With summer games 2021 on the horizon. In this video i wanted to go over some possible skins and hero candidates for this years summer games event., But before i start, if you guys enjoy my videos, then please consider subscribing and giving the video a like. If you are excited for summer games 2021.. Alright lets get straight into it. I dont wan na waste any more time., So im going to be dividing this into skin categories for these skins since summer games usually follows one of three themes for the event.. The first is obviously going to be beach themes, because its i mean summer beach, you get the point.. The second is going to be sport, themed, which is likely because this is going on at the same time of the olympics, and we have seen a lot of sport skins in the past and, lastly, which i dont think you guys will expect. Is greek mythology themed skins.? This is stretching it a bit with the summer theme, but we have seen greek skins in the past and theyre, just so cool its kinda hard to ignore them.. I will be putting time stamps in the description, so you can skip to whatever theme you want to view first.. Also before i begin, i am doing a lootbox giveaway for the event, so ill go over more of that at the end of the video, if youre interested in that. Alright summer beach skins, i wan na go over someone who i know a lot of people want.

A skin for which is symmetra. Its been basically 2 years since she got an event, legendary, so its most likley that we will see her in some shape or form in this event hopefully.. So i do have a few sym skins here and this first one is going to be a siren, symetra skin., I think its a really cool skin. This is a render made by artist luca4art. All links to the artists will be in the description as well. He did a great job with this render. It looks awesome im pretty sure this is a skin swap with the doomfish skin, but it still looks great and a really cool concept for a mermaid or siren sym skin. Next up by him, which is more on the beach side of things, is another sym skin. I want to show off, which is hula girl, symmetra.. This skin is definitely my favorite out of the sym skins in todays video and it looks awesome now. But what is even more awesome, in my opinion, is her weapon., Its a little ukelele and it looks really great. I love heroes with unique weapon skins, because then it makes the gold gun a lot cooler. So something like this would be really really cool to see. In game – and maybe when youre charging it up, there could be like a ukelele sound queue instead of the normal sound. I think that would be really cool. We need more unique, sound queues.

I dont know why blizzard stopped them. They did them at the beginning. I think they were really cool. This next beach. One is for mercy, and i know you guys have probably heard it a million times, but why isnt lifeguard mercy a thing yet. Blizzard, you know this would make headlines and people would obsess over it and those mercy. Mains theyre powerful, i wouldnt mess with them. They would blow this shit out of the water if this was made into a skin. Theres. Also so many concepts for it too already it feels like they wouldnt even need to design it., But regardless of already made skins. This is a really nice skin that i think a lot of people would enjoy. So please blizzard just add it already. Alright. Now this next one is another fish design, but i think it works really well. This is made by artist, ready, im, gon na, say her name right for the first time ever, ivanala evanyla. She is always in these event, videos, her and luca – are always killing it with these skins. They are both always in here. She actually made a thumbnail to this lore video on my channel, so if youre into that, you can go watch that after this, if you want., But here is her aquatic dva skin. It gives me like atlantis vibes, so i think it fits well with the summer beach theme thing were going for here.. The baby, dva gun looks really awesome too.

I love the little fish hanging off it in place of her charm. And speaking of dva skins. This next skin is something i have wanted for. I dont know how many years, literally since the launch of overwatch, so if you not paying full attention, give me your attention: now. Dva shark skins., Please blizzard. These are such freaking cool skins, and i would literally do anything you want for these to be i nthe game. I dont even play tank that much its just such a good skin topic. I mean look. How awesome that looks. You cant even deny that that doesnt look amazing and speaking of sharks. I also found this genji shark skin online. That looks really really good. Like look at his head with the shark, you cant tell me that is not the coolest thing. U have ever seen. I dont even think i need to make a case for this. If you dont find these skins cool, then i dont know what to tell you, because youre wrong. And last for the beach skins is going to be this zenyatta skin. He has a bucket on his head. It kinda reminds me of the bastion skin we got last year. I think it would be a cool weekly skin idea. So let me know what you guys think about it. Alright next possible. Skin theming is going to be the sports. This is honesty, most likely, as i said before, with the combination of the olympics.

This year., I personally like the beach skins, a lot more, but there are some cool sport ones., So first im gon na start off with this mercy, skin its a mercy, basketball, skin. It is a space jam inspired skin. I dont know if you guys know what that movie is but heres a picture of the inspiration for this. I think its really cool and we dont have a basketball skin yet out of the sport skins, so it is needed.. This is clean, but not too much detail, so i think it would be a cool epic skin for the weekly challenges. Next up for the sport skins. Is this lucio surfer skin? I know i know this could be considered beach, but surfing is a sport, so thats. Why i put it in this one? We have a sombra skin similar to this one, and it works really well for her, and it works well for lucio here too so yeah.. This next skin is a symmetra skin and it is going to be a symmetra baseball. Skin and im sure you sym mains would take anything at this point, so yeah cool skin. We even have the player icons in this concept, so its always cool to see those little extra things. And lastly, for the sports skins is something that is long overdue. A doomfist boxing skin., I know mei got this skin, but why doesnt doom have a boxing skin, yet i mean his main ability is literally blizzard is just fumbling the bag as usual with this one like its such an easy skin, i dont know why they dont.

Just do it at this point. Next possible. Skin theming is going to be greek mythology. We have seen this in the past with mercy, and it works really well with skins too.. So the first one i have here is a hermes tracer skin, and this has been suggested a lot. I see it in the comments of my past videos when i ask you guys which skins you guys want to see., So this skin is for tracer. I have shown it in past videos for the summer games event and also this is a skin already in heroes of the storm and its a great skin. I think it fits tracers character perfectly, so i hope we get to see something like this in the new event.. Another hero that fits this theme pretty well too, is reinhardt. I have seen a lot of crazy good concepts for a zeus or poseidon reinhardt, and that is what we are looking at today., I think the hammer being the trident is super cool. We dont have many unique hammers, so getting one thats, a little different would be pretty sick.. Another tank skin coming into play here is this chariot dva skin, which also has extremely cool design. I really like it. Dva fan concepts, always knock it out of the park for every event, theres, so many cool skins for her. And lastly, for these types of skins. Is this brig soldier skin? It works pretty well cause she has he shield.

So i think this is a cool idea.. Now the last thing in this video is going to consist of a little tradition. We do here on my channel when it comes to these event. Videos.. We always look at this great art and i always pick a comment or idea that i can design myself in photoshop, but the catch is that i am pretty terrible at photoshop and art in general.. I do like to give a formal apology before i start this, but you guys are used to it so lets get started. I like it. I like it. Let me know what you guys think of my masterpiece here and rate it in the comments. That is going to be the end of the skins for todays video. I am doing a lootbox giveaway, so just click on the popup on the top right of the screen. Right now and you can find out how to enter that it is another event video on how to enter.. I am doing a event countdown livestream. So when the event comes out, please be sure to stop by my channel and pop in the stream to say hello. We have a lot of fun, so dont hesitate to join.. What do you guys think about all of these skins for the summer games event for 2021? Let me know in the comments below., if you guys enjoyed the video, please drop a like. It helps the channel out a lot and if you want more gaming content and news hit that subscribe button and that bell, so you can see all my videos when they first come out.

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