Listen to the roar of the be3 engine. We are just about to pass through max q, maximum dynamic pressure. That was when the stresses on the vehicle are at their maximum max cube. Max q is confirmed, beautiful burn on that be3 engine, liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen as the propellant it’s, a nice not just clean in terms of beautifully performing, but what comes out of it? It’S steam right to see to see the the the glow of the of the engine underneath the rocket just under our shoulders and to know that we’ve got a crew that is going to space it. It just feels different doesn’t it gary. It is totally different. All right you can follow along, of course, the speedometer in the bottom left, the altimeter in the middle of the screen. There so far appears to be a nominal flight. All right coming up here on mikko main engine cut off that will be followed shortly by separation, and at that point, after separation we’re going to let the astronauts unbuckle and take in the freedoms of zero g. There is miko main engine cut off a beautiful shot down the new shepard rocket. Look at that view unreal awaiting separation. Here – and here we are, you can start to see, stand by you’re, going to see the separation of the capsule from the booster itself. Oh wow and there we go. Our astronauts have passed the carmen line at about 328 thousand feet continuing their ascent.

You see the two vehicles there when the speed hits zero. You know that they’ve hit apogee their maximum altitude and you hear they’re having quite an experience. Okay, you just have to wait for it. Who wants the skittles Music one minute warning one minute: warning: wow it’s dark first step astronaut, oliver all of her status. Yet, oh sorry, blue control. All of her palace, perfect fancy, guppy astronaut, wally, Music, wally! No control got the astronaut demo copy astronauts copy. Thank you again. Everybody for joining us live for our first even flight on new shepard, so far a nominal flight. Our booster is about to return to its landing pad. There we see engine relics got a sonic boom and booster touchdown welcome back new shepard, a beautiful rocket that provided a beautiful flight to space. What first step your booster has landed blue, controlled based on the screen and there it is our crew capsule, with our our four crew members on board. You have a very happy crew up here. I want you to come. Stand by drugs stand by droves, stand by maine foreign, oh, so far, a nominal flight here comes the crew capsule back from space. The drogues deployed here are the mains out reefing and coming to full inflation. Our rocket went over mach 3 and now they’re coming floating back down at just about 15 or 16 miles an hour about to join us home back here in west texas.

After having gone over the carmen line, the internationally recognized line of space, the world’s newest astronauts gary how you holding up friend i i’m speechless wow and those big beautiful windows, i’ve just got about a minute and a half of floating before the activation of the skirt. Yet to for a for a soft touchdown at this point, um there are sensors on board that are detecting how high they are above the ground, multiple sensors and just six feet above the ground that that cushion of air will will puff, and they will have a Soft touchdown, almost like just sitting in a chair but i’m sure their adrenaline, is bumping and touchdown welcome back new shepherds, first human crew. What what a flight first step! Congratulations to all of you! All of you! Oh what a day! Thank you so much for everyone! There was amazing, it was amazing copy first step. You have a very happy capcom here as well. Let’S do a status check astronaut oliver. I am unbelievably good coffee flute, controlled bezos best day ever copy everyone go ahead and remain in your seats. Crew. Member 7 is on their way shortly.