We are just about to pass through max q, maximum dynamic pressure. That was when the stresses on the vehicle are at their maximum Music max cube. Max q is confirmed, beautiful burn on that be3 engine, liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen as the propellants it’s a nice not just clean in terms of beautifully performing. But what comes out of it? It’S steam right to see to see the the the glow of the of the engine underneath the rocket just under our shoulders and to know that we’ve got a crew that is going to space it. It just feels different doesn’t it gary. This is totally different. We are watching history, the first all right, unpiloted, two minutes in the air now tom. At what point do we see that capsule start to uh start to separate from the rocket booster? I think we’re at a that’ll occur. I think at about the six minute mark craig, but i don’t have the exact timeline. I think we should just make the point to the viewer who’s watching and that the female voice you hear is the voice of blue origins mission control. This is not nasa. This is not a government entity uh that is providing us that kind of data straight from nasa. This is, of course, a private company providing us their narration, uh and so we’re, very mindful of that. But you’re gon na get spectacular views here and you’re to get the engineering expertise, of course, as well from from blue origin’s own mission control unreal awaiting separation here ron guerin is also with me, of course, ron former nasa astronaut, f 16 fighter pilot ron, what’s happening Right now inside that cabin, what are those astronauts feeling? What are they seeing? And here we are, you can start well, they uh had that the engine cut off, and so they went from feeling like they were being pushed back in their chair with an elephant sitting on their chest to being weightless, and so i think, they’re, probably getting ready To unstrap the whole way up, they saw that view out the window and they’re probably marveling right now at uh, the indescribable beauty of our planet and the thinness of the atmosphere and the curvature of the earth and uh.

I hope, they’re having a wonderful time ron. There are so few people who have who have seen that view that view that that you and other astronauts have enjoyed can can you describe it at all for us yeah. I think what i experienced in space. The first time i looked out. The window was an indescribable feeling of of gratitude, gratitude for the opportunity to see the planet from that vantage point and gratitude for the planet that we’ve been given, and i think in a way that i won’t be able to fully explain being physically detached from the Earth made me feel deeply interconnected and deeply interdependent with everyone on it. I think i saw the true unity of our planet, the true unity of our species and all those things we fight over and quarrel over. All those things we think are so important kind of blurred into insignificance in the face of that indescribable beauty. Any moment now, we’re told that that capsule is is going to separate from the rocket booster and mr costello. At what point will these civilian astronauts begin to experience that weightlessness yeah they’ll, get it pretty darn quickly and i’m trying to listen into mission control as well, because she’s our best source on exactly what’s happening up there um? As we mentioned earlier uh, we have been waiting for more of more details from blue origin, some of that they hold close to the vest. So the best description of what’s happening one minute warning one minute warning yeah.

I think that’s right let’s try to listen into blue origin mission control for just a bit: let’s try to listen, wow craig, so we are hearing them floating inside the capsule and taking the photographs of each other. Everybody is first step. We don’t have the video of that just yet tom, but what we can do is describe on the right side of your screen. You are seeing that that capsule, it has, as you can see, they’re detached from the rocket booster that’s, precisely what’s supposed to happen and in just a few moments. You’Ll see three parachutes as well: um bringing that capsule back to the ground, and when i mentioned when i mentioned the six minute mark that i meant to say that’s about the point that they get back into their seats. I think that’s, where we are now now keep in mind we’re, going to probably get shots of the rocket coming back down and the space capsule separately, parachuting down that’s that’s. What we’re, looking at on the right side of the screen that um, that that rocket booster is descending copy, yup that’s, right you’re, looking at the rocket booster it’ll come back down land on a pad here back down in west texas separately, followed by the space capsule, Which will be under parachutes a phenomenal shot of the rocket booster coming back down new shepard so far nominal flight, our booster, and what you just heard here was a sonic boom.

As the rocket comes back down a sonic boom, my goodness and the booster has landed the boosters on the ground. Tom booster touchdown welcome back new shepard, a beautiful rocket that provided a beautiful flight to space. Hey thanks for watching our youtube channel, find your favorite recipes.