Look at that view unreal awaiting separation. Here – and here we are, you can start to see stand by you’re going to see the separation of the capsule from the booster itself. Oh wow wow, and there we go. Our astronauts have passed. The carmen line at about 328 000 feet continuing their ascent. You see the two vehicles there. The speed hits zero. You know that they’ve hit apogee their maximum altitude and you hear they’re having quite an experience. Yep one minute warning one minute warning: okay, oh our booster is about to return to its landing pad. There. We see engine relice got a sonic boom and booster touchdown welcome back new shepard, a beautiful rocket that provided a beautiful flight to space. First up, your booster has landed, stand by drugs, stand by droves. Oh so far, a nominal flight here comes the crew capsule back from space. The drogues deployed here, the mains out reefing and coming to full inflation and just six feet above the ground that that cushion of air will will puff and they will have a soft touchdown.