Upgrade sn16 is constantly being developed inside high bay, and the prospect of innovative accomplishment at a 20 kilometer altitude is the bedrock for sn20 and bn3 to reach orbit. Super heavy bn3 is started to be assembled in the high bay behind starship sn16, which honestly is great news, but let’s not forget that sn16 with a series of breakthrough. Innovations is completely inspired by the success of sn15, with the success of sm15, which includes hundreds of technological advancements, inspires hope that elon musk’s ambition of transforming humanity into a multi planetary species can be fulfilled in the near future. However, though, sm 15 has successfully landed, spacex still noticed a few issues that they believe needed severe changes, which is why spacex has massively improved the sn16 starship. But what exactly were the changes and the enhancements that sn16 went through let’s find out number one landing legs when sn15 landed successfully, it was immediately observed that the starship’s landing legs got crushed right after the contact with the ground. This was noted and, with the proper examination spacex decided to remove those legs immediately, the landing legs effect has a bearing capability. The goal is to crush the foot to see how soft it is when landing the softer the landing, the less damage. The leg will be. With this analysis, sn16 was provided with juggernaut legs that will have the power to withstand the rocket’s weight, even if it lands on the ground with strong impact or pressure.

Number two leaking of methane methane leaking was a major issue in the early models of the sn prototypes, which resulted in the sn10 and the sn11 explosions. Despite the fact that sn15 has hundreds of upgrades, a little flame was seen in the spirit of sn15. After landing, a proven methane leak was the primary cause of this incident, but even though there was a little ignition sn15, on the other hand, was well controlled by spacex and it did not detonate. Like sn10 spacex technicians have undergone a tremendous amount of work to assess and enhance the methane delivery system, as well as to completely stop the methane leak in sn16, based on the data acquired from the testing of sn15. This will provide a solid platform for spacex to undertake the first orbital test of sn16, which is scheduled for launch in july of this year, number three landing positioning system. The landing positioning system was yet again a problematic situation for spacex. This is a system that was updated in order for the sn16 to fly into orbit, accurately without being diverted and landing in the correct spot to allow sn16 to land in the proper landing position. Spacex went through a lengthy process of upgrading and fine tuning. The index analysis, if you think about what musk says regarding reusable rockets, i believe this is the most crucial part for a rocket to land in the correct place as well as in one piece. This was yet another improvement done with enhanced precision in sn16 number four starlink connection system, spacex originally mounted the starlink dish to the sn15 for a flight test, which was a huge success.

The starlink dish allows starship to connect to the world’s most powerful internet system, which was built by spacex. Spacex’S next goal is to build an internet system on mars that will allow mankind to communicate within one another in the same way that it does on earth. Once we become a multi planetary species, however, spacex still needed a lot of data in order to study the entire mechanism properly, so that in the future there won’t be any sort of problems. After researching and gathering more information on the starlink connection for the first sn15 flight test, they upgraded the feature even more in order to improve it for sn16 and following sn generations, number five heat shield tiles. Now, most of you won’t even bother about this one, but following a successful landing, certain heat shield tiles broke their connection and dropped out of the general heat shield system as seen in sn15. Despite the fact that this is a minor issue, spacex has still paid attention and has implemented an upgraded version on sn16 number. Six electronic control system, successful test flight of the sn16 will require an upgrade to the electronic control system, which will be a once in a lifetime experience for sn16, as it watches sn15 fly for the second time. This will provide spacex with more data and allow them to upgrade the next generation of sn prototype engineers from starbase are working around the clock in boca chica texas, to remedy the situation, not to mention we’re, all hoping for the sn16 to be a success.

If sn 16 launches and lands without incident, it will be a significant step towards humanity’s goal of becoming a multi planetary civilization. Spacex is in the enviable situation of having a successfully landed starship that is still intact at the launch site after resting on the landing pad for a few days, a touchdown on sn15 has been hauled onto launch mount b after launching from mount a. This was the first time the same starship occupied both of the suborbital launch platforms. At the same time, elon musk hasn’t elaborated on his earlier statement. That sn16 will soon be in the sky. The decision will most certainly be delayed for a thorough examination of the vehicle, including its engines, which will be possible now that it is back on a launch amount, considering what is believed to be positive results from preliminary assessments completed while the vehicle was parked on the Landing pad this will allow for further access to the vehicle when it comes to sn15. Spacex has a lot of possibilities from re flying the starship to performing ground tests such as cryotesting the vehicle and determining what constitutes a post flight configuration spacex believes that sn15 could benefit massively it’s, also a significant achievement that aligns with the company’s reusability philosophy. It would also make it impossible to incorporate new flight data into sn 16’s probable flight. The artemis project, which will begin in 2024, aims to create a long term presence on the moon. Spacex is the only firm that offers a lunar lander capable of transporting hundreds of people and tons of cargo to the moon.

Unlike its competitors, spacex is constantly developing starship in its south texas facility, where many stainless steel prototypes have flown at high altitudes. According to nasa, spacex will demonstrate the transfer of 10 metric tons of cryogenic propellant, specifically liquid oxygen between tanks on a starship vehicle. In a large scale flight test, the company estimates that the lunar optimized sn16 will be able to fly between the surface of the moon and lunar orbit multiple times without the need for flap or heat shielding for return to earth at its starbase assembly facility. Spacex has a mock up of nasa’s starship lunar lander nose cone. Furthermore, the mock up was intensively photographed and videotaped by reporters and journalists, resulting in a large number of media attention and recordings elon musk the company’s founder hopes to make his first orbital test flight. This summer. He plans to launch a starship from boca chika texas, into orbit around the earth and land off the coast of hawaii. They have already sought approval for this flight and, if everything goes according to their plan, this year is going to be a game changer for this company. Do you believe sn16 will be able to carry on the dreams of elon musk and the company itself? Do you think this spacecraft has got what it takes to colonize mars? Let us know down in the comments section below. Thank you for watching guys if you enjoyed this video, do give this video a big thumbs up subscribe to our channel and press the bell button to not miss our future.