There we see engine relays and that is the reusable rocket booster, making a pinpoint landing back here. I don’t know if you guys could hear it, but that was the sonic boom as it reentered and came down for this touchdown. Where those four are now astronauts right now, they’re going to be feeling the force of five g’s stand by drugs, stand by drugs and that’s. The capsule just deployed its parachutes. You can hear the clapping on the ground here. You have employees clapping and cheering the astronauts by the way have been joined by family members and friends for this launch as well a lot of celebrating happening here on the ground. You can see those parachutes and that capsule coming in for a landing, it’s slowing down the parachutes, will slow it down to about 16 miles per hour and, as it gets closer, there will be thrusters that power up to slow it further for a landing of about One to two miles per hour when it touches down guys, you can add astronaut to the list of accomplishments for jeff bezos yep. You know welcome to the tourism. Uh era has begun morgan. You often talk about him as the richest man on earth, but he was not so who’s the second, because that person just became the richest for he’s, not only 11 elon musk kind of funny isn’t it yeah two of them. Maybe they’ll go up together one day, although i guess they i don’t know if that could be allowed.

Yeah that’s, like the president and vice president being the same rocket. Would they use? Well there we go Applause, as you can hear more. Cheering here.