We just got the brand new summer games 2021 event, so let’s check out all the skins that we got and then i’m gon na give you guys my thoughts and opinions on them all right. So first let’s start off with the three epic scenes that we got now. Let’S start off with this nihon hanza skin um, overall it’s, just a pretty basic skin, with some minor details, um all white with some tree details and some red hints of color, i mean yeah it’s it’s, what you get for an epic scene if i’m gon na Be honest: okay, now, let’s move on to the sunset skin this skin. I really like it’s it’s, a good epic skin. To be honest, i love the gradient going from like the hot pink or like the pink down to the orange. I love the decals on the back of her wings and just all around her and for the first time we see pharah’s hair in a bun, that’s, pretty cool and she has a new hairstyle, so yeah, overall, really good skin. All right now, let’s move on to the ocean king monkey, skin um, i mean what can i say he has? Is that a little crown? I guess i mean yeah. The skin is pretty basic it’s. What you would get for an epic skin, not the greatest thing. In the world, but it’s not bad either, all right now, let’s move on to the legendaries, so let’s start with the poolside ashken, which is what we saw in the teaser.

I love this skin um. I love the toy gun or not. The toy gun it’s a water gun actually, but she has a little shark on there love bob too. Bob is wearing sunglasses, he has a mustache. He also has a um floaty on his head and overall it’s, just a really good concept design. We don’t have anything like this in overwatch, so it’s really good. All right now, let’s move on to sprinkles may sprinkles. May i like this skin a lot i feel like it fits really well. You also have the frost on the back, and then you also have snowball as an ice cream and her gun also looks really cool. You have um the whipped cream with the cherry. The ice cream cone down here, it’s just really good skin overall, and i, like it referee orisa, we didn’t see this um in the event teaser, so this was a new one that we saw first on stream um. I love this skin. I love her hat. I love her um headphones that she’s wearing. I, like her bongos here, bongo’s, actually very creative by lizard uh water gallon, and then you also have her gum, which is pretty basic on the skin, and then you also have fourth quarter, that little extra bit of detailing it’s really good. All right now, let’s move on to scuba sigma almost said roadhog, but scuba sigma um. This skin is kind of weird because uh you see sigma’s legs for, like the first time ever, um sigma’s rocking a six pack looks pretty fit um.

He has oh. I just noticed he has bubbles coming out the top with the little um propellers or whatever bubble makers, whatever um he has flippers on his feet. I also like his spheres in this. They look pretty cool and they’re, pretty unique here and yeah overall it’s. Just a really good skin – and i like the green hints everywhere around the skin and really good decals, all right now, let’s move on to the skin that literally, everyone was wanting for symmetra, and this is symmetra mermaid, like we were waiting for a sim skin for Over two years, we’ve been waiting and we finally got this banger of a skin like and it’s so good. I love her hair. I love her little is that i g i just gon na call our ears um. I love this. This part on the back. I don’t even know what it’s called but yeah. I just love the skin. I mean it looks really good um. She has the scales it’s, really nice and i like it all right now, let’s move on to the emotes marshmallow. This is super creative by lizard. Reinhardt it’s is like heating up his marshmallows with the back of his hammer, really good, really creative and then beach, beachy, moat for ball, a little um umbrella and some food and a drink and wow that’s, really good and also the freaking mech is moving with him. That’S really cool all right. Victory poses just the classic, and then i like how the middle can move around now.

Let’S do the voice lines i’ll get in the pool. I’Ll see you at the finish line, no sweat pool party, oh, but i wanted to watch the footy put me in coach it’s time to cool off. Would you like to see my muscles i’m on vacation leave me alone? I got some sun once didn’t care for it. Why is it so warm? Well? The earth is tilted on its axis thanks to a planetary collision 5 billion years ago. All right now, let’s, look at the sprays here. Are the sprays um. I like this one. A lot these are really good, and i also like this one because it’s pretty cool, also metro swimming with the fish. I like that one’s also pretty cool, just overwatch heroes, interacting with nature. Those are the nice sprays and there is monkey or winston whatever doesn’t matter. Copa: lucio ball, competitor 2021 badge, hero 2021 and beach fuel wow, i didn’t know they actually put in a overwatch league, dallas fuel, uh spray, but yeah all right and now the best highly intro we’ve got in a long time. Look at that. That is so good that is such a good highlight, intro for soldier all right and yeah that’s it for all the skins that we got in the 2021 summer games event um. My favorite probably has to be the new may skin because i think it’s really good and i feel like it fits really well but yeah.

Let me know your favorite skin from the summer games. 2021 event in the comments down below and yeah guys. This has been overwatch. Thank you bye for watching.