes the athlete may Happen uh. The zipper, for example, is broken and it’s quite often to happen, and there are some athletes. Don’T have a big delegation. They may only have a coach i may not. They may not even with that coach, so uh, so he was asking to prepare this kind of little thing for the athletes. We have another athlete from uh leninaz it’s from freestyle skin and she her sports kind of uh quite often happened. Uh, the the injury and from her experience there uh, usually the village for olympics, not the paralympics for olympics. They don’t prepare enough wheelchair, so sometimes they from her experience one time she was in the shopping cart to go to the ceremony so because she’s, an injury. So she said there’s if she was asking to prepare enough wheelchair yeah. These are small details, but obviously very important, especially when you have an emergency where you are in special need, and these details will be very, very timely.

So you were talking about sewing kit and the wheelchair, and these kind of details indeed very helpful. Well right now, the the one of the obstacles i read from media reports for the tokyo games is the lack of interest at uh at the games. It’S said to be even at a historic low, how do you gauge? How do you look at the kind of public interest to the upcoming winter olympic games in beijing lack of interest? I think there’s many reasons, one of the reason it’s also because of the pandemic. People have so many concerns, but from my experience once the olympics open and uh, it will inspire the world. The winter sport has been very getting popular and more people participate in the winter sports. I i think we have more funds than ever than before in china and uh, and hopefully dynamics will be better so like, as i said before, we will have spectators in the venue and to really to watch the best the best in the athlete from the world. I i believe that after the games will we even have more uh winter sports participants, fans so i’m. Looking forward to the games, fingers crossed, of course, but one thing that’s very, very significant for beijing – is that it will be the only city to have hosted both the winter and the summer olympic games. Looking from the perspective of the international olympic movement, what do you think is the significance of that? First of all, i think, from the legacy point of view we have quite few venues are transferred from some summer sports to winter sports, which is also another good example.

For the future games host country or hostess city and from the human resources after beijing 2008 olympics, we already have a Music, pretty huge uh among people who are very expert they’ve, become expertise because of olympics in sports uh, which is uh after the games. Well, developing sports, in a city in the country, what does the beijing winter games mean for athletes in other parts of the world, especially in areas where people are bringing politics into sports? What do you think would missing olympic games mean for an athlete? You know you have winter sports winter olympic games once every four years. First of all, um, i think it’s uh. I of course, definitely against this kind of behavior the athletes it’s uh, who is prepared for their games and uh just because the the politics uh purpose. They lose their uh, they lose their opportunities, which is unfair, um and uh. We all talk about human rights and uh for athletes, come to the olympics, that’s our rights and we have to fight. We have to protect our rights and i also risked this concern during the what athlete the forum a couple weeks ago to the president of president bach, and he was also support. Supporting athletes and the international olympic committee also will do their best and actually all the sports uh uh community, including ioc iiives and uh. We were working uh, we will fight for athletic rights and to to participate the olympics.

You have a spectacular portfolio. You were 23 years as an active athlete and, as i said, you won 259 international competition, so um help us help those young people who are aspiring to be future stars on eyes. What helped you to come this far, what made you the the world champion uh! I can give example uh, which is my high high peak of my career uh in salt lake city 2002, with the 1500 meters, which is my best events, and i won five years on the roll um, but the result was only fourth place uh. I lost events and i also lost myself and two days later we had 500 meters and during the two days i remember the teammates came to me and uh i was, i was emotion. I was encouraged by them and first time i realized i wasn’t competing for myself and they have the hopes on me. So i i certainly will feel the more responsibility which is making you are more stronger and uh two days later: um. 500 meters. Of course, i also learned from the 1500 meters mistakes with it, with with a technique with a strategy with the mental, so 500 meters. Finally, i i won the events and i stood on the podium with the gold medal, which is also also the very first gold medal for for china in uh winter sports history. So this is uh, no matter where you your starts and uh.